The 8K Video Editing LAPTOP! You need for EOS R5

The 8K Video Editing LAPTOP! You need for EOS R5
The 8K Video Editing LAPTOP! You need for EOS R5

Today we are going to be talking about three things the future of video editing insane graphics performance in a portable package and an article studio if it has been following me for a while.

I’ve been talking about how graphics chips are becoming more critical for article editors, photo editors, animators, and much more. Now, even for regular basic programs, they are taking advantage of graphics acceleration.

That’s why Nvidia reached out and wanted to sponsor an article showcasing the significant improvements recently made in hardware and essential software.

I couldn’t resist now I’ve talked about a few of these things throughout my previous videos. Still, today I many wrap all of this up together in finally showing off something available that I’ve been waiting for a long time in a few capabilities.

I am still frustratingly waiting for on my other systems that Nvidia is killing it with which can save you both time and money let’s start with the laptop that I’m using for this article.

It is one of the most powerful laptops out there. It is the most powerful laptop graphics wise the Razer blade studio. Now I want to point out that this is not a review. This video isn’t solely focused on this specific laptop.

I do want to cover the specs, and the features talk about what I love about this particular act up in what makes it capable of replacing. Your powerful desktop computer is not here 1000 or 2000 our equipment your four or $5000 custom-built PC in which you guys of might have seen me build on this channel first off.

I like the design it’s a very premium and raises we did a great job with the build quality we finally have something to go head to head with apple but taking.

What is right and then improving upon what is not it’s an all-aluminum chassis coming in at a surprisingly light 4.8 pounds, and it’s very rigid with aluminum that doesn’t feel cheap like on some other laptops.

I’m glad that razor me their logo nice and subtle for this pro machine as well the charging port looks like USB type C. but it’s much larger just for charging in next so that we have a headphone Jack and 2 USB type.

Ports which are excellent and run a 10 gigabit per second speeds, but that’s not all on the other side we have another one next to that.we have a DisplayPort outputs we have an HDMI and also a single thunderbolt three-port now one thing that. I love that not only do we have an SD card reader, which is handy, yeah.

It supports ultrafast UHS type 3 cards, and these cards are not even on the market yet, but when they are, you’ll be able to transfer out over 600 megabytes per second, which are faster than standard esses de now on the inside.

There’s another excellent feature, which is wifi 6, so if you’re like me, you have a new router you’ll get faster speeds and better range I got about twice the rate in the toughest part of my house to my MacBook now when you’re working.

You’ll be staring out not only in all its screen but one that is 4 K. and full DCI P. 3 capable, which is about 25 percent more colors than sRGB, and that is great for 10-bit editing. Which are going to talk about in just a bit along with other tight for editing it also is a touch screen if you care for that as a 16 by nine ratio with 400 nits of brightness.

It also has windows hello, which is super convenient for log in there’s much more that I could talk about hardware design-wise, but I don’t want to do that let’s jump into the most crucial stuff for article editing.

We have 32 gigabytes of DDR 4 ram, which can be upgraded to 64 gigabytes if you guys need that and a jaw-dropping Nvidia RTX Quadro 5000, no I have talked about the G. P.

Before and a ton of you guys pointed out how this thing is not a regular laptop graphics card, but it’s a full desktop replacement so in this article. We’re going to be looking at it from that perspective now what makes this particular laptop special is the most powerful laptop.

Graphics-wise in the world so if you need the alternate power and you do want not to be just stuck in 1 spot with the desktop, it will deliver now before I show you what it could do let me mention this has a six-core Intel 9750 each processor can run up to 4.5 gigahertz now as you guys know.

You’ve seen other laptops out there. I’ve reviewed a few that have eight-core processors, so if you don’t need as much graphics performance as this laptop has needed more CPU performance. Nvidia has a wide variety of laptops that are part of their Nvidia studio laptop series.

Now, if you haven’t yet heard of this, Nvidia is doing two things first off. They are making it more accessible. For people to find good laptops for creative tasks by working with the manufacturers in certifying laptops to make sure that everything is running smoothly in, you get the best performance for article editing 3 D.

Modeling graphic design in other creative tasks now this is great for me because I get a ton of messages and emails people asking what Lotto should get what specs do.

I need so when they’re certified you know it’s going to work now the second 1 is on the software side all of these live article studio laptops use Nvidia studio drivers instead of the gaming ones. These are set out for the best performance in for the best ability for creative tasks.

Now they have a lot of good options, so check out the link in the description if you want to find a laptop that will fit your budget now back to this beast here which understandably is on the high end it has 16 gigabytes of memory and 3000 72 Cuda cores.

If you don’t know what that means now, basically, it’s more potent than RTX 2080, which was the very best laptop graphics card before in for video editing. This has a 35 percent higher raw teraflop performance and also just twice the article memory.

This is suitable for high resolution editing now just a second, I’ll show you the video editing performance, but first I want to mention I know a lot of guys asked about 3 D. Rendering and those kinds of tasks.

I ended up running blunders GPU benchmark with just their classic scenes, and shockingly this thing did it in 5 minutes and 24 seconds, which is just crazy for a laptop. This beats out a lot of desktop graphics cards, the majority of them and those use over 250 watts of power, so if you guys want to see.

How these laptop computers to your computer download this benchmark and test it out for yourself the highest-end MacBook pro that I have it finished in 29 minutes to give you guys a comparison now even though this is a laptop designed for hardcore work.

I did some gaming on it won’t judge you if after work is done, you want to take some time to rewind and play some games all of Nvidia’s studio laptops have excellent graphic’s chips.

You can play games on all of them, and this particular one kills it. I ran a benchmark a unit in heaven, and it with extreme preset, it scored 100 26 F. P. S.

Now you guys know I have a mac pro and I have the very best graphics card available that cost 2000 $400 to upgrade to it toward 2000 are stand-alone in this laptop beat it, and it’s a laptop, so that is impressive.

But keep in mind you still have to be plugged in if you want to get the full performance if you unplug in your on the go it goes into balance mode to save battery life, and any performance goes down.

You want to be plugged in, and you also when you do that, you want to go to Razer’s synapse software and make sure it is set to full performance before you start doing serious work.

Now finally, let’s get into video editing. I honestly don’t even have to go over standard 4 K. editing, but I will this thing it takes everything that you throw out it in it doesn’t even care doesn’t matter with each 2644 of its HEVC format or if.

It’s stricter drone footage. I even put five lots in other careers. Actions on here and it doesn’t care it plays back a full 4 K. playback with 0 dropped frames and keep in mind this is in premiere pro you guys know.

What my previous he has now I know this article looks terrible I just that although the facts to see how far. I can push in to prove a point, and while I was doing that, I checked out task manager, it was only using about a third of the RTX 5 thousand capability.

This is where the future of video editing comes in. I mention in the beginning over the past few years one more processing has been handed off to graphics in a lot of different programs in that is a great thing I want this to keep happening especially.

If you have a sound graphics card, this is nice. Exporting my five integrated 40 project takes just over 4 minutes using the April 2020 version of premiere you watch my videos wanted two years ago.

It took over five times longer than this on the same project with the high-end laptop now imagine if this was a 1-hour long project that would be close to 5:00 hours compared to less.

Then 1 hour now just things to having powerful hardware in good software working together you don’t need you to know this craziest G.

Graphics card that’s in here obviously it’s kind of overkill for this stuff now that is in premier but if we use that ensures all of and use Nvidia’s incredible and B. and C. and courting this I’ve been a project J. X.

Just 1 minute and 47 seconds, having half the file size of each a 264, meaning it would take only over 20 minutes for this 1-hour long project, and then you can upload it in half the time no N B. N. C.

Please back perfectly smoothly without even maxing out our GPU while their CPU dropped to 38 percent in a lot of golf a lot. Quieter and now we’re at the part that I’m excited about is that we can jump into the venture is all of the latest version and this offer is very will optimize, but now it is using this latest technology in here I have an 8 K. time why not a 4 K.

We managed to playback at about 11 frames per second using standard D. bearing settings that are unusable and already using good GPU acceleration, so now it’s time for the magic. Let’s go into the settings and enable for R. T. X.

Acceleration for both decompression ND bearing and bam can now edit 8 K. rob video at a perfect 24 frames per second with the great applied. Even then, we’re only using about 60 percent of the graphics card in less than 20 percent of the C. P. U.

That’s mind-blowing, and it’s fascinating, and I know that not everybody needs to be said if he falls and goes there are not that many people who are doing that, but it’s just incredibly refreshing to see this tech in action finally.

After waiting for so long and also seeing graphics acceleration being pushed further and further, which will allow all of us no matter what you’re doing to save time and money, it doesn’t matter if you want just 8 Kate wore compress 4 K.

Just a few corrections it allows even lower and much less expensive laptops to do a much better job than before, so let me know your guises thoughts down in the comments section below.

If you guys want to get more info on this specific razorblade studio work, check out the full lineup of Nvidia certified studio laptops the fit a wide range of different budgets and use cases.

You guys can check out the links in the video description below this man mocks the guests are watching and happy editing.


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