MacBook Air good for Video Editing? 2020

MacBook Air good for Video Editing? 2020
MacBook Air good for Video Editing? 2020

Hey guys, this Max in this article we’re going to be seeing how the brand new 2020 MacBook air handles video editing we’re going to look at some 1080 P and some 4 K. and who knows maybe we will even.

Connect this bad boy up to it this is an eGPU and see how that helps to depend on what results in we get now as you guys see I am here in my basement.

I am not in the office. You guys probably know why I hope all of you guys are staying safe out there and that everything is going well for you.

We got these new MacBook airs, and I know a lot of you guys are asking about some you guys need a new machine that could do some article editing, so we’ll see how this handles that now.

These new 2020 MacBook breaths of air were unexpected not only did Apple give us a new keyboard the same one of the 16 inch MacBook pro, which is excellent. They also double the base amount of D. Without charging extra for it, they even lower the price by $100.

If you go for that dual-core model like I had previously. They also give us an option to get an I. 5 or I. 7 quad-core processor now, these processors are Intel’s tenth generation 10 nanometer processors, which should use less power and hopefully put out less heat.

The even more important part is not only to have twice the course now on a MacBook air, which you should be useful, but the graphics are in here are the best iris plus G. 7 that’s available for the the apple didn’t cheap out on the cheaper ones as some other manufacturers do.

They got the better graphics, and we’ll see how that helps for video editing let’s go out and start with a quickie geekbench five benchmarks okay, and there we go that is a respectable performance difference.

The previous MacBook Air and even comparing with the MacBook pro 1.4 gigahertz 2019 version as a quad-core, the single-core is quite a bit higher.

Then what the court is about 22 percent lower though now let’s go ahead and take a look at graphics performance I’m going to go ahead and run the metal test and see how this compares to the base MacBook proband, Hugh.

Guys can see that performance difference compared to the previous MacBook Air and the current base MacBook pro that is a big difference in graphics performance.

And programs like final cut even debenture resolve as well they are focusing on graphics performance now final cut redid.

The whole metal engine works off of graphics, and that is great. I give me some high hopes for this MacBook air and now let’s test out black magics ros speed test to see what the CPU and graphics can handle for playback I’m not going to do it K.

I think that’s a little optimistic let’s switch it to 4 K., and we’re getting 77 FPS for metal, so this shows that with 12 to one, this can handle 4 K. 60 FPS black magic rough course we’re just getting started.

It’s not you know adding any effects or anything like that, so we’re going to have to see for ourselves now let’s jump into final cut pro, which is probably the best choice to view the video editing program for an ultrabook like the MacBook air.

It’s very well optimized, and I’m going to start with stabilizing a 20-second clip it’s moving along pretty quick right there, of course, nothing like my mac pro which does this in like 4 seconds or something like that but we have a time of 35 seconds, so that is pretty good.

Your description and after that it is only around $10 a month this is the perfect time to get some new skills to learn to thrive instead of just sitting at home so go and check out skillshare, so let’s start with 1080 P.

Because I know a lot of you guys might be buying this laptop for 1080 P. editing, this is a clip from the S. 20 plus they’re super sturdy that was me running there. I don’t have much 1080 P.

Footage because I rarely shoot it the census is Intel’s tenth generation has the lead is decoding and coding chips so playing. This back super smooth the CPU didn’t even go above 30 percent to 20 now graphics at 20 percent and temperatures you guys might not see that but 75°C so staying cooling fans are off.

Let’s make a little bit of correction or adjustments, and it’s still super smooth RCP GPUs, which is the same yeah first standard corrections seem to be doing just fine. Let’s get something a little more robust.

Let’s throw on a leftover here, just cause you want to work some log footage. The play is back.

Still handling it pretty well, the fans are spending up now because it’s getting hotter. But. Not battle maybe a little bit less move here, and we are playing back at full resolution.

This is not better playback quality now let’s kick this up a notch, and this is the 4 K. 30 FPS footage from my Mavic air it’s playing it back well as far as moving this okay I could tell it’s not as smooth as 1080 P. is lagging behind just a little bit.

But still not that bad, let’s go ahead and do a few corrections will pull down my highlights a little bit, and with those color corrections, it is still playing back just fine.

It seems like it barely had it at all nice and smooth with no real problem, so even for some minor corrections, you’re going to be okay now scrolling through definitely us with as the 1080 P.

We could tell the difference, but this is still workable now. Let’s take a step further and kick on a lot here.

And there you go you could see just by the time code how much that is jumping that we are dropping frames I can switch it to better performance over here, and that’s going to lose our resolution to maybe half or so basically.

I yeah visually, you could tell it does not look sharp anymore. You can’t use the judge focus off of it, but playing it back now is still not as missing any P.

But you got there, and with the law applied, we went from about 6570 percent graphics usage to 17 in the C. P.

You guys can get so let’s go ahead and go this is very interesting the graphics card is not being maxed out I think the most I saw hit about 3035 percent well my other systems with pretty much maxed out get the task done very quickly and then as far as the Thames.

The system will hit 95°C 98 bounce down to like 80 to 85, and then back up, it’s almost like it’s drawing down the graphics card to keep it fresh, but with that said, the fans are silent right now I can’t hear anything okay.

I think that’s the longest I’ve ever waited for her sex to be done that is just over twice as long as the 13-inch base model MacBook pro that also has a quad-core I. 5 processor exciting. That the computer has a much weaker graphics card at least with the benchmarks been reality wow okay.

Let’s go ahead and open up our 4 K. project now let’s go ahead and export this, and then we’ll see how it compares right off the bat we were at 100 resell CS after about 10 seconds, and now we’re and men and a half though and we’re just hitting 7.

Sent I think this is an excellent time to talk about thermal performance if you guys didn’t know the previous MacBook air it did not have a heat sink those connected to the actual fan now unfortunately with the new MacBook Air.

If they did change the cooler’s design, making a little bit more efficient and effective, it is still not connected, unlike the 13-inch base MacBook Pro, which is as we see by the temperatures.

We are slow down with this export just because of heat we just hit 25 percent, and it’s been over 5 minutes comparing it to the base 13 inch MacBook Pro that’s about 12 minutes, so this is close to twice as slow because of thermals so.

Let’s pull out this eGPU plug it in, and I’m just curious if our main issues thermals if we offset the heat from the internally, so the graphics of the external how much is that going to help us all right let’s plug this thing in said spending up right here excellent.

Let’s hit our preferences in here bam we can switch over to our external graphics I restart final could make sure you guys see it start a glitch up ready were hitting 100 degrees still okay so inactivity monitoring.

You guys can see that it’s still using the built-in GPU, not the external graphics card unit. That’s why we’re heating up so much uses basic exporting settings hopefully, and it will use the eGPU for exports because we can always add it in the better playback.

But our performance mode instead of the better quality mode and after a few minutes here are built-in graphics are being used. However, just a sliver, it’s mainly relying on the integrated graphics still, and that’s why it is still 100 resellers.

He’s super hot, and it’s taking forever to export, so I guess any GPU is not the right solution for us, so I’m going to go back and explore this 1080 P.
Project this is two lots with long green will go smooth; that’s a 4. 1080 P.

Quality, maybe the system will be decent for 1080 P. okay. I lost all hope it’s been over minute 15 seconds, and we just hit 9 percent yes indeed piece easier, and we got more graphics usage out of it, but you were still out hundreds of the whole time.

It’s taking forever in a final cut just quit on us I don’t know why that is rare for final could leave when we have no crazy graphics or animations age maybe just running too hot for too long. Hence, my takeaway is don’t buy the 2020 MacBook air for video editing if you have to do some video editing using final cut.

I’m going to test adventures all of let alone premiere pro it’s just it’s now down to you have to use final cut 1080 P. editing will be pretty good 4 K.

If you’re doing that go put into the better performance mode not better quality, you can get by, but we would be exporting it’s just going to take too dang long to exports and which has cost me 100 Celsius.

I would become aware of long term reliability, so that’s disappointing apple. Why did you guys not put in a heat pipe from the cooler to the fan?

This thing would have been better than the MacBook pro base with more say these in better keyboard in less money but because of that. It is just not cutting it at all, so I’m disappointed.

If you need something portable or something, it’s cheap to get the base not before this some great deals out there right now. It’s a link to the video description, and if you guys want to see some other info on this laptop.

I’ll have a little bitty right of there to the other channel, the tech channel. It’s an excellent laptop for many regular use cases super snappy with attention fasten local results. Still, video editing let’s not do it definitely go and check out a skillshare especially.


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