The LED light Review

    The LED light Review
    The LED light Review

    Hey, guys,Today, we’re taking a look at the bright cast LCD by color panel. Now, it’s a very unique light. There’s a few like it on the market.

    But this thing is high quality. It’s flexible, which gives you a lot of different options. And you can detach the control panel and the battery solution from the panel itself.

    So if he’d hide it somewhere, put it into some places where you normally couldn’t put a standard LCD setup into, it’s very convenient. So this was sent to us by camera. I turn down most most things that are requested to get sent here for review.

    There’s just a few items that I do take in. Something that’s very interesting that I could tell is going to be a good product, or if I’ve bought things that I own and use things from the brands like Camera are, then I’ll accept it.

    So this thing was sent to us and we’re gonna be giving this away a week from now on our patrie on page.

    So if you’ve been considering becoming a patron for just a few bucks a month, you guys could do that. Helps us to make more articles, explore some different ideas, and just helps us make videos like this one. So thank you guys so much. We’ll have a link and description. We could check that out.

    So it comes in this little round cylinder case, which is really nice.

    It’s quite small. And I’ve already taken it out and we have used it. So usually it’s wrapped up. So this is the main control panel.

    There is kind of like a Velcro material on here.

    And you have your standard mount if you want to put it on a like a light stand. And this is a V lock setup if you want use of you like battery.

    And then up here, you have your on and off switch, a little panel and then you have the option to Dimmit and then to change the color temperature. So this thing does have a variety of color temperatures.

    So you can have daylight or you can have tungsten or you can just go between.

    So if you’re in a situation where your just have mixed lighting there, then some shoots that I’ve done where they have just such weird setups, like they don’t care where you would need a mix somewhere in between to get there. A white balance. That’s very convenient.

    So this thing is two hundred and fifty, I believe, 256 chips on there. So they’re not actually used their LCD chips and a lot of the LCD panels, they’ll actually have a variety and say 500 chips, but you’ll only be using half of them at the same time, depending on what setting you have them on.

    So this actually uses all them at the same time. So even those 256.

    It’s going to be matching output wise. Two panels that have a lot more actual LCD chips, as you guys see. Here’s the main panel here. And it’s super, super flexible. And these ships do shine the light, the light outputs very wide.

    So it’s nice if you want fill and then say you have a subject, you can always do something like this and change, kind of like the the big nangle get it to not spread as wide. And this is also sealed. Now, this whole unit right here, it’s waterproof.

    So if you’re sitting outside in the rain or, you know, doing something where you are in the conditions, it’s sealed to you.

    Not to worry about that, of course. This unit is not in. Let’s see if we have a V Mount battery.

    It’s not either. So you want to make sure that’s protected. But this is so that’s very convenient as well. So you can adjust this to a variety of ways depending on what you want. So that is really nice. On the back here, you have the opposite, the Velcro amount.

    So if you want to connect it to this or somewhere on the wall or on a ceiling or anywhere, you need seeing a car underneath where where your feet typically are to shine up, you can form it and you can, you know, attach it somewhere.

    So this is the cable, the attached to the control panel. It’s like a mini SLR style cable.

    So you can get like an extension if you need it to be longer, if you need to put it somewhere further away from this pack. And that’s where you connect it.

    Right here, the output side. So that goes to the panel and then the input side. This one does come with the AC power seekers powered off like this. And then if you want to do like a V Mount battery, let’s get the cable out.

    Here you have this option. So the Vimont doesn’t actually connect, does it have a battery plate? Use a D, tap the plug in and the plug it into this control panel here so you can get an extension, a longer cable, and I’ll show you how this works. So we have that right there.

    And you can mount this.

    To the control panel. Unless you do like a simple setup. Here we go. And and now we have our battery on here.

    The control panel on. There we go. We’re at the maximum brightness to fifty five. And then we could dim it. So you have your color temperature read out here. Now shine on the background, so fifty six hundred or thirty two hundred.

    And anywhere you want in between so you can fine tune it and you can have actual read out here. So you know exactly what you said it to.

    And then on the output Dimmit. Zero to 255.They have it, output is quite good. It is really wide and these kind of chips. I found them to be, I guess if you want to say, softer than actual little LCD diodes.

    But you can get a soft box for this as a really nice collapsible soft box that’s very inexpensive that they make that works perfectly with this all linked that in the article description, if you guys want to check that out.

    But very, very simple to use this couple little cable kind of guides or tie downs that you can use if you want to make sure your cables aren’t going loose but nice and simple.

    And we actually use this on a recent interview shoot that we did in a warehouse. And it did have some mix lighting. And fortunately, the bureau shots, the main shot went great, but the bureau shots, the card corrupted. So we can’t show you guys that. But you guys are getting a second angle here.

    So my biggest kind of complaint, you know what? I think it fixed itself now or might be the other battery. So the actual locking mechanism, I wouldn’t lock properly on one of my V Mount batteries, so I’d grabbed the V Mount battery and it kind of slip off. But this this one that I just got in actually locks really well.

    So my thought was it wasn’t actually the panel, it was just the battery. Maybe there wasn’t mounting as well or it wasn’t designed completely properly.

    But this one is perfect. No issues actually dropped the panel in the snow.

    Of course, it’s sealed. So that didn’t matter. But. All right, great. So very flexible. And if you guys have seen some other options that are on the market, there are a lot more expensive than this panel. So overall, I’ve been really happy with it.

    I typically I’ve started to use some of these bigger lights. I guess we’ll see some reviews on bigger single OLED chips. They can put some really big modifiers. Right. Now, the main one I’m shooting with has a forty eight inch soft box.

    So very, very soft light. So we’ll be giving this guy away and hopefully you’ll find a good home. So if you guys are interested, check out our patrie on page in about a week from now.

    We’ll be doing a giveaway. Other than that, I think for the money, it’s definitely worth it.

    The CROI rating, I believe it’s higher than 96. So you’re not going to get any weird tinting issues that you’re gonna have to correct IP sixty seven rated. And of course, you have the different color temperature.

    So let me know if you guys have any questions.Want to see more articles like this one along with a lot other a lot of other gear reviews, camera reviews, some editorial stuff like that.


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