The Brand New Hero For Black Edition

The Brand New Hero For Black Edition
The Brand New Hero For Black Edition

Hey, guys, And in this article, I’m going to be comparing the brand new hero for Black Edition with the older flagship, the Hero three plus black edition. Now, a lot of specs were thrown out a lot and features with a new GoPro.

One thing, though, was not mentioned was battery life.

Now, the new hero for has a slightly smaller battery, 11, 60 compared to eleven, 80 million hours. And as you see, this is the three plus here with a standard type of setup. Pop the battery in the back. Through that little plastic, flimsy cover, they always could easily get lost.

Basically, this is one improvement with the battery is that we’re gonna have a different compartment, as you guys will see here. Now we have the different shape of a battery.

It’s slightly smaller and we have this little spring loaded battery door at the bottom of the GoPro, which is much more convenient.

You don’t lose that little cover. Easier to open, easier to deal with, with.

But what do we get as far as battery life? Now, I’m going to be doing a head to head test and I’m using the 10 ADP setting that 30 frames per second super view.

I didn’t want to use the Fourcade because it’d be an unfair advantage to the hero three plus because I’m sure the forecast takes more processing power with all the extra pixels. But go ahead and start it.

And one thing I want to mention is I’m using 16 gay cards, which I’ll have to reset towards the end because they only hold about an hour with the data.

But that was quick. Reformat the cards and I keep them running. And the timer in the center is just recording the total amount of footage time, basically recording not that little tiny gap of stand by.

So you guys will be able to see that. I’m going to go and fast forward it and we’ll see what these cameras get. Once again, they’re fully charged at startup, both 16 gay cards.

Now, as they fast forward, you’ll see here at the six minute mark 633, the GoPro for actually drops one of the bars, which was really, really interesting and takes a little bit until the three plus drops it. Right.

About nineteen thirty eight is when one bargain’s dropped.

Now, shortly after that, we’re going to have another bar dropped on the Hero four. Now this is already getting me slightly worried when I saw that. So actually at 36 minutes we have another bar drop on the Hero four. And the other one is still going fine.

And another really interesting thing that really got me even more worried, as you’ll see right now, is the hero four is actually going to drop another bar before the hero three drops a second one. Here we go.

Where I zero bars at one hour and three minutes. And that was me swapping out the cards.

So it actually an hour and eleven is when one extra bargain’s you dropped in the three plus one hour 17 is we’re out of battery life completely on the hero four.

So that’s what we got. One hour, 17 minutes. And then you see the hero, three plus is still going strong. We’re almost at a minute, 40. It’s still doing fairly well. There we go. A minute and forty two is what we got on the hero.

Three plus. So basically, my takeaway is the reason they didn’t mention battery life and this is just my first test is because the hero three plus is better.

The Hero four is less efficient. It’s almost like we’ve got to step back. The hero three plus had a 30 percent increase. The battery life over the hero three and a hero for looks like it went back about 30 percent. So thank you guys for watching this article.

Give this article a thumbs up if you enjoyed it. And if you guys have any questions or comments, make sure to comment below. I will definitely get back to you guys. Let me know what you think.

I will have more testing in the future and a final verdict once I have more time to mess with this camera. And who knows, maybe it’ll get a little bit better. Maybe not. We shall see. All right, guys, thanks for watching this article.


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