Final Cut Pro X vs DaVinci Resolve 16!

Final Cut Pro X vs DaVinci Resolve 16!
Final Cut Pro X vs DaVinci Resolve 16!

This article is brought to you by Squarespace. The best way to make a fantastic website is that it has been long accepted that the final cut is the most efficient article editing program even by those who don’t like it.

When you don’t use it, they say that yeah, if you have an old system or maybe a week or system like this base MacBook pro, it’s by far the best way to go, but today I’m going to challenge that notion.

I’m going to be comparing it to the latest version of da Vinci resolve. We will settle this once and for all now over here I have opened up the first test that we’re going to run, and this is the 20 seconds 4 K. clip for stabilization I like my shot super smooth so let’s go ahead and click, and I’ll start my time.

As you guys can see, the final cut pro uses 95 percent of the graphics to make good use of the CPUs at 13 percent, and the band we are done took 46 seconds to open up resolve. I’ll hit stabilize start my timer, okay wow, so the graphics card is also a 96 percent now in CP and lower than in final cut.

But it does seem like we’re taking a bit longer workout 40 seconds now only 34 percent. Finally, it’s almost done there it is 2 minutes, so I made a lot longer even though the graphics card usage was also nearly maxed out let’s go ahead and take a look at some of 4 K.

The footage this is H. 2 O. 2644 K. footage in a 40 timeline no issues even on a base MacBook pro and from what I heard for years that result was very resource-intensive.

You need a high-end graphics card, but they’ve been making significant improvements over the last couple years that I’ve been tracking now here it is with a 1 line applied as you see we had some stutters they’re almost perfect.

We are getting some dropped frames is going to the color tab, and we’re at 27 frames per second now this project is a 35. Rhames present a project if you’re doing 24 FPS that means you can handle a full lot applied a complete 4 K. and resolve is doing just fine on the integrated graphics laptop and then.

Let’s go ahead and go to 2 lots, which are typically tested on the higher end systems. It looks like we’re only able to playback at 21 frames per second. If we have to let’s applied now, let’s go ahead and see what final cut does it looks to be reasonably smooth may be slightly slower than resolve our graphics card is Max okay.

I see some more drop frames; unfortunately, the final cut doesn’t have that cute little readout. Let’s jump to one lead. It seems to be pretty close to resolve. I do not see the advantage of working with the final cut again. Then, without a lot, it is playing back perfectly smooth I could tell that it’s softer than with a lot of pride in the G. P.

Usage is about 60 percent like resolve, so playback looks surprisingly close. I’m curious about exporting because this is what takes a while on these beasts MacBook pros before taking a look at that and some HEVC 10-bit footage I getting a shout out to our sponsors Squarespace.

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I have my settings dialed in here let’s go ahead and start the X.. 4 in compressor we’re using about 90 percent of the GPU and about 1011 percent of the CPU here okay this is taken away. 3.5 minutes already, it’s not done in this is a 1-minute project all right finished up there at 3 minutes and 54 seconds that means.

If you have a 10 minute YouTube video with you know some color corrections, maybe some white balance adjustments little tiny great.

You’re looking at about 40 minutes 3540 minutes to export that our settings are identical. Let’s go ahead and get started here and right away, okay. This is very interesting a minute and 40 seconds remaining our GPUs at 98 percent instead of 90. It’s a 98 R. CP’s at 23 percent instead of about tax.

I’d go up to 12101112, and final cut does you see those fans it was silent in final cut a minute and 41 seconds, so that is twice as fast that means that if you a 10-minute project you know for YouTube or wherever with some a light green on there and maybe even.

A lot you’re looking at maybe roughly 18 minutes, or so 17 minutes instead of closer to 40 minutes, I did not expect that at all how to talk to black magic, they have been making a vast improvement. I remember that when I started testing in 12.5 was slower than premiere pro took forever me four times slower than the final cut.

Way less efficient than they matched up to premier than they beat out premiere in local we have here so this is a should do this for let’s go ahead and open each a 265 this is 8 bit 4 KP statue 65 playing back I have one love plied. Now we’re 92 percent GPU usage to play it back but is playing backs movie 24 frames per second.

We probably would have the same result this is a 30 FPS project would be almost entirely smoothly keep on this is a full 4 K. 8 to highlight and this is the base MacBook pro I have a shot to 65 selected 20 megabits per second because it’s a much more.

Fission Kodak uses about half the space for the same quality, and now you can upload to YouTube with this before you couldn’t see how my goodness it is flying 40 seconds remaining 39 GB is at 9798 C. P.

As at 31 so it’s using even more resources, and this thing is to go hunting bam 50 seconds. That is more than twice as fast as H. I. 264 footage back in the day HEVC. It was so hard to work with look at the hot plate acts. The same exporting is way faster than 50 seconds. Let’s see a final cut can beat that so as far as playback, it’s looking about the same graphics cards almost maxed out.

There’s no way I could throw on another one on here. It’s going much faster this time than with each I. 264 it’s been 40 seconds, and we’re more than halfway done CPU GPU usage.

It looks similar to Asia to 6 for less than a resolver is always using 30 percent of the CPU and more graphics performance and were ready above 50 or 5556 seconds already above resolved not by much.

This is very interesting and incredible. I didn’t think I’d see the day or final cut is beating out not only match the timeline.

This is where finally got excels, but beating out for exporting takes a minute and 8 seconds compared to 50 no that’s not a vast difference might be instead of taking 10 minutes export.

Maybe 1314, but what this shows me is this was almost four times faster about 3.5 times faster than exporting each a 264, and then you’ll save time uploading as well in space if you have 1 of these newer laptops with the T. 2 chip go for the H. O. 265.

I do want to do some 10-bit footage. Let’s go ahead and open that up playing back this 10-bit footage in HDR 4 K. timeline without any lots a worthy looking at 71 percent graphics usage 20 percent. C. P. is more complicated, and you can kind of you know you take this as you see a couple of layers of corrections.

If you’re not going to use a lot, we are dropping frames more than before a let me do a simple test I wanted to export because this takes forever. I want to see if the result is going to do anything different than the final cut we have 10 bit selected HDR output rate there.

Let’s get it started it’s been 30 seconds I hear the fans ramping up, and that is because that is. In this case, RCP usages that 96 percent in our graphics are at like 6 percent a because this laptop doesn’t have dedicated hardware in coding for 10 bit that stuff is just hitting the market. It’s relatively new, and not a lot of systems have unless.

You have an Nvidia laptop I did a video recently on our TX the super-powerful R. T. X. laptop link it after this, when you guys should check it out, it’s a 1 minute elapsed and looks like. We have 19 minutes remaining I’m going to cancel that let’s call it roughly 20 minutes.

It looks like playback is somewhat similar graphics are 96 percent with one letter played 98 percent or 2021 yeah, so seems like a very similar final cut the performance matches up let’s set the export.

I have each your tent in able here, so it’s been about a minute our fans are up. It’s showing about 16.5 minutes remaining slightly faster than the final cut but not by much. Still, I’m guessing we’re going to have the same result as final cut we can leverage the graphics that much here because it has to use all of the CPU for that, but this was very interesting.

I would not suggest H. targeting, but if you’re editing other things, did you resolve now the timely performance is identical to final cut civilization was on the slower of course as differences. Maybe in quality and how much it’s mapping that kind of stuff, but as far as the graphics performance and grading of division are all, there’s no.

Longer a slouch that required a ton of right hardware high-end graphics cards to run even on the base MacBook pro is doing just as well and even better in some cases than final cut is so apple step it up two years great old job.

This was very interesting if you guys want me to do the same thing, but with a much higher and more robust system, let me know in the comments section below if you guys can see what results can do with some other hardware.


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