Afterburner Review! Worth $2000 for Video Editing?

Afterburner Review! Worth $2000 for Video Editing?
Afterburner Review! Worth $2000 for Video Editing?

Hey, guess Max today we’re going to be talking about this $2000 piece of metal, .which is apple’s afterburner card into alternately answering the question is it worth $2000 specifically for different use cases and maybe try to explain? That question for you I was actually by most excited.

When apple announced mac pro not all for the mac pro itself for better CPUs or graphics.but for this card which is something brand new something as specific to video editing at a lot of questions, I know you guys did as well, so we’ll be answering does this help with including.

The programs or other formats does it help with background rendering what about trans coding and what about playback and how much is it helps in is it worth spending that much money we’ll look at 4 K. footage look at the case and also 16 K. project. In some cases, this 2000 R. card can outperform a $7000 a processor with 28 cores that Apple offers.

Let’s start with kind of the simple question a lot of guys have will this work an eGPU, and that’s a huge question I had in, I did have to take apart partially the case plugged into the eGPU it connected. But nothing showed up in Oldham only after running different tests to see.

If it worked, it did didn’t do anything, so maybe it could still work and say hi can Tasha is set up to full mac west into to thinking that’s a mac pro we might have to try that. Again, at this point, you cannot use it with a mac pro, which is very unfortunate now will other codecs be used with the afterburner personally.

I do not think so even though it can be reprogrammed apple explicitly designed for pros and pros rot in for mac used in 4 other codecs. I guess it makes a whole lot more sense to have exhilaration with graphics. For example, red dry is very difficult to playback in. It’s all Cebu based right now just like programs where they’re working on a metal playback rendering engine, and I should be released soon.

It’s done right now, making way more sense than allowing the afterburner card to be able to play that. Back because not many people are going to have afterburner cards in everybody’s going to have a graphics card.

You’re going to be working they could cars are now if you’re somebody that doesn’t get your files natively from progress or it may be transcoded and if you’re transporting on the spot background rendering or you’re insulting to other formats in your whole workflow.

Isn’t centered around progress unusually the high in advance? It is not worth getting this card now for those you guys who do have that kind of a workflow, but you’re wondering should I get maybe an eight-core with afterburner or a 16 heart you know without it.

I would probably say if you are ready or shooting lately with progress were you transferred overnight, then yes, get the afterburner card because you have all the system resources remaining with your CPU and go down. I would say get a court at least get the 12 core. Still, in that case, it is worth and for those of you.

Guys is that crazy high, and this can be a lifesaver. Some people might buy mac pros just possibly to be able to have this card that will be able to use that, for now, it’s just final cut but what a lot of people don’t know is that the afterburner isn’t some magic card you have to program in if the Rangers.

Olver premiere pro or any other programs if they’re using apple’s video tool kit, which is a way that they can plug in to get access to the T. 2 chip encoder to the graphics card in colder. That will automatically use afterburner, so as long as they’re doing that, yeah, and they make sure it’s appropriately configured.

It’s not like they’re going to have to spend money. Trying to get this card to work, it should be reasonably easy to set it up and not only those editing programs anything.

They’ll playback press rock should have access to that, for example, edit-ready other parade other players as long as they’re going into apple’s pipeline.


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