I Waste Money On Apple

    I Waste Money On Apple
    I Waste Money On Apple

    Hey, guys, Welcome to Max Talks. Episode two, the show where I talk and I don’t spend hours upon hours editing the article. So it’s all but more simple, a little bit more opinionated. So welcome.

    So today we’re gonna talk about why I waste so much money on Apple products. Now, let me rephrase a couple things before I get into it. I don’t think I waste my money.

    I think it’s fairly well spent. And not all those Apple products are mine and maybe half of them I’ve paid for or a little bit less.

    Some of them are something I’ve sold already and then I’ve borrowed.

    Some of the stuff is from Apple Insider. So not many of you guys know, but we actually create some content for a company called Apple Insider. It’s a Web site that’s been around since about nineteen ninety seven.

    They’re very, very popular and they recently launched a YouTube channel and they contract us out to make videos. So some of the stuff you see here is completely there is just sent in so that we could do article on it. Actually, a decent amount of the stuff you guys saw. Now, those article, if you guys one go check them out, you can, but they’re not all my opinion.

    Majority of it is scripted by other writers, journalists. I’m either doing the voice over and editing and shooting some B roll and shots for some of the stuff.

    I’m not even not even my footage. We’re just taking their footage and their scripts and putting the stuff together for them. Some of the stuff is my opinion. Like if you’ve seen some stuff on, like the Mac books and stuff like that, where clearly it seems like my style of a video that is more my opinion.

    So just be aware of that if you go check out their content.

    So it’s just one of the companies that we work with as a video production company to basically bring an income for ourselves and be able to pay ourselves and our bills and everything like that. So that is some of their stuff.

    Now, let’s get into the video. So why do I spend so much money in Apple products? So there’s a few different reasons. The first reason being they create some good products.

    So I know not a lot of people agree with that. It’s very controversial. A lot of people think it’s overpriced and technically it is more expensive. I would definitely not agree by that. And I don’t know why people are shocked about that.

    It’s always been the case. Apple products have always been more expensive.

    And if you’re just looking at spec sheet, they’re overpriced. It’s it’s that’s not a shocker. And they’re always been controversial.

    Getting rid of ports, getting rid of c.D drives, getting the floppy.

    They’ve always been the first to get rid of stuff. It always makes people upset. But a couple of years later, the whole market shifts a little bit and everybody loves it because, well, in two years, you have four Thunderbird, three ports instead of one on your computer.

    And so you could do a lot more with it. So on top of that, they create some great working products and enjoyable products is the first kind of reason I switched over from Premier Pro and from Windows computers to Apple devices about two and a half years ago, something like that.

    Before then, I use Premier Pro for a very long time and use Windows.

    Computers actually built my first Windows computer when I was nine and I’ve built pretty close to 30, probably over 30 computers for family members, friends. Different people asked me to build it for myself.

    And so I know Windows really well. I know premier pro well.

    And the reason I switched over is just because of optimization. This is something Apple is so incredibly good at. They’re choosing their own hardware.

    They make some of their own software, the operating system and final cut, and they just put everything together and it works so, so well. My biggest frustration was when I built a computer that was over three grand, six core watercoolers overclocked the best graphics card that was available and the premier pro was just really, really slow.

    So on the on the actual software side, final cut is a huge reason why I spend money on Macs specifically because it could actually take a machine like this. Twenty four hundred dollars.

    It’s a laptop with a mobile graphics card, mobile C.P.U, and it can edit for key video faster and more efficiently than spending twenty four hundred dollars on a Windows P.c that has, you know, twice as better specs were a lot more powerful, but the software is not efficient.

    So with final cut, for example, stabilization, which is something we do so often, it could stabilize for about twenty five seconds. Twenty six seconds.

    A twenty second Fourcade clip, which, unlike a eight core Titan graphics card, will take about three minutes using Adobe Premiere Pro.

    Of course, the inefficiencies aren’t with everything and premier pro, but a lot of it is there.

    It’s just a utilizes the graphics card all the way, the processor all the way in. That’s how you get as much slower spec sheet computer and you’re editing faster. And if you own a video production company and you’re doing this for a living. That matters.

    If something takes you less time, you’re making more money or spending less money doing so. And so that’s just one huge reason as final cut. I love it. I still use premier pro. In fact, I’m still paying right now. I’m paying for premier pro monthly. Encryption and at times we do use it for the test. We use it. And sometimes if I’m doing a good collaboration project with somebody who’s requite, who uses premier, pro will use it, too.

    But I love final cut for those reasons. There’s other things in the software, like the magnetic timeline that helps you edit faster if you’re using titles. There’s so much better than Premier Pro. So that’s one reason.

    Now, on the hardware side of things, Speciale isn’t always everything.

    If you’re looking just at the spec sheet and then you compare that to, say, a Dell Express fifteen or like a razorblade 14 with a 10 60. And I’m doing a comparison between these computers and the newest MacBook Pro, it seems like, wow, this Apple computer has worst specs and it costs more money.

    What is the deal? It’s so overpriced. But then you’re looking at other things like, well, how well does the screen work?

    The Dell Express screen is nice, but this screen is super bright. It’s glossy. It’s very sharp.

    Great contrast. And Apple has been caring about a lot of these areas that don’t really show up on a spec sheet as much when you’re looking at processor graphics card, RAM, stuff like that. How about the trackpad? It’s huge, but not only is a huge it just works so well in Apple.

    Computers have always had the best track pads. It’s enjoyable to use and you can actually add it on this without using a mouse if you need to. And it works well.

    How about the speakers? They’re so loud, they sound so good compared to the other two computers, which are either they sound good but way too quiet or are decent, loud.

    And it’s not as loud as this, but sound much, much worse. So there’s a lot of things that Apple cares about, which is not only the spec sheet, but actual daily usability and enjoyment of the machine.

    That makes a big difference. You’re not only buying a spec sheet unless it’s all really you care about, but if you’re using it all the time, it makes you just appreciate you use the product more. And as well as all the optimizations like Mac OS, it works really well.

    Of course, it has its own glitches and stuff like that, but it’s much less than Windows machines. For example, this machine, I just booted it up, right. And I set it up. There’s driver crashes. I need to update those. And to my right, click doesn’t work in Windows 10 is, I would say, the best Windows operating system to date.

    And then also and I do the updates, my right click works, but my start in my search buttons don’t work.

    So less glitches because Apple is controlling a lot more of it. And for example, on the iPhones, on on these for a long time, they only had DUKER processors compared to like faster quad core processors and a cord for eight core processors.

    But in just usability, it’d be faster opening apps, smoothness crashes, stuff like that.

    And then also on Benchmark’s a Geek Bench, it would still be taking out all the Android devices because Apple is doing the hardware and the software and it works so well. So those are really the biggest reasons why I spend my money on Apple products.

    I don’t always agree with all their choices, all their decisions, but in general they make some great products. And another thing is the resale value is so much better.

    So this computer is twenty four hundred for this spec sheet and they can literally have it for a year and maybe sell it for about twenty one hundred used. So the resale value is just ridiculously well and they last for the most part they last better as well.

    So if you look on your local Craigslist, Jimmy stuff from like 2006 MacBook pros or a different power Macs that are still selling and people are still buying them and they’re not one hundred dollars for five, six hundred dollars compared to a Windows machine.

    This is one of the best resale value for Windows machines because it’s a razor.

    It’s a great quality. A lot of people want to buy these, but something like this, you would buy it for two grand and then maybe after a year you can sell it for maybe Malev. One hundred. Twelve hundred. And that’s good for a Windows machine.

    A lot of times you’ll buy something for a thousand bucks and six months later for five hundred. Nobody wants to buy it. So the resale value is really good.

    So if you’re not only looking at that initial price tag, you’re also thinking about what will I do a year or two from now or three or four when I’m ready to sell it?

    Do I just have to just get rid of it donated or can actually get some of my money back?

    That’s another thing that you have to consider. So let me know what you guys think about this video. Hopefully it makes it clear why I spend my money and why I think it’s worth spending on certain Apple products.

    Let me know if you guys have any examples of why you spend money on Apple products or if you don’t agree, if you think all of this just doesn’t make any sense. Let me know why you don’t spend your money on Apple products. I’d love to hear you guys as opinions.

    You so think he gets from watching. You guys can hit that subscribe button if you guys want to see the comparison of these two really nice machines compared to the latest MacBook pros as well.

    And I’m want to link both of these in the description. I linked the Mac book as well. If you guys gonna to go check those out, the spec sheets and stuff like that, what’s going to be interview?


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