A7S3 vs R5 vs S1H vs X-T4

A7S3 vs R5 vs S1H vs X-T4
A7S3 vs R5 vs S1H vs X-T4

I have to be honest I am anxious for Sony’s upcoming a 73. I don’t know if we’ll be good enough, mostly because I don’t know if Sony can allow it to be in this article.

I’m going to talk about pricing break down what specs are realistic for the A. 7 S. 3 and how they compare to the current market. A few upcoming cameras will also talk about how so many went from being huge in the article market said now we’re in just a year.

I am seeing many people choosing to go with other brands for video instead of Sony. This article is sponsored by Squarespace, the best way to make a fantastic website before.

I do begin at let’s take a quick stroll through time to see how it is a Sony seemingly out of nowhere blew up in the video space and then how they got themselves into this sticky spot.

I own Sony cameras since 2016, but I’ve used them ever since their original A. 7 S. in 2014, as many of you, what attracted me most is the insane low light performance.

We’ve never seen before it lacks 4 K. internally, which my G. H. 5 had, but the full-frame sensor in the low light was jaw-dropping just a year later, so many updated it with improved low light and rolling shutter 4 K.

Internally 1080 P. 120 frames per second S. log 3 and in-body image stabilization, which was once again judged offering considering that it’s a full-frame sensor, this camera sold like crazy everybody loved.

It and that following an A. B. for the first time, more Sony bodies were capturing the show than cannons, which were only offering wine skip 1080 P. and 720 P. slow motion.

If that at the time food you weren’t even making video cameras, Nikon’s had significant limitations black magic was in limbo, and the only real competition was Panasonic. The latter had a sense of those a quarter of the size with a much worse low light and no in-body stabilization.

Many had this significant advantage for years. And our market share kept growing. They started attacking the PC market with a 6300 offering full sensor 6 K.

We sampled into working for very cheap and then grew that into other bodies with excellent low light ibis S. log and, most importantly, excellent article autofocus.

Which came out at the perfect time wouldn’t give all started to become affordable for us regular shooters most companies were sitting idly the significant players were stuck on DSLRs and many mirrorless brands still.

Didn’t see video as a huge necessity falling further and further behind now so many did have their issues. These powerful tiny cameras had problems with heat battery life in color science.

Which kept some canon shooters waiting at the same time so many converts were looking forward to the 87 that’s three back in 2017, but that day never came so.

It was already known to put out a new camera update about once a year. Instead, they gave us the A. 7 R. 3, which is also suitable for the article being the first full-frame camera that Sony did with phase detection, but that did have its issues and cost $3500 on the plus side.

It had many minor updates in that suite 2.5 hours of battery life would surely be in the new S. just a few months later right hello, how about the following summer.

And surely at least a year later or maybe 2. It’s been about four years now, and we already have the A. 7 R. 4. It’s been about close to happier since that came out, but hopefully, we won’t have to wait much longer in that time frame the G. H. 5 came out with killer features.

The poor autofocus in smaller sensors held it back a bit, and at the same time, the food you start caring about the video with the X. T. 2 and cannon continued putting up cameras that kept disappointing fans.

Then so when he was able to make another big boom in the industry with the 873 right over here, this made me finally get rid of a few cameras. I kept around and went all-in into the Sony system enjoying super detailed 6 K. into 4 K. It recorded great low light better colors dual card slots between tastic autofocus and long battery life.

This camera once again made a prominent being but not because of some new revolution. Still, I significant evolution fixing many problems and offer you a great hybrid full-frame camera for $2000, and that got so many into the number 1 spot for full-frame camera sales.

Everyone is praising this camera, including me. It indeed was and still is a great camera, and unfortunately, there is no noteworthy competition.

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I don’t know where half the year after the A. 73, the sleeping giants wake up Canada markets like crazy and finally fixes some issues, so those enjoy the S. R.

Who doesn’t care about a massive 40 crop Nikon surprises in my opinion far surpasses cannon in terms of video with full-frame 4 K. 30 FPS decent battery life. And I wouldn’t say I like this, but with the single card slot in lacking right lenses with questionable autofocus?

Fuji makes a massive blow in the APC space with the X. E. 3 being the most significant year over year improvement I’ve seen with 4 K. 60 FPS good autofocus 120 P. S.

Slow-motion the great colors in fantastic codec options and then black magic within the pocket for Katie wow let me know down below.which 1 of these do you think I was the most impressive overall in the fall of 2018 the A. 73 was still keeping up think. So being well rounded but had significant weaknesses that.

The surely soon to come 87 S. 3 would fix but once again it didn’t in all of 2019 we got that D. 7 R. 4 in the A. 60 600 both good cameras but nothing groundbreaking nothing new article market has shifted dramatically since the A. 7 S. 3 should have come out which I think should have been the fall of 2018.

At the latest rumors were all over the place and so many even mentioned working on the camera and how it has to be better than people expect I think Sony pulled the plug.

Once they saw what the competition was going to offer deciding but it’s better not to release a camera then have a lackluster A. 7 S. 3 that barely competes and that might be true, but I think they have waited too long, for example, Nikon Z. 6 is now a mini full-frame bee that for 20 $600 can shoot oversampled 4 K. raw externally with high out of focus and ibis and Panasonic now has the S. 1 H.

X. T. 4 will come with long-requested ideas and flip around the screen with a possible 6 K at 60 FPS 10 bit recording but with a much smaller size and price than the S. 1 H.

And this is where my heart starts to sink for Sony I mean I’m not sure if these rumors are true, but with what Canada is doing for the 1 DX mark 3 I can see them wanting to go all out to regain the lost ground in the food she has been giving it.

They’re all why did you wait so long so many why did you have to do this to yourself the most significant reason? I am worried is because I don’t know if Sony can allow the E. 7 S. 3 to be as good as the competition.they just released the FX 9, which costs $11000 in that camera doesn’t record EKG or even 6 K.

It doesn’t record run internally up all, and if you want to record externally, you need another 20 $500 add on which gives you 4 K. raw output. It is limited to 4 K. 60 FPS at 10 bit in 108120.

This has me thinking how in the world are so many supposed to release a small mirrorless camera that can compete with some of the cameras already available right now.

When the camera to the just-released for $11000 is the FX 9, to be honest, I think there are only two ways out of this corner for Sony if they want to stay on top first is price yes onyx S. 1 H. is $4000 and even though it has some killer specs.

It still lacks in some areas such as autofocus if the eagles are 5 has those rumors specs it will be at least $4000 as well if somebody keeps the price at $3000 like the A. 7 S. 2 or even better drops it to 20 500 like the original A. 7 S.

While offering a better sensor with full-frame 4060 and an excellent 10-bit codec that could make a lot of Sony shooters content.

I know I would be you guys can go and let me know down the comments if you would be as well in this case I think the camera would sell very well, but that’s still what puts.

So many in second or third place as far as actual capabilities in terms of these mails video cameras now the other option would be to go all in and create something to the absolute best of their abilities.

Just like some of these other brands are trying to do at this point, it would be more expensive to save $4000. Still, it would be a flagship product meant to show the company’s best, and then the A. 7 line can keep the lower price point in this camera could be said an 89 S. instead of an 87 S. 3 give us 6 K. at 30 FPS full-frame 4060 and a crop mode for 4 K. 120 along with slow motion at 108240.

There, how about a new ibis system the finally can stand up to Panasonic and maybe a sharp, high brightness flip around the screen, of course, we would want 10-bit recording in ras al puts to put a cherry on top for that camera.

If Nikon and Panasonic could do it why couldn’t Sony do it as well they’ve been making a lot of money from camera and sensor sales and hopefully.

They have been reinvesting that back into R. and D. the big question is if they are willing to best, they’re high in line, or will they start doing what cannon was doing previously.

What do you guys think the A. 7 S. 3 will be able to compete with these other cameras in terms of price or performance what do you think Sony’s dominance will start to fade away let me know down below.

I want to hear your guises opinions answer hopefully soon we will see in a 7 S. 3 or an 89 mass especially for those guys who have invested a lot of money and Sony glass and if not who knows maybe.

Some of us are going to start flipping back going over to the other side once again like we did just a few years ago thank you guys for watching a big shout out to square space once again.

If you guys need a website seriously, check them out try. Right now, there’s no risk report required. No credit card required none of that stuff. There’s a leak down below.

I appreciate them for sponsoring our article and supporting the channel with Max, and I will see you in the next section.


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