Full 8K RAW Editing on a Laptop!

    Full 8K RAW Editing on a Laptop!
    Full 8K RAW Editing on a Laptop!

    Hey guys, it’s Max today we are going to be taking a look at the future in my future. I mean something futuristic but available right now we’re going to playback full resolution 8 K.

    Redraw files, and we’re not going to do on a low computer costs over $4000 I can barely play it back we are going to be doing so on this system.

    I see right here, fan analytes laptop. This is one of Nvidia’s new RTX studio laptops in this article made in partnership with them, so thank you to Nvidia. I’ll show you exactly how something so thin so light and super portable can full playback resolution 8 K. red rock no I’ve always been a massive fan of laptops.

    You could be productive on the say you’re traveling or even if you want to get out of the office and do some work at sea a coffee shop do some work outside and get some sunlight or also. I hate that it is a joke, but there have been a few times.

    I was on some strict deadlines, and I just had to get the job done, so whatever you’re doing, it’s nice to be able to have portability. Still, there’s always been one downside with laptops, and that has been the graphics performance starting with the first laptop that I bought for video editing going all the way up to the latest and greatest fully spec’d out MacBook pros.

    The limitation is the graphics. That’s what’s holding back the whole system well; now we have some compelling graphics options in Nvidia working together with the laptop manufacturers to make sure that everything is running smoothly and you get the best performance so all of these studio laptops.

    Nvidia certifies them for video editing for graphic design if you’re doing 3 D. modeling a bunch of different creative tasks but not only the hardware also the drivers with Nvidia studio drivers in front of me. I have the M. S. I. P. 75 creator 9 S. F. laptop.

    It has an accurate color Matt displayed. It has a core I. 98 core processor 32 gigabytes of ram a one terabyte envy I mean assist detained, of course, an Nvidia RTX 2070 Max Q. graphics card. So what is Nvidia studio certified, and we are going to be not only testing this out playing back 4 K.

    Raw, but we are also going to be comparing it to a fully spec’d out MacBook Pro, which comes in at a little over $1000 more expensive.

    If you’re going to be like this, what kind of video is it without some comparisons as I mentioned these laptops of the same processors. And they also the same amount of ram in instead of H. R. 20, you see the scores are relatively similar. The MSI does score higher because of its better thermals.

    But now I want to go ahead and test out geek bench for just for the graphics themselves and see what kind of a performance difference we can X.

    The fact all right our tests are running. I’m using the OpenCL test because the MacBook can do metal in them aside with envy. You guys have the technology.

    We’re going just to keep it at a level playing field all righty there, okay. So this is why a MacBook owners and mac lovers 1 Nvidia in their systems what 2070 here the Max Q. design.

    We have a 220 2000 OpenCL score compared to 70 9000 975 now. I’m not fantastic at math, but that sounds to triple the performance with the 2070 Max Q.

    MS I has a model of this with a 4 K. display and with 2080 as well so you can get even better graphics card and the MacBook this is the best that we can get and if you saw my previous article. The most significant limitation of what this MacBook Pro is the graphics card now finally let’s get into the red 8 K.

    Playback and editing so here in front of me I’ve resin that acts open this is Reds program you could do a ton of stuff in it. They worked with Nvidia to enable the awesome power of these graphics cards to be fully utilized with this Kodak and make a massive difference in performance.

    Let’s start with my MacBook pro here as a baseline mega-hit plays all right we are buffering we get a few frames as you could tell this is stuttering like crazy. We’re maxing out the system, and we are not getting anywhere, and it looks like we got ourselves a solid 4.5 frames per second instead of 25.

    Now one thing that we could do is drop down 4 K. playback and as you can see we get a few more frames but that same issue where glitching up and not being able to play this back now with the Nvidia studio laptop if we’re not making use of that GPU magic even here at 1080 P.

    Playback was going to play it’s going to buffer a little bit as you guys can see we start playing back damn we stopped there were dropping frames and even with an eight-core I. 9 CPU super powerful even at 1080 P.

    It is not able to play it back right; this is where our TX 2070 comes. It will take this magic GPU button. What’s at play. While a lot, of course, that is a quarter. It’s rendering everything away ahead of time. This is for K.
    No problem is still playing back without drop frames in the house rendering ahead of time and now the moment of truth.

    Sets for resolution. Full 8 K. 25 frames per second live without dropping frames Russia rendering slightly faster with the queue ahead of it I cannot believe it, and this is what 2070, not the 2080 Max Q. we’re getting a full 8 K.

    Playback full resolution, and this is with the let’s apply it, so this is the fourth grade as you can see we have a high image here. Let’s see that one more time without any proxies without transcoding on the fly and relatively inexpensive thin laptop-like.

    This is the future of article editing harnessing the graphics in being able to do stuff like this, so thank you and article thank you for pushing the boundaries thank you read a read did release the windows API right.

    Now anybody can download it, but this power into their programs, and be able to access all of that we are going to be testing a premiere pro, but they have not yet updated a premier.

    This API that should be coming hopefully fairly soon here they’ve been making a lot of updates recently and starting to push the performance quite a bit if you guys saw my previous.

    What article but even without the CPI that is incredible, we still have a ton of power in these R. T. X. graphics as you guys saw with the OpenCL test we have the 8 K.

    The footage here hoppers Lucien’s or playing back at 14 now let’s go ahead and start it up I have dog years an evil that we could see what is going on it looks like.

    We’re playing back about 2423 frames per second on the MacBook. We are playing at 9.5 frames per second. Hence, as you see, we’re mainly using the CPU and not that much of these powerful graphics, and as soon as the API gets integrated, that is going to flip. We can play this back out full resolution 8 K. now, the next thing I’m going to show you is going to blow.

    Your guys as mine it blew my mind when I tested it out here we have 4.5 K. red rock now let’s explore. This project is where stuff got very interesting, and if we look at the system performance while we are doing that now, we’re getting about 76 percent G. P. usage 81 percent GPU usage so when we’re rendering.

    We’re getting much more utilization of that graphics card than the timeline, and automatically, graphics are Max out the CPU is Max out. We have 4 minutes for 5 minutes a 4.5 Kate Redrock in just over 15 minutes with the MacBook pro.

    This is crazy, so I am happy Nvidia created the studio laptop program where if somebody wants to pick something up, they don’t know a ton about systems. They know that if Nvidia certifies, the laptop is going to have perfect hardware.

    It’s going to drivers are to be reliable, and you can pick it up and start using it without having to overthink it.

    The system just grabs something that’s going to work, so thank you once again to Nvidia for working with me on this video, opening my eyes and seeing what is now possible.

    I heard the announcement awhile back, and it kind of blew my mind was. Nice to see this hands-on and, of course.

    I will have a link to both this MSI laptop down the script shin and Nvidia’s page because I want to find more information.


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