The iMac Pro Tested Against New iMac

The iMac Pro Tested Against New iMac
The iMac Pro Tested Against New iMac

About a year ago, Apple released their five key,I made a pretty big splash in the market at that point, Fourcade displays were just starting to get adopted. And to get a display that’s almost twice the resolution of four K was pretty crazy.

Not only that, the five key I-Max did a great job of video editing at that time.

I had a six core Mac pro with the best graphics available and I tested it against this new iMac and it lost in almost all of the tests. That was crazy that I’m AG did such a great job. It was shocking to me. Now, the only downside that I found is that if you’re pushing the C.P.U to 100 percent for an extended period of time or the GP, you.

It actually has to slow itself down to keep itself from overheating.

That’s because of the thin design and the powerful parts that are inside. So that fact kept some people from purchasing this new computer. Now, if you’re just doing video editing, some standard stuff, you wouldn’t experience that.

But if you’re really pushing it to the limit, that was going to happen. Now, about a week ago, Apple just released the newer version of this. This is the late 2015 version of the five K iMac.

The updated some of the parts added some new features. It has a new operating system. But the main question that came to my mind when I sighs. Is it going to be overheating?

So this is the question. Answering in this video. Let’s take a look at the first test. The first test we’re looking at is you in heaven. This is a benchmark that pushes the GP you to 100 percent and test how well it performs last year.

I’m I got up to ninety eight degrees on the graphics card by the end of the test.

That’s really hot. Looking at the C.P.U. Sixty five degrees. That’s just fine. And the fan R.P.M. is right about half way looking at the new iMac. The fan stays all the way at idle completely through test. The C.P.U is 12 degrees cooler and the graphics card is 10 degrees cooler.

That’s definitely a good improvement. I went ahead and ran the benchmark for more times consecutively for a total of five runs without any pauses.

Now you see, the graphics card did get hotter between 96 to 98 degrees. But the fan was almost at Eido the whole time. It would actually go between twelve fifty and fourteen hundred to keep it right at that temperature.

So there is no graphics card throttling or slowing down, but it does run fairly hot. My next question was what if I take control the fan speed myself? Is it going to run cooler?

Because the last test when I ran five test consecutively, it was almost idle. The fan was basically silent. So went ahead and I put the fan maximum speed, 28 50 R.P.M.

Looking at the results, you’re getting 40 degrees Celsius on the C.P.U and 66 degrees on the graphics card. Now, there really is no reason for it to run that cool.

You’re not going to get any extra life out of your computer. Burning in that cool and that fan at full blast is quite loud. So next thing I do is I lowered it down to two thousand, which is right in the middle and at two thousand r.p.m.

You could still game using the IMAX speakers. The fanboys is not going to overpower the music and sound from your games. So you guys see the results just a little bit hotter on the C.P.U, 46 degrees and seventy five degrees on the GP.

That is great. What I would actually do is maybe even lower it to eighteen hundred if you’re gonna be doing any kind of gaming, maybe even seventeen hundred in your GP and C.P.U temps are going to be just fine.

I’m definitely happy with the results. Even if you don’t touch the fan speed at all.

The graphics code is not going to overheat. It’s going to make sure it keeps it under that 100 degree mark. For me, it’s a little bit hot, even though it’s not going to make a difference, it’s not any slowing down.

So I would suggest to kick up the fan a little bit, even maybe to fifteen hundred or sixteen hundred if you’re gonna be doing any type of gaming or something that’s going to push your graphics card to 100 percent.

So looking at just this, I’m definitely happy that we solved one problem.

Now let’s go out and take a look at the results of the C.P.U test. The tests that Iran is converting HDR to six firefighters to progress.

Now, this pushes the C.P.U to 100 percent. Looking at the chart, you can see that at idle, the C.P.U runs slightly cooler about the one minute mark. You’ll notice that both of the computers are about the same temperatures.

But interestingly, the new iMac is actually running the fanna. Eighteen hundred R.P.M. already instead of 100, which is the idol, the lowest setting at the three minute mark.

The older version would ramp up to 2000 r.p.m.. But you see, the C.P.U would get up to 95 degrees Celsius. The new iMac would be at twenty seven hundred already. That’s the maximum the older one would get.

And it’s a eighty nine degrees. The temperature hasn’t really changed at the five minute mark. The iMac stays relatively the same. The older version, the newer one actually cools the C.P.U down a little bit. We’re eighty seven degrees now and the fan slowed down slightly.

So very interesting. Ten minute mark, the older iMac would already be going full blast. And you see there’s already some thermal throttling going on. It’s a ninety seven degrees and the computer slowed down from four gigahertz to three point eight.

The new iMac is at twenty eight fifty. And it’s at ninety degrees right now.

It’s after 10 minutes of 100 percent C.P.U usage. Interestingly enough, the new IMAX fan go slightly faster than the old version at the 15 minute mark. The old one would slow down the fans slightly. It’d be a 96 degrees in the C.P.U would start going faster once again.

The newer IMAX would be at 25 50. So it’s slowed down the fan more as well. But is that 88 degrees Celsius? So definitely cooler at 15 minutes and 30 seconds.

The old IMAX would be at twenty seven hundred R.P.M. and at one hundred degrees in the C.P.U would go down considerably to three point three gigahertz. Very interesting. The new IMAX would be at 26 50 in still eighty nine degrees. If you see the temperature staying relative right there at 20 minutes, the old IMAX would be going full blast on the fan.

Ninety seven degrees Celsius and I’d be running at the slow speed of three point four gigahertz.

The new IMAX, on the other hand, twenty seven hundred as well. And it’s a 87 degrees. So 10 degrees cooler. If we look at the older chip, you’ll see it only slows down when it gets to about 100 degrees. This new IMAX doesn’t get to that spot ever.

It stays between 87 and 90 degrees when you’re doing 100 percent C.P.U for a long time, which is perfect. I’m very happy that it does not slow down on the graphics card or the C.P.U.

You could see the Apple included a new fan with a new iMac. It goes a little bit faster.

But not only that, it actually ramps up the speed earlier. Apple loves to have quite hardware, so they rather have Hodor hardware that’s quieter than the opposite way around. I guess they learned their lesson with the last generation one.

So this one, it does kick in the fan earlier, but it keeps them from overheating.

And over all, it doesn’t get too high, which I’m really happy about. The next thing I’ll be testing is how this new iMac performs to the older one. In regards to video editing, I’ll be testing both final cut and premiere pros.

If you want to see that article,And so you don’t miss out on that. If you want to see what’s been updated to this new computer, I have a link in the article description, which is an article that I wrote. And this is a very simple, laid out explanation on what’s new and what’s been updated and what changes they have made. So you guys could check that out.

And if you want to know the optimal recommendation for a five K IMAX you don’t spend.

Too little and not get the performance and you don’t overspend. I have coupling sort of a description as well to the model that I would buy and the ram that I would buy. So you guys make sure to check that out. It’s the same exact model that you guys see here.

Thank you guys for watching. This article has been helpful to you. Definitely. Give me a thumbs up when you have any questions you guys can ask.

That and the article description below. And if you would think this aricle would help somebody else make a decision. Definitely send them a link. You guys can share that article. So I will see you guys in the next one.


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