R5 Pricing,Specs,Limitations, & The A7S III!EOS

R5 Pricing,Specs,Limitations, & The A7S III!EOS
R5 Pricing,Specs,Limitations, & The A7S III!EOS

Okay, do you guys believe this? Do I even think about this? I mean, I’m looking at Cain’s website right now, but is this possible I don’t know.

Let me know I didn’t think that the rumors could be true I don’t think any camera company can pull that off no way but can then they can’t they cannot cripple things on purpose the canon.

That has won 20 tanks crops and gets rid of 24 frames per second in your 4 K., but the dual pixel autofocus doesn’t work in that mode that canon. I think it’s the same canon I’m looking at her hand. I want to say that I think I am done waiting for the A. 7 S. 3.

I think I’m officially done waiting for that in this video you want to share my thoughts and opinions on this camera my first impressions, and I think some of the limitations that I think are going to come from buying.

This camera and using and some things you guys need to no one else wants about prices let’s jump in the prominent headline features he came recording I have to say.

I don’t need a cave recording. I think most of you guys don’t need a vital record, let alone a K. drive recording, which is in here internally A. K.

Rock and a cannon could have chosen just put a camera box do some crop some motion JPEG you know Kodak thing no they didn’t do that they put in full 8 K.

Ras 4 sensor A. K. raw and it’s telling me probably 2 or 3 different things first off cannon is done with their cripple hammer.

Thank you came with conspiracies they’re done with that disabled person hammered they are coming out not just swinging, but they’re ready for a knock out they are prepared to compete, and they’re prepared to take their spot back.

I don’t know if the article leader has a change in leadership or what is going on there. Still, they are not limiting this camera not only do we have EKG, but we also have a 10 bit 42 H. O. 265 Kodak, which I’ll talk about in a sec we have for Katie, not even 4 K. 60, not just 4 K. 30 the full width of the sensor.

Which we’ve been asking for so long we have 4120 the full width of the sensor.

End most companies when you go up to 4060. We’re down to a bit your 4207422. We have the full code at the total quality of 4120, and not only that, we have dual pixel autofocus, which has been updated now. He could do face detection head tracking eye detection.

If you could do that with animals as well, it’s an improved algorithm. We have that a 4120, and we have ibis it can work with once a position without you can turn in your electronic stabilization.

If you want for some, you know you some beautiful lockdown type shots that help our situation. We also have the flip around the screen.

We also have the touch screen I mean they’re throwing everything they can they’re pushing themselves absolutely to the limit and beyond they have given a course of they’re not winning any of that we have canon log we have each TRP queue.

Which is a more professional HDR recording you have more flexibility and post you can set your luminance levels they’re doing all of that here they’re pushing this thing to the Max now limitations all of these things are insane.

They’re still hard to believe, but what could we have as far as limitations first off rolling shutter when you’re pushing everything so far we like to see in the past it’s hard to read the reading Estos. They can that we might have some issues with a rolling shutter; for K. 120, the quality could be worse.

If they’re using the full with the sensor but the throwing a throwing away data their line skipping, that could be a possibility, but still, I would rather have 4120 then not have it, so they get a pass there if that happens and of course, heating could be an issue.

We’re pulling in so much data there might be a record limits 5 minutes 10 minutes like on some cameras too you know prevents overheating. Then the most significant limitation could be price point I said to see if this camera is $4000 my mind might be blowing even more than looking at the specs there’s a possibly using can be 5000 or 6000.

I hope I’m crossing my fingers that not only is canon throwing in everything they can as far as performance and pushing the specs further than what’s possible for then we can even imagine asking for it, I think most sane people would ask for the specs.

If they put enough for grand, this will be a real game-changer I don’t like. That term, it’s way overused, but if they do that, a lot of people switch to other brands that are going to be looking to come back.

Let me know if that’s you, or will you be willing to come back ians people who wanted to spend $2000 3000.

They’re going to stretch their budgets and sell something save up a bit more maybe you know put it on a card with some financing in they’re going to stretch their budget to go for this camera.

I hope they do that I hope that we have another 5 D. mark that pushes the industry and changes things that would be excellent to see.

I want your guy’s opinions do you guys were waiting on a 7 S. 3 that are not so optimistic with you know a lot of these specs are just 14060 in 10 bit.


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