Comparing Roads Latest And Greatest

    Comparing Roads Latest And Greatest
    Comparing Roads Latest And Greatest

    We’re going to be comparing roads latest and greatest, the article Mike Pro plus two as Dennes s.M X fifteen. You probably have never heard about this micron right here, but it has a couple cool features.

    Then it kind of matches up with this road at about half the price.

    So much of a link to it in the article description below. I think right now you can pick it up for one hundred and forty nine dollars versus three hundred dollars for the road. Both of them have plus 20 decibel boost.

    If you want to lower your gain inside of the camera to get cleaner audio and both want have negative 10. So if you’re shooting like a loud concert or something like that and both of them have auto on functions, which is really what got my attention on this, as in microphone.

    So when this road video like Pro Plus was announced and it was launched, I bought it right away.

    I thought the auto on function was awesome because there’s been many times where I forgot to turn on my regular road video. Mike Pro and I had a lot of audio clips or a lot of clips that did not have audio. And that’s really, really frustrating. So having an auto on is great.

    But unfortunately, in my time with this microphone, I barely ever use it. Most of my latest videos have actually been shot with the road video micro.

    Their least expensive microphone just because I like how it sounds. This microphone has some really great features, but I just haven’t been using it often because I don’t like the sound as way too much bass. Not enough means and highs.

    And I think this sounds way better. And if you guys saw my comparison where I compared the full lineup of road mikes, this one was my favorite. So I really like the Ottone functionality, but because of the sound quality and because of one big issue that it had, they pointed out in the review where it just sticks too far back in.

    If you’re shooting with a camera that has an even F, you can’t use that IVF on it.

    This thing does not make my recommended list. That’s why this microphone got my attention. It also has the auto on functionality.

    You also have the boost on the signal that’s coming into your camera, which is great, especially if you’re shooting with like cannons and you’re able to use two double E’s instead of a nine volt battery in here. And then also that price point.

    And it’s not perfect on top of your camera, but it’s definitely not bad for most cameras.

    You’re gonna be able to use the E.V. F now here. I can’t get perfectly close, like, if I wanna get my eye completely sealed in there. I still do still kind of touch this mounds. I wish it didn’t stick out as much, but I could still use it.

    And I can still see with this type of microphone on top of a camera and most of you guys out there are shooting with mirrorless cameras. Now, where that AVF can be invaluable.

    So I want to put this microphone, which comes in at half the price of the road video Mike Pro plus and see, how does it sound if this thing is going to sound better than the road microphone?

    It’s also going to have the auto on functionality, which is really, really convenient.

    It’s going to have that plus 20 decibel and the negative 10 decibel options. And it’s not going to block your AVF on top of that, coming in a half the price of the road. This thing is going to be one steal of a deal.

    So let’s start the comparison testing on a boom arm, which is my preferred way to record audio.

    That way you have a really nice, rich, full sound and I minimize any echo and any background noise. After that, we’re gonna set these microphones on top of a camera and just record kind of in test run and gun style indoors. Then we’re gonna do outdoors.

    So we have less sound from bouncing off the walls when I’m speaking. And then we’re gonna see how well the eiseley noise around the microphones and behind them.

    This is audio quality test using the road video Mike Pro plus on a boom arm. This is audio quality test of the ascent s.m x fifteen on a boom arm. This is an on camera audio quality test of the road. This is an on camera audio quality test of the Asten.

    This is an outdoor on camera audio quality test using the as Dan. And this is where it’s nice to be able to access IVF because it’s super bright out here.

    This is an audio quality test using the road, which does block the IVF on pretty much every camera.

    All right, guys. Let me know which microphone you think sounded better in the comment section below.

    Personally, I definitely preferred the sound of the ads down the road has a ton of low end punch. Way too much, in my opinion. And it’s rated down to 20 hertz, which is really quite low. Where this one is rated to 40.

    Now, I do wish that this had a little bit more base, but it’s very easy to add back in and post.

    That’s what I end up doing with this road video micro pretty much for every shoot. But I also heard more meds and more highs. There are a lot more clear, whereas the road the main reason why I don’t use it is because it sounds very muffled.

    I don’t like the sound signature of this microphone. Now, a couple other things that I notice is, for example, outside we did hear a little bit more wind noise with this microphone.

    I think there was a little bit more wind. At least I felt a little bit more wind when we were recording with the as an outside. But just in general, if you look at the foam, this is cheap and not very dense compared to the phone foam here on the road.

    It’s much more densely packed and just feels much higher quality. And in general, the road, the build quality and the materials in the plastics do feel a lot better quality than this one. So it’s very interesting.

    It’s when actually has a 10 year warranty listed on the box, just like the roads.

    You can see they’re trying to compete with the road, but Road is known for their excellent customer service. So if I had to put my trust in a brand, if something would break, it definitely would be the road.

    Now, as far as blocking out noise that as Dan did dramatically better.

    So you guys heard in the front the sensitivities were the same balance out to about negative eight negative nine decibels on both them. But when I tested the brown noise on the sides of the microphone. So this is testing how much noise it blocks out from the sides. This guy right here, that as then was seven decibels quieter.

    It’s definitely noticeable. And on the backs of blocking out noise behind the microphone.

    This one was fifteen decibels quieter. It did a much better job of blocking out the noise, which is exactly what you want when you have a camera or a mike on top of your camera. You’re doing a run and gun shooting.

    You’re out loud environments. You want to pick up what’s in front of you really well and reject noise from the sides and from the rear.

    So the as and definitely surprise me in that regard. So overall, being half the price, if you’re looking for a microphone, it’s going to have good sound, good, accurate sound quality and also have that great auto on feature.

    I definitely think this is a good choice. And for it coming in at half the price and less than just the regular road video, Mike, that requires a rival battery that does not have the auto on.

    I think it’s a really good value. Now, I do have to mention, since we are comparing it to this road video, Mike Pro plus this thing is packed with more features. So this thing can actually do a negative 10 decibel lowering on one channel if you want a safety backup track.

    It has too low frequency filters that you can switch between and then it has high pass boost and you can remove the cable.

    And it also comes with a rechargeable battery that he mentioned.

    You can also run it onto Doubleday’s just like this one. You can also running on USP Micro, Frager, USP Micro right here. So this thing has a ton of flexibility as a bunch of features as auto on, but the actual sound quality just isn’t there for me like it is with the as then.

    So I will have links to both these guys in the article description. You guys can go check those out. And like I said, the time I make this video, this thing is exactly half the price of the road video. Mike Pro.

    If you guys want something that has a little bit of a lower budget, I would definitely recommend the road video, Mi┼íko, that I’m shooting with right now. Put a link in the description.You guys might even see a card for the full shootout between all of the road microphones. Zikos, go check out.

    And I think you’d be really surprised with how well this 59 dollar microphone does.


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