2019 i9 Macbook Pro +eGPU vs 2019 i9 iMac

    2019 i9 Macbook Pro +eGPU vs 2019 i9 iMac
    2019 i9 Macbook Pro +eGPU vs 2019 i9 iMac

    His Max in this article we are going to be comparing the brand new 2000 198 core MacBook pros with an external graphics card attached using 1 of these radio sevens or another graphics card the Vega 64 against the branding also a core.

    IMAX has bigger 48 graphics now a lot of you guys like always want to know if you can use the MacBook Pro as a replacement for an I mac you have the portability when you’re on the go and then in this case you can attach an eGPU.

    When you’re sitting at your desk and get better performance instead of being tied down to a regular I’m back in for some other guys have been asking, can you just go to the base 560 X.

    Graphics and some of the most significant 1 TV and then just attach something much more powerful.

    When you’re at your desk, that is a question that will be answered in this video, and I’ll be completely upfront with you guys for most of it is not worth buying.

    An EGP, you’re much better off buying the Vega 20 graphics internally if you need an excellent graphics performance.

    If you need good about 6 per format, that will not be a good alternative you know buying a GPU with a MacBook pro compared to buying.

    An I mac that I make is a better choice. I’ll explain precisely why and the few cases where an eGPU could be beneficial.

    If you have a MacBook Pro, you guys have been on me asking about an update to the previous article made on this topic, which was about a year ago, and I kept putting that article off because I was waiting for final cut updates.

    I was waiting for mac OS updates better support overall with all these programs, and we have had some improvements in mapquest just added.

    Official support for this graphics cards was a perfect time in windows this card performs fantastic for this type of usage it gets about 2015 0 a score for OpenCL, unfortunately in mac OS.

    Even though we have official support, the scores are not that great, and it’s very close to the Vega 64, which is close to half the price of this guy right.

    Here and I did at some video editing tests initially, and the results were identical with the Vega 64 as you guys can see, so that is a massive bomber.

    I’m going to have to wait more and do a follow-up video, but I still wanted to get this comparison, Alex.

    I gave the numbers from the Vega 64 for this. If you guys are trying to buy something right now, you want something.

    That’s going to be the best bang for the Buck that is still the best bang for the Buck, so let’s jump into the numbers here we’re going to start with stabilizing a 20 second 4 K.

    Clip-in premiere pro there is no difference because it’s mainly CPU bound, but we do get a good improvement in final intervention resolved.

    It’s still not as fast as the I mac, which has a slower bigger 48 graphics. I was hoping for some better results starting, especially with the test that is GPU bound.

    I was hoping for some prudence from a year ago, but we are still not there yet now I think this is for video editing thing a part of it is because of the way the video editing accesses.

    The external graphics but a part of it is still optimizations with the systems we’ll get a benchmark occasion heaven, which is a gaming benchmark we seem much better improvements over the Vega 20, especially for use.

    An external display that gives you the best results would have to send data back through the same Venable cable to your CPU to be processed but even here.

    Where we get the best results in the best gains, which is kind of gaming, we still get very similar effects of the Vega 64 compared to the bigger 40 internally now that is also because.

    When we’re using this external graphics card, we only get a 4 X. PCIe lane from the C. B. I don’t get too technical here, but you don’t have the same speed connecting a graphics externally.

    As you do, having it be inside of your system because it has to go through the animal controller through the cable to the graphics card to be processed and is more bandwidth limited, and We’re going to start to see this more.

    We start comparing the real-world video editing results, so let’s jump into that more we’re going to. Take a look at a standard 4 K.

    Project here with two let’s inform green a plight, and what we see here may shock you, especially if your final cut user says he considers both. Then I back in the regular MacBook pro’s most significant 20 are very close in speeds with final cut and adding on this piece of a graphics card externally, adding all the extra steps.

    It needs just makes a lot more bottleneck here actually, and we’re not maxing out their graphics card.

    All it’s not being used maybe like 25 percent, but our result is quite a bit slower now in premiere pro individuals. However, it does seem we do see a little bit of improvement not very much, but it’s there thankfully it’s not making it slower.

    But still, if we compare the results to the I mac with the worst graphics card inside, you know those bees are quite a bit faster.

    I know some of you guys hear me asking what about the timeline performance to playback when you’re editing that matters more, and yes, that is right.

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    I want to say I do have some positive news about EGP use coming up the first we have some more take it if someone I show you guys each I. 265 right here similar project different Kodak.

    As you can see, the results are practically the same eGPU doesn’t do much and actually can slow.

    It down now in this case that Iraq is slower and final cut into the venture is all that is because it does not have a T. 2 chip, which will include the video much faster. These computers are high, and they handle this footage great, but unfortunately.

    Sometimes when you’re adding eGPU, you have a little bit of glitching or stuttering in the timeline. Now it’s not all the time, but you do notice if you’re used to working natively with the graphics card.

    Then you add on the GPU now at this point you might be thinking well it’s not worth getting a single graphics card overall you might be right, but there are some cases where the eGPU will help out with your MacBook pro.

    Editing and that is when you get into the heavier codex the stuff they’re going to push your CPU to the Max that are driving your graphics card to the Max E. that is heating your system.

    Let’s jump into canon C. 200 raw footage in here when we’re exporting a 5-minute project we get faster results with a final cut in with premiere pro Davinci resolve did get slower, which is odd. I am using results 16 the latest beta, which has the best support for external graphics cards, showed off an A. B.

    The final cut got a pretty good improvement and not only for vendors but actually in the timeline as well. This MacBook pro can only handle 30 frames per second raw footage from the C.

    200, but when we add on any GPU, we get up to 50 frames per second, so that is almost double the performance, and when you’re in the timeline, that does make a huge difference, and it’s going to help you.

    Out here in the latest version of premiere pro, it did give us some improvements but not by a considerable margin, which is quite odd because a graphics card is being pushed well into adventures all that stayed about the same as a bit glitchy.

    That is another significant improvement, but for everybody else, it is not worth getting an E. G. P. U. even with the Vega 20 a weaker graphics set up with the MacBook pro a lot of times, you’re getting better performance or so very similar performance.

    And you’re also getting smoother timeline performance without any weird little stutters are glitches, so thank you guys for watching.

    If you have any questions, ask in the comments section below, do my best to answer them, and I want to do a more in-depth article on this maybe tested a few different graphics cards go into windows and stat.

    I don’t know, give me some ideas down below because I have hope for better results than what we see here this when Max and I’ll see you in the next article.


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