iPhone 11 Pro vs 4K Video & 6K Cinema Camera!

    iPhone 11 Pro vs 4K Video & 6K Cinema Camera!
    iPhone 11 Pro vs 4K Video & 6K Cinema Camera!

    He gets Max a day I’ll be comparing the Sony A. 73 a super popular hybrid 4 K. camera in the Blackmagic pocket cinema camera 6 Katie that shoots raw against.

    Then yes, my iPhone 11 pro-Max, this article is sponsored by Squarespace and all in 1 platform that makes it easy to make a fantastic website.

    Before you, hardcore filmmakers go in the comments section and tell me that an iPhone isn’t a real article camera I need to process video by saying I’m not trying to see.

    The whole you should not try to buy an iPhone instead of an actual you know video cameras like this where maybe this camera or the 4 K.

    Version if you’re trying to become a filmmaker, but what I’m trying to do in this article is to see how far have smartphones come especially.

    The newest iPhone apples leading the article game as far as phones and how they compete see what their strong points show you guys the weaknesses.

    As well and NC can use an iPhone to shoot video many supplements something else, and if you’re starting a YouTube channel, you can’t afford an actual camera.

    And lenses and all that stuff maybe can afford to upgrade from your iPhone 7 up to an iPhone 1180 and see can be used to shoot things like that, so that is what we’re going to take a look at now let’s start here comparing it to the 40 from the A. 73.

    I have a freeze-frame here, and the most significant difference here is that the name of Grange now this is such an impressive look at the concrete we have more tightly detail with the iPhone in inside of the building we have so much more detail we’re not crushing the shadows.

    It’s way brighter, and if I play this article, you guys will see that trend continues we look at the sky and look at all those clouds that are not their own all with the 873 and in this scenario exposed for the shadows.

    We look at the difference in shadow and minute detail here. It is fantastic, and the same thing with this expose for the blind here looks at the sky.

    Hi now, of course, I can you know pull down the highlights push of the shadows here but still the in the Sony cannot compete with the iPhone and here’s a shot with a 50 mill lands look how light the wood is in the sign is while maintaining those clouds and then if I push and pull the image yes, we can get a lot better from.

    Sony is similar to the kind of S. log slightly worse, but it still will not compete now. I will explain how the iPhone is doing that here in just a second, but in these scenarios, you guys look at the sky.

    There the iPhone and I excel and also with auto exposure and auto white balance he gets this year spot on where the so many blows out the tree and is way too cool now another area that I’ve been quite.

    Impressed with the iPhone is the microphone quality that Sony is quite good as well, but you guys take a listen to the sample and let me know down the comments section which one you think is best. We.

    No one downside of having this tremendous dynamic range is that everything just kind of looks flat in certain scenes because. It’s pushing everything together, especially when you don’t have the background blur that you can get with a hybrid camera or cinema camera everything.

    Just doesn’t look as lovely you don’t have that same separation now both these cameras can shoot slow-motion this is both at 1080 P. 120 both of my look quite a bit worse than its 4 K. counterparts. Still, the iPhone has even more significant different benefits trying to push and pull the image too much, but it is a software artifact.

    The wheels of the same thing with the Stoney, but it does look better than this next scene is here in the office with some studio lighting. And I’m trying to see can the iPhone be used to record YouTube videos. As I said earlier, if you can’t afford an actual camera, I’m now playing it.

    I have to say I am just shocked and floored by how close this iPhone using its 50 Milan’s the telephoto lens which is where some quality to the Sony now yes it is not as good but saying I was not expecting this I try this out with the iPhone 10 as before. The results were much different compared to the A. 73 were here.

    This you looks usable now fi punch and more yes the technology of the skin the colors are not as good we have more artifact Ingle bit less more noiseless detail. Still, wow I this is a 200 percent crop in a lot of people are watching on smartphones they’re streaming in 720 or even for 80 P.

    If they’re, you know an unlimited plan at which a lot of limits you know to 480 P. and not case it’ll have an even smaller difference. I’m shocked now. I also looked at a little light. I think I push this a little bit too far. This is a 30 200 I sell, and I’ve almost terrible it looks a horrible lot of denoising so.

    We lose a lot of detail we saw a lot of noise in the image where at 30 200 I sold a 73 looks super clean, and you can shoot at 30 200 I saw with pretty much no lights and, at an entirely usable image where you do not want to do that with the iPhone now before.

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    You’ll get 10 percent off your first purchase of a website or domain now let’s take a look at 6 K. footage, and I have to preface this by saying I’m not trying to get cinematic footage out of this in this scenario.

    I did shoot black magic rock I do spend a lot of time greeting mainly what I was trying to see is we’re shooting with this camera shooting brought a lot of flexibility a lot more than with the Sony much better Kodak.

    I’m Tracy can I match up the dynamic range that we saw previously with iPhone beat out the Sony. However, I can still maintain shadow detail and practical contrast limits even to have the right you know highlights, but before we look at that and before. I explain how the iPhone is doing such a great job; let’s first take a look at details; this is 6 K.

    It’s detailed, and then I put the iPhone next to it, and once again, I want to say that I am pretty dang shocked now. Of course, I want to look as good but look way better.

    Then I thought it wouldn’t we better than the previous iPhones or Samsung’s now if we punch, and we see clearly. That the six kids a lot more detail less artifact being anything like that too.

    It’s not as huge of a difference as I expected previous phones would look terrible if you punch in you would never want to function. This looks fantastic but looks way better.

    Than I expected, now we have this next scene where it’s not a super tricky dynamic range scene, but I did try to match up the contrast switching the maids you know pulling the shadows downs.

    We have some true blacks and then not blowing out the sky or anything like that, so I got a pretty matched up here in this scene, of course, some of the colors are different but then.

    When we go over to the left, we see that many shadows are crashed in that case where the iPhone is still able to maintain some of that detail and even though.

    It’s not a crash in the shadows. We have more kind of contrast in the minutes, which is pretty impressive now. This is a reasonably easy seen self-reported this one here.

    It’s more complicated we have this bridge a lot of kind of darker areas underneath the bridge I push and pull the raw image quite a bit here I want to beat the contrast and when I did that even though it’s not as good especially.

    The trees look at the sky difference. It’s massive we have almost no color in the sky in detail in the clouds are pretty much gone even though.

    They’re not blown out of course I could have pulled all of this down crushed the blacks pull down the shadows the meds a lot and then had a nice guy but with this raw image.

    We’re dealing with just one frame, and what we’re doing is we’re just pushing and pulling, and you either have to choose your highlights or shadows now the way.

    They’re able to achieve this is taking two images at different exposure levels and combining it, so it’ll take one at high shutter speed.

    What low shutters beat when I saw the difference if your lower light and then it will combine not just like you’re doing each your photos so with that image like I said you have to push and pull and choose what you’re going to maintain but photographers for a.

    Long time a done HDR retake two frames combine them, and then you can have excellent contrast shadow detail in highlights in the iPhone that is doing that on the fly. Not only will shooting 4030 issue 4 K. 62 exposures are blended but even if you’re hunting for K. 60, it will do for K. 120.

    I took this a step further, and we went under this bridge. Here it’s super dark this like the darkest bridges wide covered at both ends, not a lot like getting into there, and the sun is just blaring outside ians the iPhone you look at how much detail.

    We have in the minutes, and it’s not flat it looks bright, and we look outside we do have that sunspot but still.

    We have better contrast with more brightness underneath the bridge because of that double exposure now, of course, I could have just crashed to the shadows a lot. That’s what you would do if you’re shooting a film some of those actual.

    Cameras like the Lexus have quite a bit better dynamic range in this, but you would choose you to want your highlights or shadows you should do use different times of the day you add extra lighting but in this scenario.

    I mean, how does exposure is excellent, and now we have this crazy scene that I thought was pretty poor because of how difficult this lighting situation is but still compared to the black magic.

    Where I can expose in the middle, I really push and pull the image as much as I could I wanted to see myself see quite a bit of noise here, and I try this out with different I suppose in dementia resolve.

    If I’m trying to see myself, I have to sacrifice the highlights in the back is bright. What I’ve looks terrible, but we get a lot more contrast and color while still seeing my face both look awful.

    You wouldn’t want you in this way, but that’s what does exposure could do for you now, one issue with iPhones is if you have a scene like this first that standard lines with all that detail from the trees.

    It just looks so crunchy and so bad now you can get around this by using filmic pro by using will say a lot profiler just recording without the extra sharpening and using a higher bit rate.

    You could go about twice as high as with the standard camera app will do. They’ll help out.but in this scenario the black magic rock all that extra bit rate.and not you know not having over sharpening makes everything look natural and pleasing while still having detail no one area that the iPhone.

    He excels with it, and I hope some of these cameras are implementing this image stabilization. So, not only has the lenses stabilized, but along with that, it’s using accelerometer and mapping the sheet that you have and then.

    After you quit the video clip, not during it will process that use that data and give you a super steady image that looks like you’re almost shooting on a gamble compared to so much shake you know recording with the camera like this it doesn’t have I.

    Best Worland stigmatization now there is an add on for these cameras called steady X. P. though use a similar thing has sensors and record that data and then also after with it knows precisely how much a stabilizer exactly how much she Q.

    Had gives you great footage, but why not have added that into a camera like this where.

    Later in the post, you have that extra data embedded into the file or maybe into a sidecar file, and then you can use that to stabilize.

    The footage and not have the weird warping you get with work stabilizer or other stabilizers and have some excellent mood for the study so awesome to have. So there you go, guys, that is my comparison once again. I was trying to see where.

    It where this camera where this phone excels and some of the weaknesses this is better than I expected.

    When I was shooting us, I don’t think it’s going to do as well in a lot of these tests let me know your thoughts down in the comments section.


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