Sony A16 400 Best New Feature

    Sony A16 400 Best New Feature
    Sony A16 400 Best New Feature

    Hey, guys, In San Diego at Sonis Press event for the new A16 400 that was just announced, as you guys know, I was really hoping for an A7 less three, which we didn’t get.

    But with that said, this thing is packing a lot of features and a lot of punch. And there’s a couple things that are really standing out there, really impressive, even though this is kind of mid-level APC camera.

    Now, just, you know, this is my first impressions with this camera.

    I’m going to be here for a couple more days shooting this camera using and a bunch of scenarios. So if you want to see my full detailed review for video shooters, make sure he gets hit that subscribe then and enable those notifications.

    Now, the biggest standout feature of the A sixty four hundred, something we’ve been asking for a long time is the ability to have a way upstream for of you bloggers out there.

    This helps a ton. And in this situation, missioning myself may now be so helpful.

    Jarvis screen that flips up on my A7 three or even better flips to the side. So we don’t have a screen that flips to the side, but it does flip up and we still have it easy.

    A lot of people were thinking that this is going to get removed on this camera just like a 50 100. We still do have the E the app. And now, of course, if you do put a microphone on Top Gear, your screen will be blocked. That is a big downside with having a screen that flips up. That’s when my preference is for it to flip out to the side.

    And before I take you long to go shooting with you, there’s a couple more things that I want to mention.

    First off, this thing is has the same processor as the Sony, a nine, their flagship camera in a mid-level APC camera. What that means is going to have a ton of processing power for the four value and for the new real time auto focusing tracking.

    Now, Sony is finally catching up and giving us a good, usable solution for being able to just touch on the screen and tracking subjects just like you can with canon cameras and with other cameras.

    So, yes, the A sixty four hundred is missing IBIS. And that is a disappointment, especially for bloggers, because having that extra stabilization is really nice. But there’s a couple of really standout features that put it for me personally above the A sixty five hundred. I’ll talk about that in just a second. But first, let’s go to some shooting.

    Now, right off the bat, I have one doesn’t know yet know about. And another thing that’s not as good now as far as a touch autofocus thing for a video where you just touch just like on a canon camera that does work in Fourcade.

    But as soon as you switch to 120 frames per second and 10 ATP, that would be great to be able to touch on your subject, especially for sports and track them. That mode is on available.

    Now, on the flip side, I think the biggest deal here is that we no longer have dimming of the screen. That’s like my biggest downside of the a sixty three hundreds of a sixty five hundred.

    Would you shoot forty or need to be 120 to screen with them and be almost unbeatable outside. And now Sony has managed to fix that, even though we do have the same batteries inside here, the same small little batteries, they didn’t change it.

    So the screen along is dense and it is quite right. So that is some fantastic news for everybody is shooting video outdoors.

    So let’s test out the touch autofocus thing. I switch lenses here a little bit closer.

    I want to touch on the subject and you go ahead. Do your thing. No, no. Go ahead. Go ahead. The perfect test. So here I have kind of some branches in the way. The tap on her face. And it’s picking it up, actually picking up our eye and tracking it. Even though some branches here are getting in the shot, it’s not having a problem.

    OK. I’m going to bounce off you and did not evoke such as to zoomed all the way in on the face. OK, so let’s do another test here. I’m going to just track an object instead of a face here.

    So here you go, my camera. Well, you guys are seeing is with a black background. It’s all black, just kind of blending in here, as you guys can see. It’s still picking it up and doing a great job thing on that. I’ll be testing this out more in the next couple of days. So make sure you guys are subscribed to the full review.

    All right, guys, I’m going to wrap up my hands on a first look with the A sixty four hundred.

    It’s going to be a very capable camera. I think it’s going to sell really well, especially with the flip screen. Now, I do wish it was towards the side.

    But at least we have this we of a Mike Jack. And the biggest improvement, I think the biggest thing for me is that the screen doesn’t dim and that is huge.

    If you’ve used the A sixty three or the A sixty five hundred. So personally I would choose this over even a sixty five hundred, even though it does set that we don’t have ibis in here, but a lot of the lenses do have stabilization built in.

    And have this unifications that able to if he gets one check in my whole detailed review that I’m going to be doing with this camera shooting everything on it.


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