The Lav Mic Compared To Rode

The Lav Mic Compared To Rode
The Lav Mic Compared To Rode

Hey, guys,Welcome to Does It Suck? Episode one, the show where I take a look at low budget video gear and see how it compares to more expensive, more popular options.

So if you’re on a budget, can you buy something that’s less expensive and still get a decent result? So today we’re gonna be taking a look at a twenty five dollar lavalier microphone right now using a shotgun mike, which is OK for some situations.

But situations like this, you shouldn’t be using a lavalier mike to get closer to your subject’s mouth and to get more cleaner, richer sound compared to a shock. And Mike, on a camera.

So this guy right here, I’ve been suggesting it to people for a while and I’ve been pretty impressed with it, but I’ve never actually done a side by side comparison.

So with that, you get this little nice case, you get a little windscreen, you get the microphone. Now, what really is interesting about this is actually has a little wind screen type of phone built into it.

It’s nice and small, has a nice clip that’s reversible decent length cable, and it also has this locking mechanism.

So if you’re plugging into a recorder that has this lock or a wireless unit, like we’ll be testing out, you can plug it in and you’ll know that it’s not going to get unplugged. So this guy’s only twenty five dollars. You guys will find a link in the article description below.

Now, what I’m comparing it to is this road smart llave plus.

Now, this is designed for iPhones or other phones, but I’ve noticed a lot of people actually will buy a fifteen dollar adapter and use it for what they’re like. Zouma each one. Or with a wireless set, just because I think mainly people trust the road brand, that they need good microphones.

They’re extremely popular and they have really good warranties and stuff like that.

So people buy the setup and use it. And I have myself as well. So what you get is a little pouch. You actually get a little windscreen that will come on and you get the setup here. So this guy is about 90 dollars if you include this adapter.

So you have the regular Mike said you have a clip that is slightly larger, also reversible.

And this capsule doesn’t look like he has a windscreen built into it. It just has a little grill on top and the cable slightly shorter.

And then you have this adapter, if you want to plug into a recorder or a wireless unit, like we’re gonna test right now. So a 90 dollar setup. I’m curious how these two will compare. So let’s go out and get it plugged in and we’ll do some sound tests.

This is the audio quality test of the road. Smart, loud, plus lavaliere microphone.

This is audio quality test of the twenty five dollar budget lavalier microphone. This is the audio quality test of the road. Smart, loud, plus lavalier microphone. This is audio quality test of the twenty five dollar budget lavalier microphone.

Now another thing that matters with these lavaliere microphones is the wind resistance.

So this microphone, the twenty five dollar one does have a little windscreen built into it. We’re going to do some tests comparing the two mikes with that windscreens without external ones and then with to see how they compare.

Now, I’m going to go ahead and put on the windscreens and we’ll see what difference that makes. So we had a chance to listen to the mikes and the tests that we did, and honestly, I’m really impressed.

Like I said, I’ve been recommending this microphone to people for quite a while now. And I can finally say that I’ve tested and I’ve compared it to something else and it definitely is worth it. So as far as the audio quality test, it was really, really hard to tell the difference.

I had to put on some professional level headphones, and even then it was very close.

If I had to give an edge to one of the microphones, surprisingly, I’d give it to the twenty five dollar microphone. It was a little bit louder. Not very much, but a little bit louder, maybe a little bit more. Kind of lower notes in the voice, which is what you want to hear when you’re doing a recording of voices like this.

But if not, they’re they’re the same. If you don’t want to give an actual let me know what you guys think sounded better in the description.

Now, as far as the wind test, this is not really a great test.

What I notice because it’s hard to blow at the same consistent amount. But what I can say is one microphone does not do a noticeably better than the other. They both show it in kind of an equal amount of noise.

But once again, if you guys think otherwise, let me know. I’d definitely love to hear you guys his opinion. So I’m very impressed with this twenty five dollar lavaliere microphone.

Now, one thing I do also want to mention is we did have some either interference or some some weird look tronic staticky type of noise.

Until I touch this adapter, we were going to switch over to the other Mike and I kind of just touched it. And then I did one more test in that one didn’t have any noise.

So this part right here may have just not been plugged in completely all the way. Or maybe this part right here or something or maybe as bad. Sheely I’m really not sure. But we had this weird noise and you guys can hear that right now.

This is audio quality test of the road. Smart laugh plus lavalier microphone.

So what that really leads me to think is having this extra adapter is just one extra point of failure. One. One more thing that could go wrong. So if you are using this supposed to just put some gaff tape on here or something, that might help.

But then once again, this does not have a locking mechanism like a twenty five dollar one does.

So if you’re plugging in somewhere that has that lock, that saves you from worrying about if it’s plugged in all the way or for unplugged a little bit. So we did have that issue. Now, when I use this in the past, usually it’s good. So maybe it’s just a one off thing.

But I do want to mention that. So my conclusion is this lab Mike.

Twenty five lab Mike does not suck. I’m honestly super impressed how how well this does. We are going to be doing a love mike shootout ranging from maybe ten dollar lavalier microphone all the way up to a 250 DA lavaliere microphone.

Well, you have about six different setups, Once again, I’ll have a link to description to this twenty five hour laugh. Mike Downbelow.

So go ahead. Check that out. And my suggestion is, I mean, if you’re a beginner filmmaker, you definitely should buy this microphone. It’s such a great value for the money. But if you’re like me and you have some more high end microphones, you should at least own one or two of these or maybe more.

And that’s what I’m using right now as a backup, because if you have your Hyorin Mikes, that probably do sound better’s, you know, stuff in the two, three hundred range.

But this still sounds so good that if you need as a backup, if your microphone goes battery, you make up a few more people, you have that option. And for twenty five bucks, you really can’t be that. So you should at least have one or two of these.

That’s my opinion. So thank you guys for watching. Let me know you guys liked about this article.

We’re going to be doing some more cool article like this, comparing some cheap lower end gear to some higher end gear. So I’m looking forward to making some more.

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