Sony ZV-1 Honest Review – Is a compact camera:

Sony ZV-1 Honest Review - Is a compact camera:
Sony ZV-1 Honest Review - Is a compact camera:

This article is brought to you by square space, the best way to make a fantastic website. Hey, guess Max, in this article, I’m going to be talking about insuring all the great things about.

The new CD one many of which I hope to make it to their necks interchangeable lens camera along with the downsides in small imitations that I discovered while using.

It and ultimately answering my most important question that I have is that it is still worth buying a compact camera in 2020 with these things being in our pockets. We’re going to look at article quality battery life overheating.

The display microphones special new features and see how computers are just using a toppling smartphone for both photos and video the CD one is Sony’s latest attempt at a bloody camera, and they have definitely been listening to people’s feedback and paying attention to the community well.

It’s basically like an arts 100 camera, but there are a few noticeable changes in a few that you won’t notice but are very important the first thing that stood out to me is the price the current arts 100 marks seven is $1200 and the skills 100 marks six is 1000 the new ZB one is $800 or even less.

If you buy it at lunch which I’ve linked to in the video description below and I have to say that I was thrilled when I heard the price, and I wasn’t expecting 100 Bucks a big reason they were able to do this is that they got rid of the EVF which is a pricey part of the R. X. line.

These are cameras targeting bloggers. I don’t think this is a huge deal. Honestly, I think that most people that buy these cameras end up just doing this anyways. We also get rid of the pop-up flash to better Mike’s underneath this large grill. This is the audio quality of the CD one A.

Using the road video micro plugged into it, and this is the audio quality of the Z. V. one A. using.

The built-in microphones also on top, we know. Longer have the mode dial, but instead, we have a mode button a dedicated large record button and what I call the book at the end but I can also be customized more on this in just a bit in place of the EVF we thankfully have a hot shoe mount in not any hard.

She will take one that supports Sony’s new all-digital microphones for better quality which is excellent on the right side we have an HDMI output a multi-connector and a 3.5 millimeter Mike Jack which is another unique feature, and that is only available on the $1200 R. X. 100 marks seven so only also stepped up the thumb grip and added a nice rubber chunk right here to the front.

This feels much more comfortable in the hand ians. That’s regardless of your shooting it usually or holding out like this gives you something to grip, and that is nice, and you can also use a Sony is a wireless shooting grip kit, and I didn’t think I’d use .often.

But did quite a bit and I like it much better than the previous ones we had to connect the cable to the camera the biggest is the show is the fleet B. screen finally we have one of these in a Sony? It is great I know that not everybody needs or wants one of these and there are downsides compared to the till the screens.

It is the best set up for vlogging as it doesn’t get blocked by your microphone, and I love that you’re able to flip it and shut it down to protect the screen if you’re not using the camera in we also have a tally light on the front here.

Which I desperately need and want for my other Sony cameras before talk about the softer features a Sony added let’s take a look at some footage as I talk about the quality and the video specs.

We get the same quality inspectors arts 100 marks seven and many other Sony’s. I love Sony because they don’t try to limit us with software a Lisa most of the time and have the full set of picture profiles, including the different. Slugs and H. O. G. personally.

I would avoid S. log unless you need it to save maybe to match a different Sony camera because I don’t think you’re going to get the full dynamic range of the profile can offer as you will on the higher end cameras in because of the noise and artifacts.

This comfortable 1 uses the same court exhibit rates as the other Sony, so we don’t have aged 265 or 10 bit to help with S. log, and even though the 1-inch sensor is significant for such a small camera if we have visible noise shooting S.

Log on a full-frame camera you will notice on this 1. I would personally suggest using 1 of the center profile supports HLG instead.

The camera can also shoot super slow motion like the other arts 100 stakes to the ocean about sensor readouts, but the quality isn’t high, so I stuck with shooting slow-motion add up to 120 of PS in 1080 P.

It is still fantastic it looks quite useful, especially on a camera of this size in this price range as you can see the quality of the video is similar to the previous arcs when hundreds but we do have one nice change, and that is the fact.

That there is no 30-minute recording limit, make sure to turn the time shut off mode and set that’s high in good lighting the 40 quality is fantastic, and it is hard to tell apart from larger sensor cameras but once.

You have to bump up the ice, so you start to notice the difference one thing you have to be very careful with is the NDP I love that we have a built-in ND filter with this camera that sets it apart from other options and that is nice to have doors with the fast aperture during the day.

But if you set it to auto, you’re using auto exposure happen on you forget about it that will cause the ISIS to ramp up that quickly messes with your 4 K. article quality speaking of fast aperture Sony went back to using the 24 to 70 quid a lens that uses F. 1.8 to 2.8 aperture like the old R. X. 1 hundred.

I know some people will be happy about that because there may. Missing out the extra reach that the 24 to 200 offers, but I would much rather lose that reach.

But have the ability for that extra added blur, and more importantly, the additional lights for this 1-inch sensor instead of that more in versatile land which comes with the F. 2.8 a 4.5 aperture and most of that range is at the F. 4.5 and I would ruin.

The quality of your video, unless you’re in perfect lighting, others point out that 24 millimeters aren’t wide enough for vlogging, but you can see by my shots you know what it looks like recording at 20 4000000 some of these do.

You have that extra stabilization that will be built in which I’ll talk about personally. I find that is he what I like a more comprehensive lens; yes, I would, but what I treated the extra reach for a full glass up, I probably wouldn’t want to do that personally.

I think like 1820 mill is like the sweet spot for logging 16 knowledgeable too full for me if you go with say a 60 mile on the white and those lenses are usually quite a bit bigger to reach you know such a wide-angle so.

If they would keep the excise the same people as compact, it might be like a 16 to 30 year something like that, and that really kind of sucks because you don’t get that long reach and that compression of the land so.

I wish it were a bit wider, but I don’t think it’s as big of a deal just judging by the shots of the day you know showed off here now before I tell you guys what bummed me out after my first shoot with Z. V. 1.

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Com slash Max white used a custom link down below, and then when you’re ready to launch, you’ll save 10 percent off your first purchase of a website or domain now one thing you might have noticed is the amount of chic in the footage.

I first I was quite surprised when looking over because the camera did show that the stabilization was on display. Still, after I did some digging, I found a few things first off the list. A position in this tiny camera isn’t high; unfortunately, we don’t have the same convenience of having lens I. S. combined with I. business camera.

But Sony does have one trick up their sleeve first though after a bunch of shooting I was going through the menus and I saw that the stabilization menu was grayed entirely out now what I had enabled what is the product showcase feature in that seems like when you have helped it to stables or stabilization.

I did some side by side tests, and it seems like having it on turns out that I am entirely, but I’m not exactly sure yet because there is quite a bit a chic even with the I. S. on either way it looks pretty bad now once that is disabled.

You have the choice of using regular stabilization, or active stabilization active is using leads I. S. with the digital image stabilization, and surprisingly it works quite well without too much artifact ing and weirdness in the footage is much much more stable honestly.

I wish I figured this out earlier, and I knew about that limitation from the get-go because a lot of my footage is quite shaky, and I’m sorry about that guys now before I mention a few more downsides.

Let’s take a look at the unique software features the Saudi added into this camera first off the CD one has the latest phase, and I detect tracking in the out of focus is snappy for the most part more, and I just hit it, and they did actually up to.

Seeded with other features and algorithms, for example, the facial priority exposure mode instead of being very abrupt it now is a much smoother and that is great for the video next is that both got but well when I heard about this the no they’re going to do software fake Boca it’s going to look terrible thankfully.

They didn’t do that. This is great for people that use the auto modes, and they just hit the button, and right away, the camera will know to set the lines to the fastest aperture. It will prioritize that, and that is nice.

Because you can get some pretty good blur surprisingly with these one-inch sensors you guys could tell even at the wide-angle shots and then obviously the tight even at 2.8 looks pretty good, we also have that product showcase feature that I talked about is cooling. It’s meant to be used on a tripod or times.

That you don’t need stabilization because that gets shut off with this enabled even what the eye-tracking autofocus selected the camera will notice if you bring something up to the camera just trying to show off the product hence.

The name and it will change the focus to that until you lower it, and then I’ll go back to your face this feature worked well, and I think it is great for a ton of bloggers to show off products I’m glad the Sony added into this camera another new addition.

That you’ll be able to use this camera as a webcam without needing a capture card or anything else, so somebody’s going to release this is you know firmware software sometime in July you’ll be able to plug in the camera with the U. S. B. cable to your computer.

This is going to show up, and that is going to be sweet mainly thanks to the F. 1.8 aperture on the broader part of the lens in I think it’s going to make of this camera a lot more compelling than it is now I mentioned that there are some downsides that I found I gave a few of them already to you guys and here are a few more the battery is the same as the R. X.

One hundred that means it is super tiny; thankfully, the battery life isn’t completely horrible, but it is still not great I was able to. Accord 4 K. with autofocus for about 50 minutes on a fully charged battery, so you’ll want.

Some extras, but since they’re not a new kind of battery, you can by third parties cheaply link the original Sony Anson third parties down in the video description below the rear LCD is a touch screen like most new Sony’s.

The menu systems haven’t changed, which means you still can’t touch them to change settings. This camera would be perfect for introducing that because if you are blogging and your turn have the camera turned around.

You got to touch the screen to change settings on a lot of other cameras that work nicely much better try to guess where each specific button isn’t that little pad here, and that makes it tough, so I wish they added that in overall the autofocus works great it is super fast. I autofocus works nice, but that is when you’re shooting for K.

Regular 1080, when you’re shooting 10:00 ET at 120, it is prolonged and unresponsive. Not having noticed this with other Sony cameras, but usually, it is not this bad, and often you can just know to kick up the responsiveness and how fast the focusing system works.

It kind of makes up for it but is this camera it still is slow now my last major complaint is the rear LCD brightness just like the older Sony cameras before they made the news the batteries when you’re shooting at 108120 or 4 KP you are locked out of sunny mode which means that the screen is tough to see. The bright sun now it does seem to be a lot brighter.

Then see the A. 60 500, but it still is a bummer it when you see how bright it can get if you’re you know taking photos were doing regular 1080 up to 60, and then you switch to 4 K. it sucks and now with all that said.

I want to compare it to my iPhone 11 Promax nowadays everybody has a phone in their pocket, and these things are getting so. Good, the mice got much better. We now slow motion and even computational photography and now computational video.

This combines frames to increase your dynamic range even when shooting 4 K. 60 on the rear cameras or even the front camera with all of these improvements. It is also worth buying a compact camera photos and video instead of just using a high-end smartphone. This is a comparison between the iPhone 11 pro or even the 11 using the 4 K.

Front-facing camera and the Sony Z. V. 1 using just the primary camera the flip around the screen, you can see the difference between 4 K. quality article. And maybe auto exposure of course 1 has an antique filter, which is cool that helps in brighter lighting right now. It’s pretty overcast. You guys can hear the difference between the built-in microphones on an iPhone and the Z. V. 1.

I am not using little when my foot on the CB 1491 either the latest I. phones do an excellent job for 4 K. video and audio, but the ZB 1 is better, and if I’d use that little windscreen is included.

It would have sounded perfect. One thing that you can’t beat out is blurry thanks to an actual F. 1.8 lens with a larger sensor in the 4 K. footage just looks more detailed and more natural the latest I.

Phones got a more extensive front-facing camera, which is nice. It’s a little bit wider than Z. view one. Still, the rear cameras are 26 and 52 millimeters compared to 24 to 70 now. We do have an older white on here as well, and that is sweet has the quality is worse in photos and videos. Still, it’s nice to have that in you don’t get that with the CD 1 now comparing the 4 K.

Quality at those two standard focal lengths of Sony just looks better. Not only does it have a lot less artifact being, and it’s not over-sharpened, but you also have that natural blur, as I mentioned before honestly. I wasn’t expecting this much of a difference since the iPhone has gotten so good at video.

The best smartphone for photos and everything overall has a porch—your motors well, which doesn’t look useful in most cases but some cases.

It’s just is completely off where is the one with the actual blurred won’t have that without portrait mode the iPhone selfie gets more detail. However, the CD one still bests it in aspect and ask for the rear cameras with the best camera the iPhone that does get close in particular when you’re in good lighting in actually has a better dynamic range for G.

Pegs of course, if the lighting gets worse, I will fall behind even with their latest deep fusion technology the larger sensor it still gives you better detail at higher ISOS, and for video, they can’t use that type of attack so.

The noise is much more apparent on iPhone then as you view one which they surprisingly clean even at 1600 I so so what are my thoughts on the ZB one after testing it out shooting with it. And comparing it to what more and more people are using for photos videos and even blocking honestly.

It did better than I expected. I thought this would be closed because of how much of these phones have gotten better in the last year, but this still takes better photos and better articles.

It’s a great little camera, and what seals the deal is that so many for once went down in price for a new model instead of keeping it the same or raising it when they add new features as they have consistently been doing with their R. X.

The line now there are some downsides, but for $799 or even less right now, I think it is a great package. I will be recommending it to a lot of people who want to buy an entry-level camera say in a 6400, and they’re just going to buy the kit lens, and most of them don’t ever purchase other glasses.

They’re stuck with the F. 3.5 to F. 5.6 aperture. This cost less, and it is much more compact, which means they will end up taking it with them much more often than you know those DSLRs or mirrorless cameras and with that compared to smartphones.

The quality is better for photos and videos, especially videos for shooting outside with that and do you filter built-in in the microphones.

It is a great little package let me know your thoughts down in the comments section.

Below and if you decide to pick one of these up, especially while the prices are lower eyelid links in that video description, this Cinemax and I’ll see you in the next article.


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