X-T4 vs A7III vs Z6 – IBIS & Video Quality!

X-T4 vs A7III vs Z6 - IBIS & Video Quality Comparison!
X-T4 vs A7III vs Z6 - IBIS & Video Quality Comparison!

Hey guys Max day we’re going to take a look at the new Fujifilm X. U. 4 and comparing it to 2 top-rated cameras for video the Nikon is the sixth in the Sony A. 73 in terms of I this performance in detail now as far as video detail.

We’re only going to get sharpness we also have a look at the leasing we’re going to look at bit rates in for ibis we’re going to look at walking footage handheld footage and things like Michael Jenner and how the footage.

The blazes afterward, this video is brought to you by square space. The best way to make a fantastic website now as we jump in is to say that I am watching this original 4 K. footage in 1080 P. footage on a 6 Cade.

This blade and if you’re watching on a cell phone at 720 or 40 P. I mean you’re not going to be seeing this so. I’ll give you guys my honest opinion of what I see here in which camera does best in a different scenario, so let’s go ahead and jump in we’re starting with working at 24 frames per second.

I’m going to do freeze-frame here actually to look at the detail, and first, I want to mention how close the colors look on the Fuji in so many ways the Nikon looks quite a bit different even.

I’m using the cloudy preset for all of these it was important to know that there is a difference between a detail and sharpness if we’re looking at this 0 percent just regular 4 K. with the site’s cropped out.

The Nikon looks very sharp, but that is because it’s adding so much extra one sharpening than the other two and then also more contrast.

We can see that one sweet punch in here to 400 percent is not getting anymore detailed than the stone if we were looking at the blinds with fine detail on the break.

It’s just a little more sharpening and also a little bit more contrast now than I can in the Sony share the same 24-megapixel sensor.

They’re both oversampling from 6 K., and that makes sense when you look at the fine detail herein work in the break it seems identical other than extra contrast, and then when you look at the X. 24, that’s over.

Simply from 26 megapixels here at 24 frames per second A, ends the detail looks the same as the other two just less contrast, so maybe a little less sharpening so if you’re thinking about an ultimate feature in 4 K.

It looks identical once word pixel peeping here. The CX 4 does crop 1.18 times when you’re going to 4060, so you’re using close to 20 percent fewer data in this mode as far as oversampling.

When I punch in 400 percent, it is exciting how closely are mean we did lose a few contracts here, but looking at the just culture fine detail over here, we are not missing much of that just a slight tiny difference.

I am very impressed that word means handing almost all the detail when we added that crop, and of course, the bit rate is staying the same is 200 megabit per second in H. E. B. C. so.

There isn’t any real world the downside to shooting 4060 on the Fuji as far as details or leasing or anything like that other than that small crop now should be to 1080 P.

We see all the artifact thing from the stabilization because there’s too much jittery chic in this is not usable. Then if we look at Sony, I mean it’s even worse you don’t want to stabilize this and post unless you’re used to you’re okay with having footage.

That looks this bad, and once again, just for reference, we have the Fuji footage with post stabilization now. I have to point out that this camera is a pre-production version the actual XP 4 doesn’t ship until April.

They do have time to tweak for more and improve this, and I think this is just their second body that has image stabilization built-in. They also want to say that.

This lens didn’t have stabilization built in the 16 of 55, and I think they rated 5 to 5.5 stops of stabilization.

Whereas if you’re using a different 1, see the kit lens at 1855 F. 2 to 4 lastly position built-in and works together with the ibis not give you 6.5 stops in now let’s take a look at some blogging footage. This is at about 2428 millimeters, or so once again, none of these lenses is stabilizer just judging the ibis, and then I could do look great.

They’re the Sony also doesn’t look great. It seems worse, and this kind of footage when I’ve logged before it makes me cringe when I go to edit, and this is the Fuji without the electronics position or the blue smoke just a standard ibis.

Once again, we see limited working there in the corner is, but the footage looks much better, and it is used compared to the other two, primarily.

The Sony here’s a side by side between the Nikon we see a pretty big difference and then also side by side with the Sony an even more significant difference in this case.

And now onto our last test, this is handheld at about 75-millimeter equivalent, but in the side by side, they all look relatively similar to the one with electronic looks the most steady look more like a tripod than having to sway.

Let’s put aside by the side with the other cameras into it we see a difference here after watching his back about 20 times I have to say the Z. 6 looks the worst we’re getting a bit more sway and a lot more about micro jitter.

The CX 4 is the most like a tripod, but we are getting a bit of micro junior as well, and then looking at the Sony, it does have some of that handheld sway, but it doesn’t look bad looks natural, and I do not see any of that Michael Jeter.

If you want to know what I’m talking about here’s a close up of just the food G. you see, there’s just a little bit of jitters side to side as that I was trying to adjust and then we look at the Nikon we see even more of that there in especially punching you really kind of noticed that.

It doesn’t look great, and surprisingly, the Sony has almost no jitter at all, which is getting a gentle handheld sway motion.

I want to you know shoot handheld, but it does look beautiful without the jitters to help you want to stabilize in the post, so overall, Fuji, you guys did a great job I like the X. E 3.

A few things that held me back from buying that huge camera thing were ibis, and the battery life would be screen wasn’t that huge of a deal for me personally.

I think this camera is going to be a real hit, so thank you guys for watching. Let me know your thoughts on the income section below and if you made it.

I’m not more comparisons lowlights some autofocus comparisons you guys don’t want to miss out on that once again thank you the square space.


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