Rode NTG5:$25 vs $500 Shotgun Microphone!

Rode NTG5:$25 vs $500 Shotgun Microphone!
Rode NTG5:$25 vs $500 Shotgun Microphone!

Hey, guys Max today, we’re going to be comparing three different shots and microphones. We have the first microphone I ever purchased, and this thing is $23, but it does have a 4.7-star review and then.

I have the microphone that I’m currently using the audio Technica AT 875 R. this is $170 actually has 4.6 stars on Amazon, and then we have the new rode NTG 5 that road sent out to me, and these microphones have three different price points 17823.

Then the 500, so let’s go ahead and take this out of the box and see the difference as far as you know what’s included in the packaging and then do what I’m most interested in, and that is comparing the audio quality and see do.

We get a much better audio quality when we step up in price points working maybe save some money and get good results, so let’s start with this cheapest Mike in this isn’t the exact one that I first bought.

I bought broke, and I think that should be a testament to the quality of a microphone that comes in that sheet, and here not only do you get the shock and make itself you get some accessories, but you also get a little a phone when screen.

And then you also get an XLR cable it’s quite long all for $23, and this is a pretty cheap Mike but it is long has a weight to it, and it does run off of a battery.

I do have a double a battery right here. They’re going to play again and that powers they say for about 2006 hours. Then you actually can switch from more of a shotgun or a normal mode you can change kind of pick a pattern here not only this audio Technica shock and Mike for about two years now I purchased it for a couple of reasons.

The first one was it wasn’t that expensive, and it did have good reviews, but the other reason was because of how compact it is, so if you’re running this say, I ran it on at the seven on the C. 200.

It is nice because it’s short doesn’t stick out like crazy compared to this microphone.

If you guys look at the difference now in the box, there isn’t a lot of accessories we have.

This little foam windscreen designed for it is a lot better than one, including the $23 Mike we have this small, simple Mike stand also feels like much higher quality and a little soft pouch so.

You don’t get that many goodies with that, but it is $170, which is way more expensive than that but not a super high and like the Rode NTG 5.

This microphone is on a whole other level with the broadcast Mike has a flatter frequency response. I’m reading the back 3 with like the box right now.

Interference resistance very lightweight highly directional it’s also moisture resistant of course, the price point is a much higher anti. They also give you the right amount of goodies as they should for something at this price point. Still, no bikes are twice as much as this even four times much.

I don’t clue as much stuff as this one do we also get a little soft pouch there you go you can help keep your Mike in here and some of the accessories there’s a lot of other stuff that comes with that one cool thing is this great so.

If you want to be shooting on location handheld where you want to put this on a boom pole, you could do that there are different clips for the shock and Mike. I bought one myself that’s very similar to this from the right road. This gives you a bit more flexibility.

I’m just going to throw that back here in the box is what I’m most interested is not to this other not that they gave little extension cable offers a boom pole for the handle I am most interested in the actual shock and microphone by itself and one thing.

I’m very excited about is how compact this shocking Mike is I don’t like substantial long shock and lakes, so there we have it once again we have a row of the road a little windscreen it’s not as dense as the one that comes with the Audio Technica.

It still feels life is much bigger and thicker let’s pull the actual shock and Mike out of their windscreens so you guys can see inside my side, so the road is a little bit longer but not by much one interesting.

Thing is how lightweight it is, so this is relatively light, but it feels high quality. This also feels very solid, but you notice the weight difference in the NTG 5.

It also comes with this nice higher-end windscreen, so if you’re outside doing a bunch of shoes there, this is going to provide much more wind protection I’m not going to be testing.

This out because you can buy something like that for the Audio Technica microphone or even for the cheaper one with all the money you save search got me testing is like phones by themselves, so here they are.

Side by side, you guys can see the differences, and that’s about it how they go as far as quality as well as I said my cheap shock and Mike broke on me fairly quickly even though.

I didn’t use it that hard the audio Technica this is made in Japan, and it is excellent, but it is not moisture resistant you could see a lot of different parts here and then the bottom.

There are areas where water can get through and moisture, so you don’t want to use it, and that kind of environment where the NTG 5 isn’t washer resistant I think the screen they’re making here.

I have kind of a possible water everything is sealed at the bottom this made in Australia now before I compare how these microphones stack up in terms of sensitivity, meaning how high do you have to raise your gain how much noise.

You can introduce to get good you know recording out of them also how good is audio quality sound both indoors and outdoors and how good is the off-axis rejection because that’s what’s essential with the shock. Mike, let me give a big shout out to skillshare for sponsoring.

Your guy’s opinions like always make sure you use some high-quality headphones if you want to hear the difference, let’s go ahead and. Dart outlook comparison right here inside.

Where I do a lot of shooting, and I want to let you guys know that it also normalizes all of the audio other.

The sensitivity tests to make sure it’s feared larges judging based on volume, let’s get into it. This is an indoor quality comparison with the cheap shock on the microphone. This is the shocking my comparison with the Audio Technica microphone.

This is shocking in my comparison with the road and T. G. 5. This is an indoor quality comparison with the cheap shock on the microphone okay, so even from this first test, it is evident that the audio quality of the cheap microphone is not very good at all.

It’s very tinny a lot of kind of the the the fullness of my voice is completely missing, and I didn’t realize audio CDS on hearing that just yet, but the audio Technica does sound pretty good it’s not as full, and it is a little bit more sibilant.

Let me know your guises thoughts, but let’s jump outside and make the comparison there. This is a free microphone test with my cheap $20 shock and Mike. This is the outdoor microphone test with the audio Technica shock on the microphone. This is an outdoor shock and microphone test with the road and T. G. 5 now.

If you guys heard of maybe a little pop or something, I blew out some of the sounds here even I try to adjust the game to get him similarly.

When I was recording, I had the reporter there it’s still it picks up quite a bit more of which in now you know everything’s normalized let’s get into the sensitivity testing you guys will see what I’m talking about.

This is a sensitivity test with a cheap shock on the microphone. This is a sensitivity test with the audio Technica shock on the receiver. This is a sensitivity test with the road NTG 5 the NTG 5 I mean.

I was honestly not expecting to have that much of a difference. Still, this thing is about 10 decibels louder than the audio Technica right away. I know I’m switching over to this Mike because I can turn down my zoom H. 6 quite a bit and not reduces the noise for the here and there, especially if you’re interviewing somebody.

That isn’t very loud with their voice like I typically am so I don’t know I don’t want to say I’m speechless, but I have just a couple other shocking microphones, and none of them are as sensitive as this one is and that is a fantastic thing so now.

Let’s go ahead and do an off-axis noise rejection test on my phone set up there in the corner, and here everything is normalized.

We’re testing the rejection of noise not just kind of levels, so keep that in mind and let’s take a listen this is the off-axis noise reduction testing with the cheap $25 Shaka.

This is the off-axis noise reduction tests with the audio Technica shock and microphone. This is the off-axis noise reduction test with the road and C. G. 5.

All right guys, so I lined everything up took a look in it seems like the NTG 5 maybe 1 decibel quieter as far as the noise a regex noise maybe about a decibel.

Sometimes it’s right there very even though with the audio Technica both of them do an excellent job in there about 29 decibels lower as far as catching noise than my voice there and then, of course, the cheap Mike does not do a good job.

I think it’s about 90 decibels louder as far as the noise, so the sensitivities 1011 this was worse than the sounds had nine disables I mean you get what you pay for the $25 microphone, and I know I didn’t use it that much I prefer it loud Mike’s much more, so what is my conclusion well the audio.

Technica has served me well it’s $170 it’ll come with some of the goodies here has a tiny bit more noise but a lot less sensitivity so then you introduce noise from your recorder so that price I think it performs well of course.

If you have the budget, not only is this thing better built, but it is moisture resistance. Hasil more fullness limitless still sibilance in my voice to the esses aren’t catching as much.but the sensitivity is way louder and just slightly less noise or slightly more noise rejection for the off-axis.

When you’re using as a shocker microphones also later and yet it’s sealed off, so if you have the budget, this is the best microphone and being completely honest with you guys.

I was not expecting to see as big of a difference. Once you get into the more excellent microphones you know over the $0 mark closer 200, there’s a lot of good options.

Sometimes if you spend a lot more money, you don’t get that much more, but I’m impressed that the main thing that matters to me is that sensitivity, which I was not expecting but you guys.

Let me know your opinions, and a lot of you guys experience there with microphones and moving forward on that stop using.


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