The Pocket 4K Camera

The Pocket 4K Camera
The Pocket 4K Camera

Guys, it smacks it’s a very exciting morning today because Black Magic finally released their black magic roar for the pocket for K Camera.

Now, this was announced quite a while ago. They released it for the ERs and many pro. And we’ve been waiting and waiting for this little beast of a setup right here.

I get it all rigged up and I’ll talk about kind of my setup in my full review. I’ve been kind of waiting for some of these updates. The last update fix a bunch of things, which is awesome. But I want to wait for black magic. Right? And now we have it.

So let me tell you a little bit about it. It is on their website and you guys can download it.

And then I’m to go out, shoot some footage, show that off to you guys. I’m not leave a link in the description where you guys can download if you want to play with it yourself.

And then I want to just compare it to the cinema DNG that we had before and kind of give you guys the benefits of not only having the smaller file size and the smarter codex and being able to playback the footage on your computer instead of seeing still images, but also the processing power with previous raw codecs, especially the cinema DNG.

That’s very C.P.U intensive. This new one also will use your graphics card.

So if you’re editing on a laptop like I am, you should be able to edit Black Magic rha much easier than the previous Rossie of a bunch of file size and have a lot more flexibility. So it’s a great update. Let’s get the sucker installed and then we’ll go out and shoot.

All right, guys, I went out to my favorite coffee shop, my family, I just did a handheld sigma 18 or 35, so no stabilization.

That’s where there might be some camera shake. But I try to shoot in Fourcade, 60 black magic. Prado’s all twelve to one.

Of course, I haven’t seen yet. It’s all on this SSD. So I mentioned the file sizes.

That’s one of the benefits with black magic. Right. And with a one terabyte SSD like this Lincoln description, very inexpensive. With twelve to one, you can shoot for 12 hours on one of these SSD. So let’s take a look at how these files react in Finder.

I am using my screen recording, so I’m using about eight 10 percent of the C.P.U and I’m plugging in SSD if I use.

Quick look with Mac, you’ll see that automatically I get this pop up of the thumbnail. So compared to cinema DNG Press where you don’t know what the clips are, you actually can see not only that, we actually see the resolution and the frame rate above and it pops up with next to the file name.

And here we get a little open black magic. Right. I’m playing back for K 60 here raw while I’m also screen recording and my C.P.U usage is only thirty nine percent.

Thirty eight percent rate there without any issues on a laptop. So this is a six car model.

That is. That is nice. This is this is the future of RA. No more having to plug it into your software and having to do proxy’s or maxing out your c.p.u. K 60 RA 40 percent CPUSA 38 percent, including screen recording at the same time.

And let’s open up a four k twenty four clip right here of my son. So playing this back are S.P. usage is at twenty two percent. Twenty one percent.

Twenty two percent. And that’s while I’m screen recording.

So I opened up the latest version of DaVinci Resolve here I have a four to one cinema DNG.

I have progressed for two to each cue, which is about the same size as four to one, maybe actually slightly larger, but without the RA benefits. And then I have the black magic for all 24 frames per second. The black magic rate is 12 to one.

That’s smaller file size than even the GJ five’s 400 megabits per second. And it’s twelve bit raw. So let’s take a look at the CPUSA Shyam screen recording.

That does affect a bit. But playing back the cinema DNG four to one, we’re looking at about forty one actual percentage of CPM usage. Thirty one right there.

Drop down a little bit. Thirty two. And of course this is twenty four. If it’s 60, it’s gonna be higher. Here’s progress. Twenty eight. CPS is thirty one percent. CPS usage. And then we’re going to the Black Magic Rod.

And we’re looking at twenty one percent, 15 percent.

So it’s playing back easier than the progress RA while being a third of the file size or smaller.

And still maintaining the raw capabilities. So that is really nice. I’m screen recording, which you shouldn’t screen Nucor while doing this, but look how smooth the timeline is. There’s basically no lag. So let’s go over to the color tab.

And of course with the cinema DNG, we have the capabilities to change our decoding quality, which I have it to full res. You can change your ISO, of course, if we move over to our progress clip.

All of that is missing. Even though the file size is just as large, the black magic rock band, we still have all those capabilities and you can adjust your ISO Black Magic did a really good thing.

Hopefully it’s going to be more widespread than, for example, Progress Raw, which is just in final cut for now. And of course, we have the capability of changing the ISOs in other settings. So let me know what you guys think in the comments section below.

I will say that if you upgrade and you get the black magic raw, you do lose the cinema DNG.

So they got rid of that. Their CEO said that there is some issues with licensing. So that was a big part why they got rid of it. But also the the black magic RA is a lot more capable, it’s more flexible and it’s a smaller file sizes while retaining the same quality.

So personally, I’m gonna be shooting a lot with maybe like eight to one or the twelve to one.

But along with that, they also have the set of consent. Birth rates are variable. So that’s another great option where if you need a lot of bitrate, more big rate for the senior shooting, it’ll raise up to like say fifteen one of the settings, but then dropped down to about 20 megabytes a second when you don’t need that. So that is another great option.

I think I’ll be exploring that as well. I’ve been holding off to do my full review of this camera now that we have some nice former updates and fixes for some of the biggest downsides that I had with the camera and other black magic, Garah is out.

I’ll have to be wrapping up my review and putting that out.

Of course, I cut down on my rig to go and shoot handheld, but I’ll have some parts in. Description as well for the rig. You guys saw at the beginning they guests were watching this one, and I’ll see you in the next article.


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