A Little Bit Different 16 inch MacBook Pro vs iMac Pro

    A Little Bit Different 16 inch MacBook Pro vs iMac Pro
    A Little Bit Different 16 inch MacBook Pro vs iMac Pro

    Hey, guys,I’m going to be doing this article a little bit different from the other ones that I have done since we have the new 16 inch MacBook pros that have better cooling. They have the ability to have more ram.

    And now we have graphics cards that are more powerful with less heat, more capabilities.

    It’s a newer generation, seven nanometers, and they have eight gigs of video memory. A lot of you guys are asking how it compares to the iMac pro. And if you can replace your Mac Pro with a MacBook Pro.

    Now, the last time I did this article, it was just over a year ago and I tested out the latest MacBook Pro back then, which was a six core that was limited to four gigabytes of video memory.

    So obviously we had a lot of thermal constraints and now we have new graphics and then most new programs. Final cut, premier, pro, anti munchers, all have all been updated.

    And there’s been some major improvements with more use of the graphics card. So what’s going to happen this time around? Well, I’m going to be showing you guys the results as far as video editing.

    But first, quickly, let’s look at a few benchmarks using the latest geek bench five. And here, even though the new Aikau does run faster than before, the pro has a more thermal headroom. So, yes, it does perform faster.

    Now, same thing with graphics. This new graphics card is catching up to the graphics in the IMAX pro.

    I have the Vega 56 in this one, but that is still a ways ahead.

    Now that graphics card uses HBL to memory, the new one uses slower memory. So that might make a difference in some cases. And this new graphics card has better encoding options. But those are not yet utilized. We’ll talk about that a little bit later on in the article.

    Now, the first thing that I want to test out as far as actual video editing is Bruce X and final cut. And here I was shocked that the new graphics card Venza Bruce X test faster. I don’t know why it really doesn’t make sense.

    This test really is just pushing the graphics and it’s all animations and titles, stuff like that.

    And I don’t know, but it’s certainly not a fluke and it’s not really got to be reflected going on further in the article. Now the next thing, a test it is for all of you guys who edit black magic raw. How well can these machines process black magic raw?

    Well, the new MacBook Pro has no issues. The C.P.U has been improved over the past one.

    And the graphics card can playback achy video at fifty five frames per second. At least twelve to one compression. But that is no match for the Mac Pro, which plays back at, I believe, over 100 frames per second. You guys to see my results right here.

    None of them have issues with playing back six K. So it really doesn’t matter.

    But of course, if you want to stock a bunch of effects, you do have a lot more headroom with the Veiga 56 graphics. Now I want to do is article a little bit differently instead of going over each and every kind of test.

    I want to just show you guys the charts and let you know where you’ll notice a difference between I’m at Pro in the macro, pro and where you want. That way you can make a decision based on if the performance is good enough, not just what the best performance is.

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    But go ahead and put up these charts on screen. I’m gonna leave them up for longer than usual just so you guys could take a look at the speed differences.

    Yes, there are some, but I’ll let you guys know that if you’re somebody that wants the portability, you’re afraid of leaving your mark where you want to choose, you want good performance, but you’re not sure if you should sacrifice performance and get the macro pro do it for regular editing with Asia two six, four or eight shot, two, six, five, eight or 10 bits.

    The performance of the timeline is almost the scene. Two years ago, the map pros had four core processors.

    They had only sixteen gigs, ram much weaker graphics and I’m at Pro absolutely smoked it. Even just a year ago in the timeline, the my night pro was quite a bit faster, but because of the software updates and in premier pro, the performance differences huge from just a year ago.

    You’re gonna have a great experience with either one of these as long as you’re not stacking five Lutts you’re doing qualifiers, you’re doing a bunch of animations, a superheavy stuff.

    Yes, I’m Ibro will come up ahead. But for normal Mitry colors, you’re doing a couple. Lutts There’s not that big of a difference. And in the timeline. MacBook Pro has no issues whatsoever. At least if you have a 32 gig, a video of RAM and the eight gig video card now in Premier Pro, we have the biggest difference. The Mac A is pretty much maxed out.

    If you’re playing back a full resolution and you’re playing back with a couple, let’s film grain applied is simply is back at 30. Yes, but that’s playing back at full resolution.

    And you really need to do that on a laptop. You can set it down to half and it looks really good. So for this kind of editing, if you’re on the fence, I would say go with the MacBook Pro, get a high spec model. You are going to be happy now where there’s little bit bigger difference is for Rock Codex.

    We still have a huge improvement with the macro compared to previous years with the new software and final CA can actually play back at about 50 frames per second with a lot and film gain applied our full resolution.

    Dymock pro plays back at a full 60. So if you’re going to multicam work, if youre going to stock lots of color corrections and qualifiers, different effects and titles with that footage, yes, you’re gonna have a better result.

    But most people at a 24 or 30 frames per second footage in here, even in premier pro at half resolution, the macro can do a great job and also individually resolve.

    If you lower down your timeline playback, it’s gonna do a fantastic job.

    And I didn’t think I would say this, but even for people to do raw footage other than red raw, which still plays back pretty poorly and especially in final cut, the macro approach really kind of starts to rival not as fast, but it is actually doable.

    Whereas a year two years ago, I would definitely say spend the extra money if you’re working with raw footage and go for Dymock Pro.

    Now, not only that, but soon we’re gonna have a metal based red rock so that it can be debated with your graphics card. And then we’re gonna have a pretty big improvement in the microprobe. We’ll be able to play back maybe even AK rha with the MacBook Pro, but at least six K raw. And there we’re gonna have less difference.

    And another benefit of this new MacBook Pro is the fact that it can encode 10 bit add up to fourteen ninety frames per second HDR and that’s not enabled yet and it takes much longer right now.

    But as we go into the future, when the programs are gonna start utilizing this new encoder in the graphics card, the the actual encoding of HDR footage is gonna be much faster than the iMac pro because the Veigar graphics does not have that built in.

    So overall, yes, I’m I pro is faster as more headroom, but the Mac repro can’t get the job done for most people.

    Now that the software has been updated and we have 32 gigs ram better cooling and eight gigs of video memory, this is the closest that I have seen these machines ever, so I would not hesitate. If you can use the portability, I would say it is much more worth it than getting a little bit more performance from an IMAX pro.

    Thank you guys for watching. If you want to see this Mac Pro Pro compared to the five CAMAC Mac, the latest one and maybe in the previous generation, let me know down in the comment section below, the regular Mac is less expensive and it’s actually slightly powerful than I’m a pro in some tests.

    And I’m also going to compare this macro to the 2015 that a lot of you guys have been sticking around with.


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