Sony Camera Issues Or Problems

    Sony Camera Issues Or Problems
    Sony Camera Issues Or Problems

    Hey, guys, We’re going to talk about five issues or problems that I have with Sony cameras. Now, you guys know that I really like my Sony cameras. They are my main moneymakers, but some of these things just don’t make sense.

    Now, I’m also going to make article on the five kind of best things that I really enjoy about Sony cameras that people don’t often mention.

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    Now, mainly going to talk about article things since this channel is focused on filmmaking.

    But for you photographers that clicked on this article, I’ma give you guys two bonus things at the start of this article before going into my five issues. The first issue for the photographers out there is that the duel card slots in the A7 are three and then a nine are not the same speed.

    Now, I’m glad that Sony is finally putting in dual card slots in their high end, expensive bodies. But with that said, one of them is much slower than the other.

    So if you’re gonna be maxing out your buffer and having to wait for it to clear, you’re going to have to wait more than twice as long if you’re doing backup recording. So you’re taking a photo. It’s going to save them to both card slots.

    That way you have a backup just in case one of your SD cards goes out.

    So that is really unfortunate because if you have a full buffer, instead of waiting 30 to 35 seconds for it to clear, you have to wait over a minute long. Now, that also means if you’re gonna be doing lots of photos in a series at the buffer is going to fill a faster because it takes longer for those images to get recorded to the card slots. So that is very unfortunate.

    The second thing for you photographers is that so many does not offer a medium or a small size raw option.

    So if you’re shooting on a High-Resolution camera like that, a seven hour two or a seven hour three, you’re forced to shoot with 42 megapixels if you want the flexibility of RA.

    Now, I come from a cannon background where I shot with Cannon full frame cameras for wedding photography for years. And I love the option to drop down to medium raw. So if I was going down doing some photos, I didn’t need the full resolution.

    I wanted to save on space. I was able to drop down and still have the flexibility of RA. But now with the Sony cameras that are really high resolution.

    It’d be great to have that option to just go down a 24 megapixel have the camera just oversampled the forty two megapixel into a smaller size. So you still have the flexibility, but you don’t have to deal with the extra storage space and it’s easier on your computer to edit. So I really wish Sony would implement this.

    Now, let’s move on to article. I give you guys five issues that I have with the Sony cameras to start off.

    No one has been bugging me for a long while now. And that’s when you’re playing back your files. You’re looking at the video clips that you recorded. You don’t get the full framing or the shots when you’re flipping through clips to see which ones to select.

    You get this kind of film reel icon so you don’t only see what the framing is or the shot looked like, which is frustrating if you want to match up from a previous framing.

    On top of that, you can’t even see the clip length. When you’re looking at the clips. So you have to do is have to start playing it and like scroll through the whole clip to see if that one was like a one minute take or a five minute take.

    So if you work with lots of video files like I do, you do comparisons with cameras.

    Stuff like that. This can really get frustrating. The second thing has got to do with autofocus.

    But one thing they don’t have is a autofocus single, something where the camera will focus one time and they’ll keep that focus without continuously changing and looking at the background.

    So Panasonic does this in a really good way, where you select the HFS, you can tap what you want and focus or press on the shutter. It’ll get in focus. And that’s set your set on the Sony as you go into continuous. You wait for it to lock on a focus and you have to switch it to manual focus and then go back and forth.

    Now, at the end of the world. But if you’re somebody that shoots interviews or other shots where you want to set the focus once with autofocus, which is really quick to do so, and then you want it to not change unless you tell it to change.

    That is really frustrating. Now, the third thing has got to do with manual focusing in the rear LCD display.

    This has gotten better with a seminar three and a nine, but it’s still not great when you’re in the video mode and you’re wanting a manual focus. The four key output, what you’re seeing on the rear LCD screen is quite soft and it makes it difficult to see exactly what’s in focus.

    It may seem like you’re in focus perfectly on eyes, but you’re slightly back focused or forward focused, especially if you’re shooting with a shallow depth of field. Now, the weird thing is if you switch over to the manual photo mode, the detail is much better.

    It’s a huge difference. You can easily see what’s in focus. Even if you’re shooting on a eighty five F one point eight, as soon as you go into the video setting, it gets much softer.

    This has got to do with how the camera is sampling the image and how much data it’s sending to the real LCD. Maybe it does have enough processing power or maybe they’re just using the same algorithm as they used to do before.

    But for example, on my old Samsung Anex ones, which came out like three years ago or even more than three years ago now, the image was super detailed as soon as you go into the video mode.

    It actually got more detailed than the photo mode, which was great because you never had to punch in to set manual focus.

    You could see exactly what’s in focus. Another camera’s eye cannons are Panasonic’s. It stays roughly the same, but in the Sunnis, it gets worse, which is definitely frustrating. Number four is using an external monitor when you’re shooting and Fourcade.

    These newer Sony cameras have touch screens with very good autofocus.

    And that gives you the ability to tap on an object and have the camera smoothly and accurately focus on it. But if you’re shooting in four K with an external monitor like the excellent small HD focus, as soon as you hit that record button, you don’t get an image on the rear.

    LCD of the camera goes black while you still have all the icons in your recording clip length and stuff like that. Everything else is dark and you have to just go off of the external monitor. And that could be fine.

    But if you do want to make use of that touch to focus option, you’re going to be tapping on a completely dark display. Try to guess what you’re trying to focus on.

    Now, the last issue may not be a big deal to you, depending on how much cameras you shoot with and how much Karzi use per shoot. But when I go to shoot a wedding or some other kind of larger shoot, it’s really frustrating that each time you put in a new SD card in the camera, it resets the numbering.

    So you start with a zero zero one and you go to zero zero two.

    So when I go to a wedding and I have four different cameras and I’m using multiple as decoys, I come back and I have tons of the same file names for clips that were shot at different times on different cameras. And you go to try to sync all that together.

    You can really get some issues with different clips not lining up properly or the program re linking to other clips.

    It just makes it frustrating to organize something where other cameras will start at zero zero one and they can go all the way up to like a thousand. Some can even go up higher than that, where you can customize how the camera does this.

    So if you’re somebody that shoots a lot or likes to switch out your SD cards, this can definitely be frustrating. All right.

    So those are my top five things that really kind of bug me with Sony cameras. If you have something else that’s frustrating, you go ahead and type it down in the comments section below.

    I’d love to hear your guys opinions if you have something to work around some of these issues. Definitely. Let me know as well. On top of that, make sure you guys are subscribed and have those notifications enabled for my top five things I love about Sony cameras that people don’t often talk about.


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