New MacBook Pros Review

New MacBook Pros Review
New MacBook Pros Review

Hey, guys,This article we’re going to be talking about the brand new 2019 MacBook pros that Apple just quietly updated.

Most are going to give you some advice if you should upgrade from previous Mac books. And if you’re gonna be ordering which models I think are most worth it and which ones you should avoid.

Before I jump into what I want to let you know that I have links on the article description to these new MacBook Pro is the ones that I would recommend.

Helps me create the article where I do tests and compare and give you guys all the information that you want to know.

So I definitely appreciate it. I do have one of these new toys, Nineteens on Order, and as soon as it arrives, they’ll be my priority, testing it out and seeing how it compares. So if you guys enjoy all the hard work, time and effort and money that goes into police.

These new macro pros have apples for generation butterfly keys.

It’s been four years with four generations. That means they keep having issues and Apple keeps updating them. Personally, I would rename them by now if they actually fixed issues.

Now, to be honest with you guys, I didn’t have any issues with my 2016. I had the second gen. And this new one with the 3rd Gen has been perfect.

And I use these all the time so it doesn’t affect everybody, but they can get dust in the breeze underneath the keys and then they stop working. So if you have that issue, reach out to Apple, they will fix it for free, including the 2008 teens.

These new ones should be better. Hopefully that’s going to solve any issues.

Intel just released these new eight core processors for laptops, and Apple went ahead and updated just like that. And I will say I’m sorry to anybody out there that just bought a MacBook Pro if you’re outside of your return window.

Man, that does suck. I got this Mac book not that long ago, and I still feel a little bit of, you know, kind of weird this.

At least I got some use out of it, but only one. There’s a newer machine that came out, especially if it costs less money. I’ll talk about prices.

Just a bit less than a year ago, Apple updated their Mac books, added thirty two gigabytes of RAM, a new processors.

And so a lot of people updated. In three to four months later, we had another update with a bag of graphics and a lot of people were upset. I definitely understand that. And now, in less than a year, this is our third update. So that is kind of weird and frustrating.

But on the other hand, it seems like Apple is caring much more about their Mac business.

For many years, it seemed like they kind of gave up an altogether. So that’s kind of one positive that we could take away from it. The big question that I know a lot of you guys have, and it’s the same question that I have.

Will these new processors have the same thermal issues?

Will they be getting too hot? Are they going to be slowing down? And is there actually going to be the difference between the current laptops that we have compared to these new ones?

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Looking at the base, fifteen inch MacBook Pro, that now comes with a two point six gigahertz, six core processor. In the past, the start of the two point two gigahertz. And now we have a bump up in the past. It costs about one hundred dollars to go to two point six girds. But the big difference now is the fact that it’s a nine gen c.p.u.

My hope in my wish is that this thing does not heat up as much as the eighth generation.

That’s kind of what we saw with the new IMAX. They don’t heat up as much. Some crossing my fingers hoping that that is the case. Now, the graphics cards haven’t changed at all.

And just like in the past, you have to get the twenty eight hundred dollar Mac book if you want the option to get Veiga 20 graphics. In my opinion, that is a major bummer because if there’s not that big of a difference between these processors, you’re going to be forced to spend a lot more money in order to get the Veiga graphics that perform really, really well.

Much better than the 560 X jumping up to the higher tier that comes at the two point three gigahertz ecorp processor.

It is a nine generation I9 processor. So Apple is fixing their mistake.

They’re no longer making you upgrade to get the I9. That was a full on scam because of thermals. It performed no better than the seven, even though it costs three hundred dollars more. Now they still give you an option instead of three hundred.

Now it’s two hundred dollars and not bumps you up by one hundred megahertz at the base and two hundred megahertz on the boost clock. Now I will tell you guys my recommendation. Is not to bite.

That’s that’s a tiny, tiny difference and most likely under load.

There’s going to be no difference. What so ever. So don’t spend the two hundred dollars there. Now, if you do heavy article editing, I would still recommend going for the Veiga 20 graphics. That made a massive difference overall. In some cases it didn’t.

But for most people, there’s a big difference going with good graphics.

It still is an expensive upgrade because one more info on that. I have a little link right up here so you guys can see the 560 X versus 555 versus Vega 20. It definitely makes a difference. And I really wish that was available with the six core.

So now the big question, what does this mean for filmmakers?

Well, first off, if you’re happy with how your Mac book performs, there is no reason to upgrade. I know some of you gearheads out there is just like me. We love having the latest and greatest. We love having better performance.

But if your machine is doing the job, don’t even worry about it.

If you’re having troubles, though, I think this new Aikau processor, as long as it’s not going to go crazy with the heat, as long as it performs at least the same or hopefully better. This is gonna give you some improvements if you work with raw files like CaƱon, Raw, Red, Raw, other raw formats.

If you’re working with raw photos, that is gonna make a pretty good upgrade because those extra cores really come in handy there.

Now, if you’re somebody that works with 10 bit footage, eight foot H h to six five or standard four K 10 ATP, there is a very good chance that you guys are not going to see any difference whatsoever.

For all those codecs, there are special chips inside of the MacBook Pro to help it read those files without having to rely heavily on the processor.

That means that you might see no difference whatsoever. And then if you’re doing color grading, you’re doing effects. You have titles, animations, a lot of the processing is done with your C.P.U.

So if you’re somebody that is with Premier Pro, where you really push your machine with RA codecs, definitely make sure you guys have the notifications enabled you.

I will do a full test and comparison as far as thermals, article editing with the different programs and show you if there is any difference at all.


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