Ronin SC vs Zhiyun Crane 2

    Ronin SC vs Zhiyun Crane 2
    Ronin SC vs Zhiyun Crane 2

    Hey, is this Max today we’re going to be comparing the brand new road in Aston C. to 1 of my favorite Gimbels the crane to when the ronin S.

    Launch most people loved it, but they have the same feedback, but it was too heavy for single-handed use, especially.

    When you put on you know a decent size body in a lens on it the DJ I fix that problem made some other improvements with the S. C. to be completely honest with you guys I was a bit under one then it seems like a lot of the other reviewers were as well maybe they didn’t want to mention.

    It because I sent them out the gamble this 1 I purchased myself, so I kind of look at the specs, and I thought that looks very similar to my cream to as far as weight.

    But the camera’s capacity is quite a bit smaller, so it’s limiting that’s why I want to do the shoot out. Let’s go ahead and compare them now.

    One thing that I love about the cream to is the Manfrotto plates meaning I can take my camera off of my tripod my monopod slip it on here and be ready to go and vice versa, whereas with the new run in a seat.

    Because they wanted to lower that weight, made everything smaller, including this little plate right here, they also made a couple of other changes, so there’s actually.

    This little moveable locking out here that is awesome, so if you’re using the same ones in the camera, you can preset it in actually just slip it in to get.

    The perfect position and then this accessory here you no longer just a here yeah I should do it on this arm. I’m using 1 of my favorite combos here, the 73 with a 28 to 75 to hear mine, and a lot of people are using. This is one thing that I love that they added to this gamble is the axis locks.

    I can focus on getting this one balanced there you go. We are poised in. Unfortunately, even though I adjust that about 40 millimeters instead of a typical 50, they give me a good middle ground between 20 to 75. I still am hating that rear little eye peas cover let me see. If I can take this thing off of that will help okay now we’re clearing it, I think if I. I bounce it out 50, we might be touching or very close so.

    I think this is going to be the biggest downside with the ronin S. C., but you do not have with the crane 3 with this bad boy I can’t even balance a C. 200 on it all right let’s turn this sucker on flashing was not working I guess I have to activate it first I’m going to go and connect to that no.

    I don’t want to buy your replacement plan. That is one thing that I love about the crane Gimbels compared to most other brands you can grab this out of the box. It just works. You don’t have to go in and tweak the settings you can, but out of the box, you get smooth results, and we even have a built-in display, so I got to pull my phone up.

    I have to you know to switch the power settings if I ever have your camera or tweak some things no that’s set up was a bit of a pain but honestly.

    This is good for people who are just getting a new gamble to teach them that the toilets balance it and run this test, so finally we’re ready to go I’m in mode one now, let’s check it out.

    And we are just really lagging here. Sleepover motile. And that’s part. I can pan, but I can’t do any told. And mo 3. Okay. This is a little too fast.

    So I guess I have to go in the settings and make a custom mode out of the box like I said I like the crane mode it’s right in between mode one and mode.

    But this guy way too quick so I’m going to do that, and then we’ll get some shots. So there you have it my first footage with the ronin S. C. and personally.

    I was a little underwhelmed throw those clips. I kept going back into the app maybe 56 times tweaking the settings trying to get it you know to work correctly for my shooting style, and even still, I feel like those a little bit of a janitor.

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    Do you guys have a side by side comparison between the ronin S. C. and the crane 2 I want to hear guys opinions?

    Let me know which one looks smoother once again the crane to had no adjustments whatsoever I think it kind of helps out a little bit of a deadpan change for especially for like the running shots.

    Whereas this guy I spent about 20 minutes tweaking, I feel like I can get a little better if I fine-tune a little more, but overall, I have to say that I am very impressed with the ronin S. C. when I pull the thing out of the box.

    Just getting near my hands around it and feeling and feeling how it’s built, it feels good on another level compared to the crane to which is also good. It’s all-metal, but I love this group. I love the way.

    It shaped, and it fits my hand perfectly compared to their own us which was a little bit too big even for my large hands and if you have smaller medium hands that was probably crazy for you guys a few things I stood out to me about the ronin S. see you first off right when.

    I got it out of the box. It feels nice to build quality of the materials that are used along with just the feel in the hand I love that they made to groups smaller the ronin S. was too large even for my large hands.

    It was too big. This fits utterly. I also love that we have these locks now. It makes it much easier to balance. I also really like that the grip is the touch just like the ronin S. this is so handy if you want to pack it down, make it small, and put in a backpack in your suitcase your messenger bag.

    Whatever you cannot do that with the crane to anything is quite a bit larger. They made some changes to the case not only is it small fragile much more than there with the crane to in pretty much every other gamble once actually set up the chance I never use the box it came with because you could not do.

    This is rated for close to 5 pounds. This one is calculated at 7 pounds, but that doesn’t matter because what the Rohingya Nessie there is not enough clearance right over here the 28 to 75.

    Tamron lens, which is relatively light weights, can barely be balanced with the ronin S. C. and if you want to bounce 70 millimeters, you’re maxing this thing out, and even then, you have to remove your makeup, and you might still be touching at the back here.

    So I wish they just extended this arm by half-inch or so maybe an inch. Still, even a half-inch would make a big difference and now instead of the weight of their own, and that’s being kind of the downside with the S. seat it’s the fact that you can’t balance have your lenses even with small bodies now the cream to that is not an issue.

    Whatsoever and like I showed you guys at the start, I even bounce a C. 200 on here with like a cannon 51.2 lands, and I guess you with that you know pretty much all day you can handle.

    The weight so you want to shoot with a canon or Sony 24 to 70 F. 2.8 or like 851.4 prime lenses or even a Fuji X. E. 3 with a 16 to 552.8 you will not be able to do so with this gamble and that’s the most significant limitation for people are starting our people.

    Using prime lenses, it is beautiful I like the size of like how could be very compact you could throw it into any bag, but as you’re going along as you’re upgrading your lenses, you want to use some of the higher end more delicate glass.

    This will hold you back, so that is the most significant differentiating par anything between these 2 I don’t care as much about you know the batteries were said the fact that this doesn’t lock.

    The screen we were you’re holding the screen to the office I just live you can see the full screen it just fine it’s going to be that payload so if you can only have one gamble personally.

    I was to just go for the crane to you. You can get it for less price if you want the focusing motor to throw anything you want.

    On there and they will handle it where this guy needs to be contacted, you need to break down if you’re using lighter cameras and lenses I would say go for the ronin S.

    Seat let me know if you got any questions down in the comments section below I’m going to be testing this out using it at a few weddings and I’ll be doing a long term review.


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