The Brand New Sennheiser Wireless X. S Kit

The Brand New Sennheiser Wireless X. S Kit
The Brand New Sennheiser Wireless X. S Kit

Hey, guys,Today, we’re taking a look at the brand new Sennheiser Wireless X. S kit. That is this tiny little laugh mike system for all of you filmmakers. And let’s just take a little pause and admire how tiny this thing is.

And let’s pull this guy out right here. Many of you guys are using the road filmmaker set.

We’ve been using it ever since it came out. It is really nice, really easy to use. It works fantastic. But now it has a new competitor. Now, Sennheiser has been in the audio game for a long time.

And years ago when I got into filmmaking, everybody was using Sennheiser wireless backs. But after the road came out, a lot of people started switching to that.

Now I think they have some big competition and I think this thing is going to sell like crazy.

So I might have some links, the article description, if you guys want to check that out. And like you guys saw, this thing is so tiny and that’s my biggest complaint in most people’s biggest complaint about the road system.

Now, this video isn’t a full comparison against the road filmmaker kit that will be coming out on a separate article along with a detailed full up review in the future.

But we will be doing a sound test comparison against the road system, which I am using right now, to make sure you guys stay tuned for that. Just like the transmitter, the receiver is also so tiny and it has its separate little mount that can be detachable.

And that’s great because a lot of these small mirrorless cameras, when you put that large pack on there, you can’t use the IVF or you have to flip to the side.

So having something so slim and so small, that’s going to be horizontal on your camera.

You could just plug right in. That’s going to be a big convenience along with the small pack. Now, I did have a few concerns when I started reading about this set. A couple of those have already been addressed. And I’ll mention that in just a bit.

Let me show you what else comes included inside of the box. First off, like you saw that live. Mike, this is one hundred and thirty. All our. Mike, it’s also included in this seven dollar wireless set. So it is a high quality microphone.

Along with that, we have a USB type C charging cable.

And that is because these little units are both charged with USGBC and they have internal batteries that last about five hours and they take two hours to charge. So if you’re somebody that needs battery power for all day shooting, this might be a limitation to you.

But I think for most people it won’t be. Most people don’t record for that long as long as you remember the charges ahead of time.

If you don’t, you actually can power them through USP power. So I’ll leave a link to this one in the article description. It is very, very cheap. It’s also thin and lightweight.

So you could just slip in your pocket, plug it in and run off of it for a very long time. And it takes about two hours to charge up. So actually, as you’re running it, it will recharge at the same time. Now, along with that, we have these little labels.

That way, if you have multiple kits, you can label them once they’re connected and know which one goes to which.

They say you can connect five kids and use five at the same time. Other people mentioned that you can use more, but that’s kind of their official rating. And along with that, the awesome thing is that you can actually mix and match these.

So not only do they have a standard set for most filmmakers, we could put one on top of your camera, another one with a laugh, Mike.

They also have units with excellent power and quarter inch. So there’s a lot of flexibility.

And one kit that I think is very interesting is one that actually comes with one receiver and two transmitters and SLR one and three and a half inch, one for LAF Mike. I have a few more specs and findings to share with you, along with that comparison to the Road Wireless filmmaker.

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The tech that’s inside of here is the same as in the road wireless filmmakers set.

It’s a two point four gigahertz connection. The range is listed up to seventy five meters. I think it’s like a two hundred and fifty feet or so. And the road wireless set has a really good connection as far as long distance.

Along with that, it does a very similar thing where you can actually switch bands and a monitor for any interference and signal strength.

And on the fly, without any interruption, it will switch over to a different kind of frequency or connection. So that is very nice. It’s gonna help with interference and make sure you have the best connection possible. Now, as you may have noticed, there is only one button on this device and one little LCD light. You don’t have any display or anything like that and no settings or different things to change.

So as soon as you turn them on, they’re going to find each other and connect.

And you have to look at the LCD for all of your information. So you want to see the battery life. You want to see if it’s muted or unmuted. That is all done right here.

So you will have to learn kind of how to read some Morse code and pay attention to the different colors that are here. One of the concerns that I had personally is this little button that also acts as a mute button.

It’s really small here, but I felt like you could accidentally.

Press it, and in fact, it’s actually recessed enough and it does take a little bit of force to engage it. So I don’t think you’re going to accidentally trip it. No one really good feature is if somebody is using this wireless pack and they mute it and then they forget to unmuted.

Let’s say you’re recording like a life presentation or something like that. You can actually unmuted from your little receiver. And that’s a nice feature to have. My other concern was the build quality.

It is made all out of plastic, but it feels really nice and solid in the hand. It does have more weight than you would expect. It’s not too heavy, but it definitely feels sturdy.

And one issue that I’ve had with the RO is and we’ve went through multiple packs and other people I know that use them have went through multiple sets, mainly because they’re made out of plastic, but they’re also quite large.

So some people would end up sitting down and breaking them off. Or if it falls with your tripod, which I have had happened, it will break because it’s large.

It’s sticking out all over the place. So it’s something this small and compact. I don’t think it’s gonna be as big of an issue. So finally, let’s plug this in and compare the audio quality to the Road Wireless filmmaker set that you guys have been listening to this whole time. As you see, I do have a plugged in and charging because we haven’t charged these yet.

And we’ll see what kind of difference we hear. I do want to mention that you can’t swap out the microphone capsule.

And as far as the technology of sending the audio over, that’s not really gonna make a difference in sound. It’s more of the included mikes. So this is an audio quality tests with our Road Wireless filmmaker. And this is an audio quality test with a Sennheiser X. S Wireless. So go ahead. Let me know in the comment section below.

Which one do you think sounds better? I’m going to keep this thing connected since it’s already on, so I’ll let you guys know a couple more things before I wrap up the article.

The first thing is this is just designed to be a simple, easy, good sounding solution.

Not only this set, but the other sets as well, something that’s convenient, fast and easy to use. And I think that is a huge selling point. Now, because of this, we don’t have a lot of different options.

And one thing that it does not have that the road wireless does is the ability to adjust the levels. So on the road, you can go all the way up to plus 20 decibels or minus 20, which is quite nice. And you set both the receiver and the transmitter and you can adjust it that way.

I do not think you could do this with this pack right here, but we did test out both on as far as gain. And I typically keep my road at the zero, the default setting. And this one is a little bit more sensitive or has a little bit harder signal than the road pack does.

And maybe you guys could tell a difference right now.

So that’s about it for our first initial look at the Sennheiser wireless set. Like I said, I think this thing is going to sell very, very well because of the price point and the convenience and especially pide. The biggest selling point is the size of these.

You guys let me know what you think about these and if you’re considering picking one of these up.

You guess how those notifications enabled because we will be doing a full, detailed comparison against the Road Wireless filmmaker kit. And along with that, I will have a follow up review after we’ve used these for about a month or so.

So you guys definitely want a missile on that. Thank you guys for watching.


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