Which Camera has the Best Colors?Sony vs Fujifilm

    Which Camera has the Best Colors?Sony vs Fujifilm
    Which Camera has the Best Colors?Sony vs Fujifilm

    Hey guys, this Max in this article we’re going to be comparing the color science of Sony mirrorless cameras compared to Fujimori list cameras. Now I want to do this test a little bit different I don’t want to tell you which one.

    I think it is best because everybody has their own biases. You guys were following along. I love the Fuji cameras. I love them, but I do most of my work with Sony mirrorless cameras.

    Please get a piece of paper a note pad your phone or whatever you want to use it right down for shot one do you like it would be better for a shot to a or B. all the way to shot ten and then let me know which one scored how many be completely honest I want to see your opinion without knowing.

    The Fuji is shooting at 200 megabits per second instead of 100. Personally, this is a hard one. Maybe somewhere in the middle would be good I guess this only looks more true to life I think I could say that the food.

    You look more finished if you want to see that even though they both have six exaggerations and contrast jumping into the third shot here, I preferred the so many.

    It does have a little bit a green cast to my eye there was a lot of foliage and a lot of harsh sunlight, so you’re getting reflections of green where’s the food kind of tone that down.

    The song is a bit more punch as far as the saturation, and the skin is a bit brighter, so I like that, so if I were choosing between the 2 for this one, I would choose the Sony and go to R. for the last shot with standard picture profiles here.

    I prefer the Fuji the Sony looks more true to life because we had a lot of reflections from the foliage, so you have this kind of like a tent on her face.

    Where is the food you feel it almost gets rid of that the skin to look so pleasing it does look a little flat and I notice that threat the shots where?

    The way pulls down the highlights gets rid of some of the shadowings in the face where is Sony maintains that more and I like that about Sony, but you have that kind of color cast.

    This is without a doubt I would choose the Fuji film now. Let’s jump into our custom profile, so we have an attorney here and have a picture profile 6 with Sony with this foliage, of course.

    We have more green in the Sony even though the food you has a bit more saturation in the background, and I like the Sony better jumping into the second scene here.

    Where we have kind of the river here, I also prefer Sony just a bit more pops in the green, and here we have a that was the end of my daughters here.

    It’s hard to say I like the shadowing in the face and how it’s handling the highlights and maintaining some of those highly details better on the Sony wears a Fuji looks kind of flat I would have to see the Fuji film I would choose the Fuji here. It’s the shot here with either one yeah a lot of tents in this in the Sony from the reflections and the food you eat.

    That part of it is missing I would give the colors to the Fuji once again this is a that turn a profile and then moving on to our next test this one I would choose. Sony, we don’t have as many reflections in the future if the face expressionless highlights and looking at his shirt, I mean.

    I know the color of the shirt, and it looks the way it does with the Sony, and I prefer that one, but we have you in here swinging around I guess it is the same result.

    I prefer the Fuji full overall I like the way the Sony deals with I guess exposure and highlights, but I like the color of the Fuji film better.

    Guys, so there we have a Fuji versus so many color size comparison. I am very excited to hear your guy’s opinions on which one you chose more often and which you would prefer and why. If you haven’t commented yet, please comment below if you enjoy this article give it a thumbs up I was about half and a half for scenery.

    I like the Sony for skin tones in a lot of cases I read some of the examples I guess I should say for the Sony in other cases, especially where. We had the harsh sunlight bouncing off the grass bouncing off the foliage just the tent in the face on the Sony was too much and surprisingly.

    Somehow in both profiles, Fuji just got rid of that. It’s almost like this some smart something smart I guess smart color science behind it knows hate that is not normal get rid of that, so that is impressive.

    If you’re shooting those situations of man, the Fuji looks excellent. I do wish the exposure in kind of the way it deals with the mid-tones and highlights was a little different. I prefer Sony, especially in the picture profile six, much better. Still, with Sony, it is more accurate in some cases.

    You will have to spend more time getting rid of some of those tents in some cases, especially using auto white balance to get rid of magenta and other cases getting rid of green whereas with the Fuji film not to worry.

    Not that they got it covered. They kind of figure it out if you just want to shoot and not spend time color grading.

    This guy is great. Of course, it only has the name of Grange improvements over the Fujifilm has some other benefits but out of the box if we’re just looking at color science.

    The Fuji has it going on, so there we have guys thank you for watching once again check out sound stripe, yeah if you guys need some music, it is so affordable.

    You can use it unlimited for anything you want. They have a ton of great songs, and I would highly recommend you check out the link down in the description below. This is Max, and I’ll see you guys in the next article.


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