Portable 4K Video Editing PC

Portable 4K Video Editing PC
Portable 4K Video Editing PC

Because it smacks in this venue, I’m talking about my twelve hundred dollar ultimate portable Fourcade video editing machine. Now, you guys have asked a lot of questions about this computer.

Usually it’s right back there behind me that wasn’t going to make article on it until you had so much requests, people asking that information, stuff like that.

If you guys want to know the full spec list, I’ll have a link in the article description.

The computer is in here. My main goal for this build was for it to be portable, for it to run OSX so I can use final cut my preferred video editing software and for it not to cost a lot of money.

Now, the reason I built this machine is after I did my comparison test between my Mac pro that cost me five grand and three thousand five Karnac. I was really surprised how well the Mac did and beat it. And majority of the tests I kind of set out to build a machine that is inexpensive and it’s going to edit really well. This is it. So take a look at how it looks when I take it out of the backpack.

As you guys can see, this computer is really small.

Now, it’s not as small as the Mac pro, but it’s still small enough to fit inside a backpack with a full sized monitor as well as keyboard mouse and other accessories. So let’s go ahead and talk about the performance.

First, I want to start off with some benchmarking software to look at Geek Bench 3D.

Now you see that the hacking tosh performs very similar to the AI Mac. That’s because they’re using the same exact processor, same amount of RAM. And there and you look at the six Cormark Pro, it actually does a little bit better in the multi threading because it has six cores instead of four. But in the single core, it does worse.

Meaning if you have programs like Photoshop, Lightroom, if you’re using stuff like that, it’s going to perform better on hacking. Tosh where I’m Mac.

Basically, you need fast clock speed instead of more cores. Now let’s look at unit and having benchmark. You’ll see that the hack and tushes better than both of those computers and also runs cooler. So it’s another advantage of the system. It does run fairly cool.

Now let’s look at some video editing performance. Looking at 10 ADP and premier pro, you’ll see the hack hacking.

Tosh does the best out of all three systems gone over the final cut. You’ll see the IMAX exports the fastest. Now, this is going to be something you’re going to see a lot.

It’s using Intel Quixey technology to really push the export. So it definitely takes the lead there. But as far as actually editing the video, it’s going to perform very similar to the hack and Tosh looking at some footage with lots and grain applied.

You’ll see in Premier Pro, the Hackenbush once again is doing the best and final cut.

It’s right there in the middle, doing better than the Mac Pro. So taking a look at Fourcade, you’ll see that once again, it’s the fastest in premier, pro and in final. It does take third place. Now, this last test is the most stressful test. It’s for Fourcade.

So it’s a really, really stressful on a system. So here you see in Premier Pro, it’s definitely taking through the IMAX, definitely taking third place and the hack and Tosh is leading ahead once again.

So it’s really doing that, taking care of that well.

And a final cut. IMAX, once again does take first place this way. It’s really impressive, but it’s using it until Quixey technology and my hacket Tosh does exactly the same time as that Mac pro that costs three times more when it’s used or four times more and when it’s new.

So there you go. You guys could see the performance of this machine. It really does well.

Now, one thing that it really also leads ahead is the temperatures. It runs a lot cooler and also quieter than IMAX because I like is made to be just thin and beautiful. So that does overheat when it’s transcoding or if you’re doing some gaming and it has a throttle, the C.P.U down, the Mac pro doesn’t have to throttle anything. And it does run warmer than the setup.

But the Mac pros completely silent. This computer is audible.

You hear the fans, but it does run cooler. So it’s a little bit, you know, different setup with all three of those computers. So I’m basically really happy with how this thing performed, how well it did when I needed to be traveling to different locations.

The reason why I am putting together different computer is because I don’t need to travel anymore. I’m basically in my office all the time when I’m editing.

So I got a bigger motherboard and a bigger case so I can have a rate setup in there as well as 30 to get the ram. Of course, any small system with the micro mini ATX board SOLINGEN in a support 16 gigs RAM, which is enough for most projects, really. So thank you. Yes.

From washing. Let me know what you guys thought of this setup of the parts that I use, the performance that it puts out.

If you guys have any questions, you guys can ask me. And once again, all the parts are listed in the article description. And if you want to take a look at the backpack I use where the monitor, if you want to copy this build, you guys can find the info as well.

So this really proves that you don’t need a Mac pro if you want to be portable and if you want to have good performance. And it also proves if you need to be portable, you don’t mind taking a little bit more weight. You don’t need to buy a laptop.

You can get better performance, about twice as good performance compared to a MacBook Pro and about half the price. So definitely performance per dollar, especially when you’re looking into having something that’s portable.

This thing is ultimate. That’s why I called it the ultimate four K portable computer. So let me know what you think and I will see you guys in the next one.


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