Get Terrible Audio Review

    Get Terrible Audio Review
    Get Terrible Audio Review

    This article is brought to you by Squarespace Snax City, I want to show you how to go from terrible audio that sounds like this to audio that sounds like this all for under one hundred dollars.

    The gear tips instead of them share with you is really a standard in the industry. But there’s still a lot of people were just getting into YouTube or starting out doing filmmaking that don’t know about it.

    And those that do don’t know that you can get a setup like this that can improve your audio.

    So much for under a hundred dollars. All this gear right here cost me ninety eight dollars, including the microphone. This microphone is really the best bang for the buck. I actually compared it to a three hundred dollar microphone.

    And it does. Fantastic. And the other gear that I have here isn’t really just the cheapest gear I can find. Just I can make an article. It’s under a hundred dollars. It’s actually really good gear for the money.

    This is actually a genuine Manfredo part. They make great, great products.

    This this light stand right here is very inexpensive, but it’s metal and has really good construction that’s going to last you this boom arm that we’re gonna use.

    This isn’t the exact when I’m going to link to because this is not super good.

    But Amazon lost or the U.P.S. lost my package from Amazon. So I have to wait to get the other one I ordered. And we have an extension here. Now, a lot of people want to just go out and buy a microphone like this.

    Put it on their camera and they kind of expect to get much better audio and then they’re a little bit disappointed. Let’s just take a quick listen how it sounds like without a microphone.

    And with this one, a tech body that you can expect me using the internal microphone and your camera. And here’s how the audio sounds, plugging in the shocking microphone. So there is an improvement, but it’s not huge. So we’re going to combine the rest of these items here, improve our audio and make it sound much better.

    Now, before I start putting this together, I want to give you a couple completely free tips on how to improve your audio. These are simple things, but a lot of people just miss them or forget about them. First off, shut off your furnace, your air conditioning, whatever you have.

    This can randomly kick on or it’s going to be on while you’re recording and it makes it sound bad. Second, turn off any refrigerators, mini fridges, any other types of devices with compressors. And last, if you have a loud computer, hard drives or raid arrays, you want to shut those down as well.

    I’ve built five Web sites using Squarespace and have been recommending them for over four years now.

    So when they reached out and wanted to sponsor the channel, it was a no brainer. Whether you’re wanting to build a portfolio site, e commerce blog or anything else, they’ve got you covered.

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    Now, setting this all together is extremely easy, especially if you have the correct parts. I chose this lifestyle, and not only because it was not very expensive is metal build. So the quality’s good, but also because it gets quite high.

    So you can even use it for a person who’s six or maybe even a little bit taller standing and still be able to boom a microphone above them.

    This is the boom arm I’m using for this specific article. I have a link to a different one in the description that I think is a little bit nicer. I just had to use it since, like I said, my package was lost in the mail and I didn’t want to use the one that,So obviously goes on on top.

    Very easy. And you can loosen this up and adjust whatever angle you want. Let’s go ahead and move this over.

    The next thing I might do is grab the shocking microphone and screw in this little reducer. Screw that right in. Because this is a larger size and they’re gonna grab our Manfro adapter, take off a little protector.

    And screw the shock and microphone on. There we go. And now let’s take this little adapter out of here. Simply attach it and tighten it down.

    Now I’m going to plug in the extension into the shock and microphone. And, of course, the other end is going to go into your camera. If using a shocking microphone like this tax star, it has a plus 10 decibel boost.

    Some of the roads have a plus 20. So you want to enable that.

    That way, you can turn down the internal gain in your camera and the microphone adjustment settings as low as you can go while still having a strong signal. This is going to reduce noise.

    Now, we obviously can’t leave the setup right here in the shot.

    I’m going to move this over to the side of the table. Raise it up and a position, the shock and Mike slightly in front of me above my head. Just out of the shot. And I’m on a point. The actual microphone not in my mouth, but just below that. And I kind of throw area.

    Now, once up, you definitely don’t want forget to use the sandbags that come with the boom arm. I filled mine up with pennies, but you can use rocks or sand and just hang that on the opposite end of your boom arm.

    This is just going to help it be more stable and make sure it doesn’t fall over.

    It’s also a good idea to weigh down the lights in itself. This one has some pretty good weight to it. It’s metal compared to the cheap plastic ones, but it’s better be safe than sorry.

    So as you guys can see, we’re all set up. I plugged in the microphone extension cable into the camera and set the internal preempts all the way down.

    So obviously we’re not going to keep shooting like this.

    So let me change back to the same focal length that I was shooting before. And that way this microphone will be out of the shot and you won’t notice it.

    So there you go, we’re all set up with the same exact look as we had in the beginning, but audio that sounds much better and truly is amazing for under a hundred dollars. Let’s take a quick listen to how it sounded like before and how it sounds after you guys smack city to show you how to go from terrible audio.

    That sounds like this to audio. That sounds like this all for under a hundred dollars. Yes.

    We’re watching this article, hopefully OSL full. And if you’re pretty experienced, but you want to share this type of technique with somebody who’s just getting into filmmaking, you guys can share this article.

    Once again, we have all the links in the article description.

    And this is really the best bang for the buck to get good sound. No matter if you’re standing up where you’re sitting down or you’re outside getting the mike as close as you can and turning down those internal preamps just gets you much cleaner sound.

    Now, I’m also going to have article on how to d noisier audio and how to e cue it to improve the sound.

    Once again, a big shout out to Squarespace if you’re interested in the Web site.

    I highly, highly, highly recommend them. I’ve been using Squarespace for a while and sharing it with all my friends and family and they are awesome. There’s really nothing negative, say, and it’s surprisingly cheap as well. So if he has any questions asked in the comment section below. Once again, Gascoine enables notifications. You guys don’t want to miss out on future articles.


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