A Realistic Comparison! An EOS R5 for A7S3?

An EOS R5 or A7S3? A Realistic Comparison!
An EOS R5 or A7S3? A Realistic Comparison!

This article is brought to you by square space, the best way to make a fantastic website. Hey guys Max, I have the new 2000 2016 inch MacBook pro with the 50 600 M.

a Graphics card that is very powerful but also very expensive, the most costly graphics upgraded ever seen in a MacBook pro. In this article, I’m to be comparing at this one do the previous high-end spec with the 50 500 M.

From 2019 and that’s all you guys which 1 of you should actually spend the extra money and what shouldn’t Ian surprisingly in some cases the new ones actually slightly slower and then other ones.

It’s a lot faster, so it depends on which program you’re using. I’m testing final cut da Vinci result in premiere pro the latest versions and what you’re doing, so I will make it beautiful and simple for you guys.

Let’s go and get this pulled it out of the way. I’m going to jump right into the video editing performance. I did a previous video earlier, where I talked about benchmarks in gaming and the differences between the cards.

They seem like they’re not a big difference with actually the significant changes, so if you guys want to see that only the link in the article description below how to start with Bruce acts for the final cut.

This test out the graphics rendering performance in the previous MacBook pro did in 13 seconds, which is already very fast this one. It took just 9 seconds. Hence, it’s closer to my mac pro with its 2000 $800 bigotry graphics card in the 32 gigs of memory for the graphics card.

Then it is to the previous best which is already crazy fast so that is a perfect improvement and I think I see I’m just comparing the 2 top models here’s a full cut a spec sheet of these laptops. They’re identical other than the graphics card, and I don’t want to compare to the 50 300 M.

Based 1, I have a video out already if you guys are interested. Still, I figure if you’re going to be thinking about getting a 50 600, you should get the 50 508 gig version that would be a no brainer, so I’m going to leave out the very base model.

Now should be into the Vinci resolve in Iran at the standard candle blur bench March once again this is a graphics rendering benchmark in here instead of getting six frames per second it got nine frames per second, so that’s roughly 40 percent improvement so.

It’s pretty good even though the numbers don’t seem like that big of a difference, and then I also did some and noise reduction a lot of guys ask for that I’m using a 4 K. black magic rock click here. And then is it seven frames per second we got about ten, so that’s just over 40 percent improvement in graphics rendering for denoising now.

Let’s move into stabilizing a 20 second 4 K. clip in premiere pro. We see no changes at all because that is using the processor and is using very little about 10 percent or so, it takes forever in the final cut go from 7 seconds.

Which is already crazy fast with a 50 500, and the graphics card is created 23 seconds, and I retested its in I that’s more than twice as fast I’m not sure why we’re getting the data more significant performance difference.

We are in insane, pretty much instant you don’t have to wait and indentures all we go from 18 seconds down to 12 still a pretty big difference this is a 5 minute 4 K project.

I have some film grain. I have a couple of lots applied to the end. This system handles this without a problem. The 50 500 and the previous best graphics card was the first one that I said is great for premiere pro I told people absolutely by premier works great with it.

It was fantastic, and honestly, I do not see a difference for this kind of work if you’re somebody that maybe I was a letter to you have civil metric color, you’re doing a little bit grating. You’re doing a few transitions you honestly you shouldn’t get the 50 600 M. because you’re not going to notice a difference a lot of times.

I was looking at it in the graphics card the mass 02 usages like 60 percent sometimes less than that for playback even for exporting here’s the times where they’re practically the same. M. as far as the speeds Ian resolve, we did notice about a 30 second gain in performance of the other two programs you know that we have a small minor difference.

This is a for a 5-minute project now before you start taking a look at Asia 265 each yard rock codex let me shout out to a sponsor of this video Squarespace I’ve been using and recommending Squarespace for over five years now and before they were ever a sponsor.

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You will save 10 percent off your first purchase of a website or domain now. Let’s move on to 8 bit H..265, and once again, there are no issues whatsoever there were no issues with the 50 500 M.

And with a 50 600 how the graphics are just sitting there and not being used so once again if you are going to be doing your standard editing a few lots some corrections a few titles animations.

You’re not going to get a lot of benefit from spending that extra amount of money, so I would say unless you know that you’re maxing out your graphics card, you’d have a 50 500 M. I probably wouldn’t go with it. If you want to know, that go and download ice that manually the link in the article description.

You can watch your graphics usage when you’re doing your standard timeline playback for your typical project exporting watch that graphics card line if it’s maxed out your CPU, isn’t in your ram.

Isn’t that mean you need more graphics performance that’s a perfect way to check? If you’re being limited by your graphics card now, let’s move on to 10 bit indeed this is where things get a little bit more interesting here now as far as a premiere pro for exporting.

This is in each G. R. clip we were from 32 minutes down to 21 minutes that is quite a bit faster in premiere pro now intervene she resolve if you guys look at our previous results took an hour and 15 minutes soon. It is making it 2 minutes and 42 seconds, and that is because, finally, we have ten bids hardware acceleration support.

I’ve been talking about it for I feel like a year an hour, so we finally have the individual is all to get the difference and instead of taking an hour and 5 minutes we went down to 3 minutes and 2 seconds for the 50 500 M., but the 50 600 is faster. It’s using a lot of the graphics card for that 10-bit HDR footage.

Now, unfortunately, in the final cut, even if the venture is all that is using the hardware correctly final cut still isn’t hopefully have an update soon. It always takes an hour and 15 minutes and keeps in mind this is the O. 5 minute project for each D. R.

Now let’s move on to see 200. This is a 4060 project raw, and things get a little bit interesting here now. Let me give you the positives first. If you’re somebody working with dementia resolve, the man wants to go with the 50 600 M.

Only is it being used a lot is getting pushed pretty much to its limits. Our timeline playback performance went from about 34 frames per second.
It went to about 60, which is perfect sometimes a drop down just a little bit.

But it’s pretty much perfect in the final cut premiere pro. Unfortunately, it’s performance and change as far as a timeline playback. It’s the same that’s probably just optimizations or something like that now let’s talk about rendering speeds as far as resolved.

When she goes out first live from over 14 minutes down to 9 minutes, that is a lovely approved to keep out of the. The 5-minute project, so if you’re working on a 20 minute 30-minute project or more, that difference will be noticeable.

Now in the final cut in premiere pro and took longer on the exports, I have no idea why I hope this is just drivers hopefully this is going to get fixed because we don’t want to get slower with these final cut in premier export times that doesn’t make sense now.

If you’re working this footage, I would say stay in your father’s working but still get the 50 600, and you’re dealing with the high in Kodak, and it is going to help out.

When you’re going to be, you know adding more facts and things like that here, I believe I have one lot in color corrections, and now let’s talk about redraw footage of the stop to the 4.5 K.

Run, I’m going to eat cake for the project once again. You guys could see the export speeds are much faster integers all about twice as fast, and as far as actual playback, it does playback well that’s thanks to debentures all of actually supporting.

The graphics card decoding in the bearing the redraw footage you guys might also notice that the CPU is not being maxed out like it is in the other programs. That’s because. The graphics card is taking over a final cut should get a nice upgrade as soon we’re still waiting on apple come on you’re making laptops give us.

The new software now let’s finish up with black magic bra, and I’m going to say it upfront if you’re working black magic rock spend the extra money on this graphics card being well utilized, and I have some 6 K. 24 FPS footage.

You guys are looking at this lines up almost identically with 4060 black magic route we have the same right around 500000000 pixels a second so if you do 4 K. 68 your results will be very similar to this and let’s start with a 6 Kate down to U. H. D. N. A. such as X.
Force for that as far as exports we go from almost six mi.

Notes in resolve down to 3.5 minutes keep me this is a 5-minute project if you scale that up to 20 it’s going to be a lot more Stein’s saved and then in premiere pro we go from.

Nine about nine and a half minutes down to 5 minutes and 42 seconds also a perfect improvement in pretty good speeds for a premier inn that graphics card is being pushed well and then. Now let’s take a look at progress in premier. We don’t see that big of a difference because it is a C. P.

Limitation of resolve we went from 10 minutes down to 5.5 a massive improvement in performance in the C. B. is also getting hit hard there. Still, the GPU is also being used even more, and as far as the playback to playback is excellent. Even in premier, whereas previously and resolve you have high reproduction in premier is sluggish now with the 5600 M. in the timeline, you can keep it a full resolution six cadence one hook up a six-game monitor 4 K.

Monitor in it is going to do great, so if you’re somebody that is working with black magic, get that better graphics card, so what is our final kind of conclusion well.

I would say if you’re somebody’s editing compressed footage 8 bit compressed what age and if you’re doing standard editing and a lot of you guys are, you don’t need to spend extra money on this graphics card, yes you might gain a little bit of speed.

I don’t think it’s worth the extra money, in that case, I would get a six-quarter in a leave some links to some high sales right now after somebody working with Brad rock C. 200 raw and mainly black magic rock in you know you’re going to be doing great you’re going to be grading. You’re going to be doing titles that kind of stuff.

If you can afford the extra money, I would say go for the 5600 M. I would pay the additional upfront cost to make sure that video editing as more things had to do graphics. You’re going to be future proof to specialties higher and codex, so thank you guys for watching once again.

I have links in the description to my other video where I go into more detail about the technology change the benchmark stock and stuff that they didn’t cover, and of course, the Squarespace thank you guys for sponsoring.

The article, if you need a website, your old one, you want to make it easy. You want an excellent site for a high price that goes ahead; check out the link to the video description. This is Max, and I’ll see you guys in the next article.


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