The Honest Sony With A New Microphone Review

The Honest Sony With A New Microphone Review
The Honest Sony With A New Microphone Review

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Hey, guys, I’m here. A camera cam. I have my cowboy hat on in Montana. So we’re having a great time. And I’m shooting on the Sony, a sixty six hundred with a new microphone and the new 16 to fifty five lens. So that’s what we’re gonna be talking about today is a sixty six hundred worth it along with this lens.

So I’ve been shooting with this combo for about a day and a half now, and I have to say that my thoughts are quite mixed. Let’s start off with the lens.

And man, this thing is impressive. I’ve had multiple different sixteen fifty fives or seventeen of 50s at a Sigma Tamron. I had a Samsung one. I had a really nice Fuji lens.

This thing beats all of those out. It is so small and it’s sharp. It’s compact. It is very well balanced. Even on this really small body. Whereas the Fuji lens is just really large, especially on something like the X T-3. This thing is surprisingly small for a lens of this type. It is also a very sharp, good autofocus, good build quality.

It is all around winner. If you need one of these lenses, if you’re shooting with an APC sensor or a Super 35, I think you will not be disappointed. It doesn’t have any stabilization, but that’s a way that they made a small some of the other ones don’t either.

But they’re way larger. The only of downside is the price. It is expensive.

I would like to see it maybe 200 Rs less. But I think Sony knows that people want to slander people. Been asking for at least three for five years now. They delivered. But you have to put up with that price next. That little microphone on top.

It is nice to know. And fortunately, the camera they 60s sounded doesn’t support the full digital signal like a sonar for us. But hopefully in the future they some industry will. And maybe if we have a better APRC body, it will. But I really like that microphone.

That’s what I’m using right now. Let me know your thoughts. How does it sound? We have waves and all that stuff in the background. And now let’s jump to the camera. This is all my thoughts are really mics. I am on both sides here.

So to start off, it’s a lot of familiar things that I don’t even think this camera really needs its own separate review video. So a sixty five hundred with some of the upgrades from a 64.

Of course, we have things like the large battery now, which means the grip is larger and this is the most comfortable grip in a camera that they’ve made it.

That’s a really nice improvement in battery life is so much better.

Just as you would expect for four key recording, you can get close to two and a half hours of walking recording. And that’s continuous because this camera does not have a limit.

You can roll for two and a half hours. Plus, we have a headphone jack. That is another nice addition, of course, compared to the a sixty four hundred.

Now we have IBIS built in. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be much better than the A sixty five hundred is just standing there holding it.

It works pretty well but walking man that is, it’s not great. So I wish that was updated. Of course the rear LCD display like the screen, it does not dim just like the A sixty four hundred four. So for usability that is really, really nice to have.

That is so cool to see and it really picks up that even sideways. So that is impressive. So I guess that will help out and help the face detection and be able to track faces and eyes now better than before, but didn’t have much problems before the face detection that did a great job. But they are stepping it up to all of those things are a nice evolution over the a sixty five hundred and sixty four hundred.

And if you want a camera like this and you need something that’s better now, I think you’re going to be happy with it just because of the ease of use. Those enhancements, I think day to day for shooting. Often that does help, especially in the video side.

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Now, why am I not so excited about. Well, I’m not excited that it’s the same sensor. I’m not excited though. Enough 60 frames per second. Obviously, Sony has the sensors to do that. The Fujifilm X 23 shoots. Fourcade, 60, has higher bit rates. It has that better the newer sensor inside of it. You can shoot with a shot to six five.

Of course, that has bad battery life and no ibis, which this thing has good battery life, really good battery life and ibis.

But I just feel like they could have done so much more.

And even though I am going to buy one of these in Selma, a 60 400 because of the bigger battery and that little bit better autofocus, I wish they did more. I really I. Now, they didn’t price this at some crazy higher level.

The price of the same as the a sixty five hundred it was when it came out. So now China, you know, makes a 7000. They called it sixty six hundred, just a step above the sixty five hundred. So they’re not trying to market as that. They’re not trying to say this is a new revolution.

They’re saying, hey, this is our next little small upgrade to the sixty five hundred.

That’s kind of the replacement for it. We have some nice usability upgrades. Flip up screen. Here you go. You know, enjoy it and use it. But I think the guys have been shooting with a 60 500 for a while, a 60, 300. We would rather spend maybe a little bit more and got something like a larger A7 body with, you know, maybe a 26 megapixel sensor for a 60.

I think so much people have been excited for that with IBIS. Good battery life. I don’t know. I don’t know what they’re kind of game plan is. It seems like instead of making huge steps, they’re making good steps.

Good upgrades, but more evolutionary ones instead of a revolution, of course, wait for the A7 S3 as well. So that is my thoughts on the system.

I’ve been shooting with it. I’ve been enjoying it. But there’s not that much new things.

It is more nice to shoot with. I like it, but I wish they did more. So I don’t think you’ll be disappointed if you know what you’re getting into. You’re buying it. All these little upgrades that they’ve made with the 60 400 and they take that add on more things.

The battery life is just huge. If you’re event shooter, not having the record them is huge.

Being able to just hit a record and go and not worry about it for a long time. That is nice. And even if you shoot photos, time lapses to have a large battery, that is really, really nice. Plus, the new menu upgrades, the main menu, the different little software updates that they did, the headphone jack.

They’re all great things. So it’s not a bad camera at all. It has a good camera.

But Sony works 60. Please, please. That’s kind of what we want. So thank you guys for watching. I’m still going to hang out here at camera cam for another day. It has been awesome. I went to condo before.

I was mainly geared towards photographers here. And this is all video.

So I’m learning YouTube analytics. I’m using learning other things that can improve my craft. Helped me create better content for you meeting up with other creators. I’m shooting some stuff with the iPhone eleven against some other cameras.

So if you guys are interested in that, I’ll have a little link right there to our tech channel. You guys can go and check that out. Let me know if you guys have any questions down in the comment section below. And, of course, awesome links in the video description.


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