Sony A7S3 & FX6 – Sony after todays Announcement!

Sony A7S3 & FX6 - Sony after todays Announcement!
Sony A7S3 & FX6 - Sony after todays Announcement!

I have to be honest and say that I’m a little bit worried for so many and also a little bit frustrated as well today he was there and now Smith date I’m going to go over what they’ve revealed.

My thoughts are now what they need for the A. 7 S. 3, and the ethics 60 be successful in for their company keeps growing and thriving in this article space and also why I have sure optimism support.

Their branded where I think they can compete it also to say that this video is sponsored by Squarespace, the best way to make a fantastic website, so the first thing that I want to cover is what Sony announced a lot of us were hoping for the A. 7 S. 3.

I was not I didn’t think that’s going to happen here I was expecting that F. X. 6 and that’s a camera that I am very excited about honestly probably even more excited for that came within.

The ease of those S. 3 at this point, but they were released, and they announced didn’t say just published for more updates, so we have a firmware update for the FX 9 and also for the Venice camera E.

Some things are high, and I see why they’re upgrading these things, and other items are kind of worrisome for me for their future cameras and how they’re going to compete so the first few things that they announced is 1080 P. at 180 frames per second in 4 K. DCI recording.

These things have been available in alpha 7 for a long time, and I don’t know why this wasn’t in this camera out lunch. It doesn’t make sense. We also can load 3 D. lots into shooting each D. R. with H. L. G. and by.

The way this can be released in October 2020 is about ten months after the camera was released; now, the part that’s a little bit more exciting is enabling the touchscreen option.

If you guys knew this or not, but the screen on the FX 9 was not a touch screen out. First, they had the hardware, but nobody knew that they could use it. We thought it was not touching those big complaints by many people; this also makes no sense.

They won’t enable this from the start if you have a sizeable autofocusing system which the FX 9 doesn’t have what you want touch to focus it is super convenient to have to use it but to have.

The ability is excellent now. Another change with that touch screen is that the menus can now be touched to quickly flip between them and change different settings without using a little joystick.

That is great I’m sure that’s going to come to the alpha cameras is another thing you guys may have seen it is 5 Katie being shown off for this camera now first it may seem like you can record 5 K.

Internally with the 1.2 times crop or so up to 60 FPS, that’s what somebody’s website made it seem like, but in reality, that is not the case, so actually, if you want to record 4 K. DCI you could do the full sensor up to 30.

If you want to do 60 frames per second you have to do that crop and then you’re pulling 5 K. worth of data instead of 6 K. now this is kind of a bummer I would wish that so anyway give us 6 cancel recording not because a lot of people need it.

To be more competitive, but if you have actually to go in and crop to do that 54 K. DCI 60 FPS, that is just showed me. That there’s not enough power in you, know the sensor, or possibly more likely the processor to pull that amount of data that fast in that means that if.

This is what their flagship camera is doing how can we expect you know better than that from the A. 7 S. 3 that is kind of what makes me a little bit worried. If this is what the flagship is going to offer in October, what are we going to get from the other cameras now before?

I talk about what so many need to change. I think right now and also on the FX 6 in 87 S. 3.

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Clicking the custom link down below and when you’re ready to launch you’ll save 10 percent off your first purchase of a website or domain now, Sony has been a very secretive company for many years now a lot of times we have certain rumors, and we’re expecting.

Something comes out and also and being we have something different, and in many cases, it worked out quite well where some camera companies are putting out four key with crazy crops, and then we had 720 P.

For slow-motion and so when he comes out with a camera that’s you know a little over 1000 boxes 1080 P. 20 frames per second slow motion, it has audio during slow motion and autofocus while you’re doing that ians of 4 K.

Looks great. The tracking is excellent. There are a lot of different improvements. You know a lot of things that we asked for they were listening to, which is why the A. 7 S. 3 was sourced so successfully you know we have the big battery dual card slots a lot of that was great, and we had a lot of pleasant surprises.

The thing is it is now 2020, and a lot of companies are changing the way they do something if we take a look at Tesla, for example, Tessa will announce what they are doing away in advance sometimes 23 years before a car comes out and then.

If they announce what they’re doing, they announced some great specs people get excited, and people sit in a wait that long for a new car to come out and say the cyber truck right now or the model 3 before that and people know.

They’re going to be expecting something’s gets improved overtime before the launch comes out and people wait instead of buying other cars and other things if they had no idea about that card to launch it about something else but people. Please wait for that, and we look at what Canada is doing now where they’re saying. Hey, we’re going to its R. 5 D.

This is what the specs are going to be. Yes, it’s going to take a bit to get that camera out, but people get excited, and people see what the competition is doing. They’re waiting to decide instead of buying something ahead of time, and that could be frustrating.

Some people but at least we know what to expect and cannot ship to the way they do they were doing things, and I think in 2020 Sony’s these to come out there and say Hey this is what we have for the A. 7 S. 3 this is what it’s going to offer, and this is how we’re going to be competitive and the only reason.

They wouldn’t do that is if they don’t have the specs and they can’t offer with the competition is offering now let’s talk about what the E. 7 S. 3 in the F. X. 6 need to compete in 2020 not back in 2018.

I think I made the first video as time goes on it’s getting more and more difficult as they’re waiting let’s start with the FX 6, so first, off I think that should have a full-frame sensor called an X. 6.

Just like FX 9, I hope it does. If it doesn’t okay, that’s good to be a bummer, but not you know the most significant thing.

It does have 10-bit video recording, and it better have 4 K. 60 frames per second with 10 bit in the past I could see the maybe dropping that back to eat but like some companies have done.

But it’s 2020 the Fuji film can do 4 K. 6010 bit that’s a camera that’s like 1800 Bucks right this camera going to be like 6000 maybe seven it better have that and that’s about it I think that’s all it needs we know it’s going to have great autofocusing is going to have.

I have to scan a face tracking. It’s going to have a touch screen. It’s going to be that body with electronic and D. X. a Lars excellent ergonomics overall if they do that I think people are going to be happy and even though.

It’s not going to have wrought. It’s probably not the wrong output, so can. In the C. 200 can do right turn only you can do 4 K. 60 internally on the super 35 sensors good autofocus technically.

They’re already behind in that way, or at least they’re just playing catch up, but I think Sony shooters will be happy, and now for the 87 S. 3, I think the first thing that needs to have is a price tag that makes sense.

I don’t think you can compete with that your R. 5 at least on the specs side we’ll see in the real world that has a lot of managers, but I think that Kim is going to be expensive at least four grand maybe five grand possibly even six so if the A. 7 S. 3 stays at 30 500 it’s going to be less expensive.

The S. 1 each Ian is going to be less expensive than U. S. R. 5 in a lot of people don’t need 6 K. or achei recording anything like that now absolutely has to have a better codec if they don’t put a better code again.

It’s going to have a better codec, and we need to have 4060. I believe it has to have 10 bit for 4060 to be competitive now we’re going to have a touch screen the menus are going to be able to you know to be a swipe through and touch up, and I was just so lovely to just your audio settings as you’re recording an interview.

It’s going to have I. F. it’s going to have the colors from FX 9 in the Venice is going to have that profile all that’s going to be great, but it’s going to matter because Max out at 4060 and I think there’s a perfect chance it’s going to have to drop in for that as well that is unfortunate.

I wish they didn’t have to do that that compared to the S. R. 5, which are say they’re saying 4120 I think that’s going to be landscaping throwing it died out but give us that option so many if you don’t mind let us choose.

If you want to crop with you, know the oversampling. I throw a dart up for full sensor if you’re going to show that the field, but getting rid of some of the extra info, maybe it’s not going to be as detailed that would be great. I think that’s how they can exceed expectations and I think most people would be happy with that most people don’t need 4 K. 120 most people don’t need.

Need 80 recordings or any of that stuff the great out of focus good battery life maybe flip around the screen that would be fantastic is that much better codec the upgraded colors yeah 4860 so the question is when will they released that and how much is it going to cost.

I think the price point matters now more than ever. They have to keep it very reasonable to be competitive because I feel like on the US backside on the tech side, it’s getting more and more difficult. I don’t think they’re going to have rob recording internally. They do not have rob recording externally on the system made.

It possible that could change but if the ros limited on these other cameras FX 9 you have to spend 2.$5000 to have that wrong output how will it well how would it make sense to have let’s say 6 Kate rod through each you might like Panasonic is doing I don’t know that would exceed expectations.

I am very skeptical that you guys let me know your thoughts on their announcements and if they should be more upfront with what. They’re developing kind of like what Canada is doing some of these other companies and what your expectations are for this camera, and you guys watch this morning how does it work.

Because it is just made sense to show at least show off the FX 6 that something is going on all right guys if you need a website if your old website that is outdated the SCO is terrible people are finding you go check out squares be settling down.

I do the trial with no credit card check it out see if you like I know you guys well I highly recommend them thanks for Squarespace responsiveness video. This is Max, and I’ll see you in the next one.


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