Live Stream Simply with Great Quality for Cheap!

How to Live Stream Simply with Great Quality for Cheap!
How to Live Stream Simply with Great Quality for Cheap!

In this article, I’m going to show you how to get high-quality live streams to Facebook too or other platforms using your camcorder or any different kind of camera that has an article output and do so on a meager budget in a very simple.

Where you don’t have to have any prior knowledge in it works in it doesn’t break the bank before that I want you to know that Squarespace sponsors this article. I’ve been recommending them for over five years.

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This article is because I recently saw my old videos about two years old start blowing up and getting a ton of use, and that makes sense why there’s a lot of people right now that want to live stream churches different people from home.

Businesses all that and want to get set up now the problem is that video even though. It’s a great article. It has a ton of details using much more expensive, much more complicated software and hardware, and there are just better, more natural ways to do mainly.

If you’re not into cameras and I also had a bunch of people reach out to me asking. How to do this on channel give one on one help. I figured I would make an article for you guys now since that article. I’ve switched over to using this little box, or here this is a pen go each DMI grabber.

The difference between a lot of other ones out there in this one is that when you plug your camera to this issue, my grabber, into the input, shows up as a webcam you don’t have to download. The software you don’t download drivers you not to do configurations and tweak settings to try to get it to work.

It just works out of the box, and that is amazing now the other great thing about this is that there is an audio input as well. Hence, if you want to connect say an audio mixer, the feed coming out of that war a wireless microphone or any other microphone you can do that here in the automatically sync that to the video as far as cameras.

You can use almost any camera from the last few years what you want to have a clean output and all explain how to do that, so you don’t get all information showing up on your live stream I have this bigger one right here.

If you guys, it’s a little scary. It’s not, but that’s when the show you but you can use anything now as far as your audio what I would recommend if you don’t have any microphones or anything at all is going with something like this.

If you have a single subject, this is a wireless microphone kit you turn it on it automatically pairs wirelessly and then this and can plug into your camera so. We’ll pop it on and then plug it in, and then the feed will go through the HDMI automatically, so that is one option, or you can if you have multiple cameras.

I’ll also talk about how you can plug it in here, and you’re all set now; this isn’t relatively cheap in general, but it might be out of your budget, so if you don’t want to go this route there’s a couple of other options.

If you’re closer to your actual capture device, you can buy a wired live Mike like this. Then you can just put it on just like I have right now and plug it in that is much less expensive a link to one that’s about $30 and in general. I have relationships with alternatives because some of the stuff is selling out in the article description, so I have this laptop.
Here that I have not used before and this little capture car

D, it doesn’t need any extra power someone does is plug it in like that. It was routed through connected to your Mac or your PC.

And then you’re going to grab your HDMI cable someone plugged in like that on the turn my camera on.

And then plug this end to the input right here. I was connected we had this little light that turned on right here you see I see I didn’t install any software I’m open up my QuickTime player and hit file in a new movie recording just the act have access to my webcams and then a right over here next to the record button click. We see right there Pendle HDMI grabber showed up as number 2 some select that.

There we have it here is the feed from my camera. It’s darker because I didn’t change any of the settings on the camera itself, so just like that, without any tweaks or any changes, we are good to go no one thing that may happen to you.

When you first connect your camera to the capture device is you might see all of your little information that’s on the back of your camera’s display also showing up such as the recording maybe the battery indicator stuff like that. What you want to do is go into your camera going to your settings and then look for the HDMI setting or an output setting and then find something.

That’s labeled clean output or status text were displays and then you want to toggle that off work on whatever it’s preset to and then that’s what we’ll be able to you know to get you to turn off all of these little things that show up on the screen because of course.

You don’t want your viewers whoever’s watching your live stream to see all of that stuff, so we got that connected you also say you have your wireless microphone attached to Penn built were to your camera how do we live stream.

I’m going to start with Facebook here, so next to where it says to create a post, we have these three little dots on it click that and then hit on live video and right out of the gate. If we look at the bottom right-hand side, you’ll see that we’re already getting a feed from our camera without doing anything without any extra software nominal go above here is a set up so defaulted to the pen go.

The microphone defaulted to my MacBook pro’s microphone I’ll have to do is select Penn go you do that whether you’re connecting something to the front of it or to the actual camera itself damn were connected.

Then the left-hand side you can select your settings to choose your title do all that and just hit go live in your sat in your live streaming with a high-quality video and high-quality audio way better than a smartphone what if you want to live stream.

To YouTube’s, I’ve yet to open right here, and then on the top right, we have this little camera with a bit of plus logo click on that and then select go live with a select webcam on the left-hand side and just like that.

You will see in the background that it’s going to be darker, but that’s the feed from my camera here. I just put in your title change your options, and then you can go into the more options down here, and then at the bottom, it’s a lot of pain go for article automatically. It also defaulted to my MacBook MacBook pros Mike wanted to select our pen to go in. You can change a couple of other options.

If you want to or just hit stream now at the bottom right over there. You’re going to start shaming it’s going to give you a link, and then you can copy that link you can share it with your friends with your family on Facebook anywhere else and with social media, so just like that, you guys see how easy.

It was to get this camera connected on this machine that I’ve never used before and doesn’t matter if it’s windows or mac plug it in. You’re up and running now what about if you wanted to have a couple of different cameras connected will typically this is worth stuff gets very difficult you need much more expensive and more complicated hardware.

There is an easy solution you can buy an HDMI splitter, and here’s one that’s a roughly 30 Bucks with the wireless remote, and then you take your multiple cameras to plug it into that splitter. You can even plug in you say a laptop or a computer and plug it into there. Then you can output say slide’s lyrics whatever.

You’re doing to that and then with that remote you can flip back and forth in change the camera angle is going to your actual tangled if you do that you do want to make sure that you connect a microphone to hear that way you’re not switching your audio source as you’re turning cameras.

Everything is going directly to the pen go, and that’s one way that you can swap your different options and then, of course, if you guys are doing so.

It up like this you want some lights you want to make it look nicer I’ll leave some options that are inexpensive a little bit more expensive down in the video description so.

There you go, guys, that are the cheapest most natural way to live stream with high-quality video and audio let me know if you guys have any questions on the comment section below I’ll do my best to answer them.


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