NEW 2019 MacBook Pros – Video editors

    NEW 2019 MacBook Pros - Video editors
    NEW 2019 MacBook Pros - Video editors

    Hey, guys Max the day we’re going to take a look at the new 2019 mac pro, and we’re going to see how it performs in article editing now I have to say that this thing is an absolute beast the build quality is fantastic I love the design.

    It is incredibly silent shockingly silent, and even the case that it comes in the box with like 30 pounds for the sporty pound machine I need apple did a great job now it is also incredibly expensive not saying.

    It’s not worth it to a particular group of people I think it is. Still, there’s a lot of other options that we’re going to see for a different article, so today I’m going to focus on final cut pro because I think a lot of people are going to buy.

    The system for a final cut that’s a mac OS exclusive, of course, some of you guys are going to use premiere or damage result, but I want to get this first video out there as soon as I can I know you guys are excited you guys want to see how it does and my full in-depth test.

    We’re going to look at the pictures all premiere pro and final cut a lot of different codecs and make some comparisons that are going to be out shortly in the future that does take multiple days of testing in the shooting and editing so make sure.

    You guys are subscribed because don’t miss out on that video but I have a lot of great info for you guys now we also did a video taken a look at the thermal performance and a ton of different benchmarks 3 D.

    Animation graphics performance some gaming type stuff that’s over on the Max said channel I’ll leave a link down in the description that there are some exciting things in a couple of ways. The system stands out apart from like other workstation computers, so let’s jump right in and talk about the configuration here.

    I already did a video on what configs I recommend for most people you guys can check that out, but I have the 12 core model at 3.3 gigahertz.

    This has 48 gigabytes of ram in this house read the radio pro Vega 2 graphics card with 32 gigabytes of HBM 2 memory, and that’s what’s going to be very important for video editing now. I also have the afterburner card in the system that’s going to able decoding.

    This is weird. I’ve never seen this not be maxed out, so for the first time, 4 K. 60 C. 200 rod is not the limitation is the income. The order that took 5 minutes for a 5-minute project in comparison. I’m not pro takes closer to 8 minutes.

    So that is a pretty significant improvement but not just that alone the CBN graphics are maxed out the where the I mac pro is maxing out in its limit at that speed this has way more overhead. Suppose you want to do multi-cam if you’re going to affect more animations harder stuff more. I’ll still do 5 minutes because right now, the limiter is the encoder.

    We’re just taking it one to one that is good news for those guys who work with the Sportage if you’re exporting a 20-minute doc, you know you might be able to ship it in 10 to 15 minutes. Suppose it’s 24 or 30 frames per second not bad at all, so we’ll take a look at that a little bit more in my full detailed article and now seek a look at red rock.

    This is 4.5 Kate playing it back perfectly smoothly CPUs at 76 percent right now 58 drops down the jeep you kicked up to help out now so bounce that out 25 percent on the graphics no issues what so ever and now I do want to say once again that Apple is going to release and dreads new metal API.

    So it’s going to use less of the Cebu more the graphics, but even without that display, just fine let’s go ahead and export this okay, we have 3 minutes and 40 seconds 4 of 5 minutes project 4.5 K. run exporting higher than 4 K.

    Almost twice as fast as the iMac pro not bad at all, it will be even faster because of the crazy graphics card in the system.

    I guess we should test out some programs rock, so let me get my hard drive. It will plug it in here. We have 4 K. 120 frames per second prover as raw from the FS 5 mark to recorded to an Atomos inferno.

    This is slow down here you guys see the slow-motion this is what the color grading with corrections applied I have a lot of pride in my CPU is at 2 percent that I mean this.

    Not doing anything other than running mac OS because it doesn’t go below that I think it all that’s because. The afterburner card in the system is doing all of this processing our graphics card is only at 8 percent, and that is because it all has to do is take the color correction.

    The lot that’s applied and just added to the footage once that’s done no issues whatsoever here.

    Let’s let’s go. Like us with that is a price rise already pretty easy our system with the final cut but I don’t know if I’ve seen it this good.

    Let’s explore 5 minutes of this program as raw footage out to plans for 22, so we’re halfway through. Their vendor here in RCB’s win only running about 55 percent in our graphics are their only running about 2025 percent stop a minute and 45 seconds for 5 minutes of progress rock color corrected lead applied not too bad not bad at all.

    It’s going to take out our afterburner card and see how much the afterburner card helped the system okay, so that took me about a minute and 30 seconds no longer think of ever removing something from a computer with no tools.

    Whatsoever that fast, here’s the afterburner card. This is worth $2000. Let’s set it down carefully right over here. Start playing this back the same project now at the Cebu has about 21 percent using the graphics card is still about the same took off 20 percent of C. P.

    Usage running this and everything was processed here instead of a not went up slightly let’s try to go back and forth super smooth still, I mean it has no issues.

    This is why I was saying in my configuration guide that hold off from buying the afterburner card one, make sure we tested out because the CD is already so dominant in the system. Programs rise so efficiently with the final cut you might not need.

    If you might have enough horsepower even with the 12 core possibly even eight courts, just leave the twelfth okay so the renders about halfway are done here.

    We’re ready almost on a minute 45 seconds, so the afterburner cart is helping it took 2 minutes, and 52 seconds that is fascinating interesting.

    So I guess I’ll have to do a lot more testing on the afterburner card different plea back enough to for. Fines of 8 K. ProRes raw footage if you guys have some, please let me know in the comments section.

    That way, I can test it out with that and give you guys a better verdict on if it’s worth it or if it’s not, so that is it guys let me know your thoughts down in the comments section below.

    What they got to point out is that this thing was completely silent the whole time I literally cannot hear it unless my ears like an inch away, and even then, it’s so subtle quiet it is shocking.

    We pushed it in our other article Max if you sell it to the limits, we Max out the CPU and the GPU at the same time for an extended period.

    I’ll just let you watch that video at the link below, so thanks again to the micro center for making.

    This content possible to make sure you guys click above right over there to see more videos on the mac pro, including testing different graphics cards.

    We can add yourself to see if it’s worth paying for that pricey workstation graphics card the radion Vega too that’s inside of here thanks for watching some backs, and I’ll see you in the next article.


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